Iga Whipped Cream Chargers

Iga Whipped Cream Chargers – Since 2019, Cream Charger has been Australia’s leading supplier to both the B2B and online B2C markets. We are the first company to import the revolutionary large tanks into Australia Since then the PRO MAX and STARTWHIP MAX have gained thousands of positive reviews and satisfaction from our customers Now the 580g and XL 3.3L packaging of these larger cream chargers have become industry favorites. Our partners include many local factories, companies in the food industry and local supermarkets such as IGA and ezymart

All large tank cream fillers are fully NSF and HACCP licensed under STARTWHIP We have CE, FDA, ISO22000(2005), ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 14001 certificates.

Iga Whipped Cream Chargers

Unlike other suppliers in the Australian market, we only offer origin and accredited cream fillers. None of the products listed on our website have an obscure source With individual serial numbers for each tank cylinder, all products under STARTWHIP are FDA and TUV certified.

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As a growing company, we want to understand our customers and offer them the best possible solutions to their kitchen problems. We believe that the growth of new technologies can be beneficial, which led to the innovation of STARTWHIP MAX and PRO MAX.

STARTWHIP is a private factory with more than 60 years of experience. The production process is fully automated with high technology. Thus, our innovative products are very reliable due to the safety of use

Compared to traditional cream chargers, the metal bulbs are much smaller, typically providing 8.4g of N20 each. It is difficult to ensure the cleanliness and environment to store the gas inside the bulb. Moreover, there will always be leakage of N20 when you use the bulb continuously, which leads to more wastage. With a large capacity, the nitrous oxide stored in large tanks is completely clean Due to the special gasket package, larger tanks require a pressure regulator or release nozzle. Therefore, the purity of N20 can survive inside for a long time, without any possibility of waste Holds the record for the longest shelf life, beating all other products in the industry

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Traditional cream filler bulbs have to be turned by hand one at a time while whipping cream is being made. This is a laborious and time-consuming process, especially for parties and catering. Our large tanks of cream fillers will be the best solution to this problem! It offers a new experience with superior performance and STARTWHIP simplifies the problem and saves you time and money

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The only requirement for using large tanks is to connect the cream dispenser to the pressure regulator. After this step, you can easily control the exact amount of N2O released by turning on the switch. This feature allows you to charge very quickly! No need to waste time carrying small cream fillers over and over again Our regulator can automatically adjust to gas pressure and gas storage It’s very easy to just open the regulator and release the N20 gas When the IP cream dispenser is full, it will stop immediately and you can stop without worries. In addition, under safe conditions, increasing the level of gas pressure for different recipes involves only one simple step Turn the switch to the right and you can make a more stable cream

For 580g of product, each cream filler contains 0.95 L of N20, so there are 78 small cream fillers. A 3.3L tank would be equivalent to 250 creamer chargers for 2000g of N20. These products significantly reduce waste and excess gas Free your hands with more efficient products and never waste again!

Think big tanks weigh more? no! Common cream fillers are individually wrapped with steel when customers need large quantities. For most of our distributors, our bulk tank products help solve shipping and handling problems

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Our products STARTWHIP MAX 580g and PRO MAX 580g are packed with 6 tanks per box. Highly rated by our distributors, this is a cost-effective package that saves storage space and shipping costs

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XL products 3.3L cream chargers have a unique handle design and are individually boxed. Why was the XL Cream Charger so popular when it came to Australia? Ease and convenience of portability and low product and transportation costs will be key factors

Meanwhile, all packaging materials for the Cream Charger are 100% recyclable Our products are not only convenient before use, but also easy to dispose of after use As we meet the highest recycling standards, our selection of products will not cause any waste It is better for the environment and more sustainable

Typically most of the standard 8.4g cream chargers on the Australian market will be packed with 600 bulbs per box. Compared to our large tanks, the traditional cream fillers are smaller in size However, the box package will be the heaviest with the smallest difference in performance It is definitely better to choose a larger tank with a higher price

From an economic point of view, larger cream fillers will be more cost-effective with higher capacity but lower costs. If you run a business such as a cafe, bakery and bar, organize parties or events with catering services, STARTWHIP MAX and PRO MAX will be the absolute best choice.

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Currently, the cost of traditional cream fillers is close to the cost of large tanks if you only buy small quantities For larger volume requirements, larger tanks with higher efficiency, greater convenience and lower costs will be more suitable

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In addition, the issues of waste and leakage, storage and transport must also be taken into account when calculating the cost implications. The reason larger tanks save more costs is because they effectively prevent gas loss and leakage. For customers like our bulk buying distributors, larger tanks also lead to higher N20 capacity per order. Customers don’t need to order traditionally with our huge capacity Light weight and lower shipping costs are the advantages of large cream chargers

The basic principle is that cream fillers with higher capacity have more competitive advantage This choice can bring you a new experience of high capacity, reliable safety and more convenience We believe that customers will love and trust our valuable products

We are currently looking for more local distributors and wholesalers in Australia We provide stable long-term supply, adequate quantity and fast delivery at the lowest priority cost. We welcome all wholesalers and distributors who are interested in cooperation You can contact us via WhatsApp at any time

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