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Karingal Vet Puppy School – Who doesn’t love puppies? It’s an exciting time when you welcome a cute, furry, four-legged friend into the family. Your adorable, playful and hilarious bundle of joy is sure to bring a smile to your face. Of course, there will also be times when your playful pup does something you’re not too happy about—like chewing on your favorite pair of shoes or crushing your mother-in-law’s new rug. Being a new puppy owner comes with responsibilities – puppy raising means teaching your puppy basic coping skills so your adorable little bundle doesn’t turn into a badly behaved and unsociable adult. Puppy school is a great option to help new puppy owners deal with raising a socially acceptable companion.

As tempting as it may be to treat your new puppy as a fun playmate – it’s important to your puppy’s future happiness that you teach him what good behavior is. This can be done through mentoring and teaching – no aggression required. By taking the time to train your puppy early, you lay the foundation for a stable and healthy human-dog relationship and reap the rewards of having a loving and loyal canine companion.

Karingal Vet Puppy School

Puppy school is a safe and supportive environment for you and your dog. Your puppy will learn to make friends. Getting along with other dogs (and other people) is a very important skill – tolerance is the key to avoiding future problems of animal and human aggression. Socializing in a controlled environment reduces the risk of your puppy encountering an aggressive older dog and having a traumatic experience.

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At puppy school, your dog will learn to be calm. A puppy that can respond to basic commands to sit, stay and lie down will learn to behave in a controlled manner. Your puppy will also learn to match his name. Complying with commands and receiving positive rewards for such behavior means that your dog learns that he will be rewarded for being relaxed and patient rather than hyperactive and jumpy. Responding to his name when called is also a sign of good communication between dog and owner.

Puppies should also be trained on a lead. This allows you to walk your dog and be sure that your dog is controlled and disciplined. Your puppy will learn to walk next to you, not in front of you, and there should be no tugging or pulling.

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Here at Caringal Vet Hospital, we love seeing the healthy and rewarding relationships our clients build with their pets. If you would like to know more about our poo training in Frankston, please give us a call. It is a 5 week program for all breeds of puppies between 8 and 14 weeks old. A new puppy is sure to bring joy and excitement to your day, but are you ready to welcome your new best friend into your home and have you considered the cost of essential pet care such as pet vaccinations and desexing?

Before your pet arrives, you can be sure your home is safe and dog-friendly. Make sure your house is well fenced with no small holes for the puppy to squeeze into. Make sure there are no hazards or dangerous materials inside or outside that your puppy can become curious about. Set up a comfortable sleeping area for your puppy to rest.

Puppy Vaccinations And Puppy School: Puppy Care 101

Of course you want to keep your pet safe in your yard, but if your puppy escapes or runs off to the park, a microchip will ensure that your puppy is returned to you. The microchip stores your contact details on the microchip register (make sure you update this if you move or if your details change).

Puppies are vulnerable to infections, so it is recommended to keep a vaccination schedule. Talk to a member of our team to make sure you get all the puppy vaccinations your pet needs.

Desexing dogs can have a positive effect on the health and behavior of pets. Talk to your vet to find out when to book your dog in for desexing.

If you have adopted your puppy from a shelter, your puppy must already be de-sexed, vaccinated and microchipped.

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If you​​​​are concerned about the cost of caring for a dog, you should consider a pet care plan, such as a Vital Care plan. This ensures that your pet gets annual checkups and any health problems are caught and treated early, saving you money in the long run.

Socializing your puppy is an essential part of raising a healthy and happy dog. It’s a great way to bond with your pup – it’s fun too.

A dog is a great walking companion and at the puppy school we will teach you how to train your dog to walk alongside you. Regular exercise throughout a dog’s life will keep your dog healthy and fit. Of course, nutrition – through quality dog ​​food and correct portion sizes – will prevent obesity. We are a good source of information on the best diet for your type of dog.

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If you have any questions or concerns about your new puppy, please contact us. We are conveniently located in Frankston and serve the Mornington Peninsula area. You have welcomed your new puppy into the family and everyone is happy with the new addition. Your puppy now depends on you for its health and protection.

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As you know – puppies are naturally curious and will learn about themselves and their new surroundings by sniffing and chewing. Their research means they can catch some parasites and it’s important to keep them protected, especially while their inexperienced immune systems learn to cope with the world around them.

You should see your vet to set up a vaccination schedule and regular check-up routine. Here at Caringal Veterinary Hospital, we offer a parasite prevention program to help you go above and beyond to protect your pet with a customized parasite prevention package.

A comprehensive parasite prevention program will ensure that all pesky worms, ticks and fleas are kept at bay. Fleas are common parasites that can cause skin problems and anemia – they can also carry worms. If your​​​​​​puppy breaks one, it may kill the flea but not the worm, so it is very important to control the fleas as well.

From 2 weeks to 8 weeks – Puppies should be wormed every 2 weeks. From 8 weeks to 6 months, your puppy should be wormed every month. After that you should worm at least 4 times a year (you should check with your vet though, as some pets may need more regular worming depending on their lifestyle).

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Your sweet and playful new puppy will likely interact with many people and worms can be transmitted from pets to people. Friendly kisses and licking from your dog, even eggs (if the fur contains eggs) can lead to the transmission of worms – this is another good reason why you should stay informed of your pet’s worming schedule; it will protect the whole family. Primarily due to overfeeding, dog obesity is a growing problem in Australia’s pet-owning community. Obesity in dogs is a serious problem and is associated with a number of health risks. Following on from our last post, on managing cat weight, this week the team talks about overweight dogs: the risks; the reasons; and the solutions.

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Obesity in dogs can cause great discomfort. Overweight dogs usually have less energy and reduced vitality. It can also increase their chances of developing serious diseases, including cancer and high blood pressure. Other common obesity-related diseases in dogs include:

Joint pain in the legs, hips and back of dogs is one of the most common side effects of obesity in dogs. Dogs that carry extra pounds put extra pressure on their joints when they move. Unprovoked crying, reluctance or inability to move, or an uneven gait can be signs of joint pain in dogs.

If your​​​​ dog presents with osteoarthritis or joint, hip or back pain when brought to Carringal Veterinary Hospital or Ballam Park Veterinary Clinic, we will work with you to develop a treatment plan. We can recommend supplements, anti-inflammatory medications, and acupuncture to help ease your pet’s joint pain, but rarely will an osteoarthritis management plan be complete without discussing weight management.

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Being overweight puts undue pressure not only on your dog’s bones, but also on his heart, liver and kidneys. Problems such as hepatitis and hepatopathy (poor liver function) are common in overweight dogs, which have a negative impact on mood, vitality and lifespan. Unfit dogs and overweight dogs are at greater risk of suffering from congestive heart failure.

A quick way to check your dog’s fitness level is to count his breathing while he sleeps. Count how many times your dog completes a breath (inhales and exhales) when he sleeps. If you are counting more than thirty breaths per minute, it may be a sign that your dog is at a higher risk of congestive heart failure.

Diabetic dogs need their owners to manage their insulin levels. Diabetes and hypothyroidism often manifest as lethargy or lack of energy. Dogs with hypothyroidism or diabetes can

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