Indian Head Massage Course Melbourne

Indian Head Massage Course Melbourne – The beauty therapy industry is currently booming. About 25,000 jobs are expected to be created over the next five years, according to the Australian government’s Career Outlook. Employers are looking for qualified candidates who are reliable, well presented and have good interpersonal skills.

This qualification reflects the role of individuals employed as beauty therapists who provide a wide range of beauty therapy procedures and services, including facials, massage and body treatments, hair removal, eyelash and eyebrow treatments, nails and make-up services. This includes providing beauty advice, recommending beauty procedures and services, and advising customers on retail skin care and beauty products.

Indian Head Massage Course Melbourne

These individuals operate relatively independently and are consistent with personal outcomes. Their work involves the self-application of a significant depth of knowledge and skills in some areas where judgment is required in the design and selection of appropriate equipment, services and techniques. The work usually takes place in beauty salons and spas. At the time of publication, this qualification is not subject to any professional licences, certifications or specific legislative requirements. You will be guided by a team of experienced professionals who understand the industry and its requirements.

Professional Accredited Qualifications

All prospective students must attend an interview with a careers advisor or head of studies. The conversation can be in person or over the phone/Skype. The information obtained from the interview and the results of the test report will be assessed by the Head of Education for suitability and ability to complete the course.

Remaining units from Group D – general electives, elsewhere in the SHB training package or any other current training package or accredited course.

This course has more than one ike per semester and you will start at the next available ike.

This certification represents the role of beauty therapists in providing a wide range of treatments and services such as facials, massages and body treatments, hair removal, eyelash and eyebrow treatments, nails and make-up services. This includes meeting clients to provide beauty advice and offering treatments and services. You will also be able to retail skin care and cosmetics.

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As an international student, you will study face-to-face in a classroom with other international and Australian students at one of our campus locations. You will be expected to complete additional research in your own time outside of regular class hours. The stated price is intended for foreign students with a student visa. If you are traveling to Australia on a non-student visa, please contact us directly for a quote that suits you. Really nice and relaxing massage. Here is some history and testing for you…. Indian scalp massage dates back 1,000 years, when mothers massaged their daughters’ scalps to keep their hair in good condition. Barbers also provided their male customers with Indian head massages and aftershaves to freshen up their customers.

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Traditional Indian head massage originally involved only the head and scalp. Modern Indian head massage now covers head, hair, neck, shoulders, arms, back and face… total bliss. Unlike traditional massages, you lie down on the massage table. Believe it or not, you can still fall asleep if you don’t do the Indian head massage in a sitting position.

Massage pressure is strong but gentle pressure with rhythmic circular movements around acupressure points called Marma Points. Ayurvedic oils were the traditional oils to use, but today various oils are used such as coconut oil, herbal tinctures or even special blended oils to suit each client.

As you can see, Indian head massage has many benefits. It really is a massage that you have to experience to believe how beneficial it can be for your mind, body and soul.

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If this sounds like what you need and want, come and try an Indian Head Massage at Nourish Body and Beauty. Hi Kaye, Sonja from Mildura. I just wanted to let you know that I love the Indian head massage. Everyone I worked with loved it. Thanks again for your excellent guidance. I can’t wait to go back, Justin and I loved our time in Guildford! Thanks again for a great experience.

An Indian head massage will invigorate your mind and let tension escape. This ancient technique has been practiced in India for over a thousand years and has been passed down from generation to generation. It is both a healing and beauty treatment with many wonderful benefits. Indian head massage can be performed almost anywhere. The recipient remains fully clothed and can sit in a chair or stand on the floor. It involves the use of various movements such as energy balancing techniques, lymphatic drainage, acupressure points, stretching and general massage of the shoulders, neck, face and scalp. The techniques work with more than 60 movements in the physical and etheric body.

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Indian head massage is very effective as it helps calm and relax the nervous system and relieve joint and muscle stiffness. And of course, it is a very useful remedy for tension headaches and eye strain. Various blows and pressures are also used to stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory system. These are just a few of the healing benefits of this technique.

Indian head massage is also a beauty treatment. The secret of Indian women’s shiny hair is a blend of oils and a special blend of aromatherapy oils to relax or energize. (Hair oil is of course optional). It’s also like a mini facial that reduces fine lines and plumps the skin from the inside. Indian head massage also works well with Shirodhara massage.

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A short 15-minute treatment can be performed, but for deeper results, treatments can last up to an hour. This is an excellent technique that can be easily learned by a professional therapist or a lay person who wants to treat friends and family.

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the Indian head massage course. Ayurvedic theory is very interesting and instructive. The DVD is great and easy to watch and learn the techniques. I thought homeschooling might be difficult, but the DVD is so detailed and clear and it’s a huge help because I can read it over and over again.

Thank you for making this possible for the children that I cannot travel for due to studies. I am very satisfied with the course and look forward to working with you more. .

20 hours Approved for CPE points with massage associations and approved to purchase professional liability insurance and approved as an independent therapist with IICT with IICT.

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Let’s discuss a time and day of study that is convenient for both of us. One or 2 people per course.

Testimonials This is the first massage class I attended, the manual approach was excellent. Kaye’s presentation and explanation of all the moves was easy to follow and apply. The rural atmosphere was extremely pleasant and the friendly approach fostered camaraderie between us. Nadia. I loved the network, the hospitality, the environment, the birds, the frogs, the water tank. I was exhausted when I came here, so it was very relaxing and therapeutic. Teaching the techniques was very comfortable and interactive for all experiences and skill levels. Easy run and good pace. Excellent workshop. Jenny. I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful course, it was great to meet new people and learn amazing techniques during the traditional Indian head massage weekend. We thought so with the Indian Head Massage workshop at our free yoga day on March 14th. It is wise to have a step-by-step guide available. Anyone who has had an Indian head massage will tell you how wonderful it feels, so if you missed the free yoga day or were there and want to read more about Indian head massage, come along!

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Indian women have been doing Indian head massage for thousands of years and these techniques have been passed down through families, but the results are almost the same: not only do you feel the tension melt away from your head, scalp, face, neck. , shoulders and back, but the flow of blood, oxygen and chi through these areas increases. Improving the quality of your hair and delaying premature graying makes Indian head massage a unique treatment methodology. Great for headaches, muscle stiffness, numbness and heaviness in the head, detoxification and insomnia. This very simple massage technique is good to give and even better to receive.

Indian head massage can be done with or without oil and is easily performed with the client fully clothed and seated in a chair. Perfect while working or after sitting for a long time in front of the computer. However, it’s always best to seek medical advice before starting a new health regime, and if you have any concerns, injuries or pain, talk to your doctor first.

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