Kikki K Happiness Workshop

Kikki K Happiness Workshop – Happiness is a journey, not a destination, so there’s no better time to create your happiest life. Start living the life you want by doing more of the things that make you happy. Learn how in inspiring workshops:

Please note: Times and dates are subject to change. Guests must give 24 hours notice if they wish to reschedule the workshop. Please send an email.

Kikki K Happiness Workshop

Mindfulness can increase your productivity and focus, increase self-awareness and help you change unhealthy habits. Join our workshops and get inspired to live in the present every day:

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Owning your story is about life. When we are not afraid to show up and be ourselves, we open ourselves up to amazing things. This workshop is about exploring who you are, and learning how to love yourself, so that you can have your story, not let you have it. This is a step towards self-love, self-acceptance, the courage to live life the way you want.

Setting goals is the first step to living with intention. You can do anything if you just put your mind to it. Get clear on what is most important to you and start living the life of your dreams today. Get inspired to start creating a clear plan for your life:

Habits, good and bad, are a big part of our lives, but something we often forget. Understanding how it works, and how you can master it, is essential to creating and living the life you love:

– Learn how to make a plan for the next 12 months to stick to your new habits

The Happiness Checklist

Imagine a world where you are your own best friend. A world where you treat yourself with kindness and compassion and make time for all the things you love and need. Now let’s help make that dream come true with the Self Employed Workshop.

Self-care is treating yourself with kindness, compassion, understanding and making time for all the things you love and need. The most important thing is to make yourself a priority. In this workshop, you will:

With beautiful Swedish designs, we inspire and empower people around the world to live their best lives every day. Kikki K is not just a celebration of a stationery store. They also offer a variety of different workshops in the store. There are 14 different workshops at different times of the year including:

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Each workshop has a maximum of 10 people and they seem to have a schedule 6 months in advance. You can always ask and place an order at your local store.

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All workshops are between $40 and $50 and you must pay in full when you register to attend.

I’m not going to lie, I want to go to a few people. I still want to attend all the workshops that are offered. It’s hard to choose which one to attend first.

I decided on a happiness workshop for several reasons. During my regular visits to the store, I looked at the happiness magazine a few times and thought about buying one. After reading that a $35 magazine was included, I wanted to get more involved.

At the time of ordering/joining, I was a little worried. The workshop was in between CPA semesters so I thought it would be a good opportunity to recharge my batteries and do something for me.

Kikki.k Inspiration A5 Mindfulness Journal

I was a bit nervous so my beautiful girlfriend came with me. The workshop we ordered was on a Tuesday night at 6:30pm in one of the city shops in Melbourne.

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination, so there’s no better time to create your happiest life. Start living the life you want by doing more of the things that make you happy. Learn how in these inspiring workshops:

Join us in store for an intimate 90-minute workshop with ten participants. All participants enjoy a free copy of our much-loved Happiness Magazine. Ordering is very important, please contact your local retailer to order now! Please note: Times and dates are subject to change”

The workshop was after business hours so the shop was closed to the public. There is a small section with 9 chairs and a small table placed in the middle. There are several items on each chair, including a happiness journal and some paper and pens. The small coffee table has as many treats as fruit, chocolate and colored gel pens imaginable.

Kikki.k Queen Kristina Karlsson Talks Personal Favourites

When we first arrived we were offered a few drinks, I opted for a glass of champagne but there was also sparkling water.

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As part of the workshop, you are given a discount on all products in the store. I thought it was 20% but I can’t really remember because I stopped buying anything. Everyone took advantage of the shop for themselves before the workshop started and we all had a good look at all the new stock.

The happiness workshop is run by the lovely staff member Kikki K who is an expert in many different workshops.

It was completely unexpected, but I felt very comfortable with the group of women in the workshop with me. Next time I go, I definitely won’t mind going alone. Everyone there was in the same boat as me, just wanting to create more happiness in their lives. The whole group were women and their age ranged from 18 to 50 years.

Coronavirus Australia: Popular Stationary Store Kikki.k Collapses During Strict Australian Lockdowns

The girl running the workshop asked us to do some activities. We just need to feel comfortable sharing what we say out loud with the group. Before I knew it, the workshop was over. 90 minutes seems like a long time but it really flies by.

Every season the happiness magazine gets a small update. It’s really only the color scheme that has changed, the content remains the same. This season Kikki K presented it in a beautiful red color.

A happiness journal is divided into two main sections at the beginning and then each month of the year in which you write about your goals.

Instructions on how to use the magazine are at the beginning. Then, there are some amazing facts about happiness that are really amazing and inspiring. After this point, it’s time to start writing. To get the most out of your happiness journal, there are a few small actions you can take to think about what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy. There is even a small vision board for you to create.

To Be Loved When You Feel Unlovable

The last part is divided into 12 months of the year. Each month you choose one of 8 areas of happiness to focus on. After you choose which areas you will focus on, you then find 5 goals for the month and determine how you will achieve them. There’s even a monthly calendar to help you track how you’re going to reach those goals. At the end of the month, there is room for reflection.

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Attending Kikki K’s happiness workshop was an amazing experience. I left the night feeling strong, hopeful and re-energized. Having the opportunity to meet so many like-minded women is a real bonus. The Kikki K team made the evening so relaxing and enjoyable.

We use cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this website, we will consider you happy with it. Well, no matter where you are, you don’t have to be at a certain point to be happier, says happiness coach Robyn, who hosts weekly workshops on kikki.K.

I sit in one of the simple white chairs, between the mood board and the notebook that inspires me to channel my once cheerful and always excited inner child.

My Craft Diary Process

I’m back on my New Year’s resolution, which I promised myself just two months ago. This year’s gratitude for his entire life and journey means more to me than ever.

It also seemed to resonate deeply with others around the room, including some who were looking for a fresh start and ready for a fresh start.

These workshops are a great reminder to look for inspiration on the streets, in the coffee shops around work and in the tasks of everyday life.

When happiness coaches talk about upside-down bucket lists and glowing vision boards, I’m grateful for this new approach to life.

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No matter how big or small the goal is, it is important to remain open to the world.

They remember room when they are given kikki.K happiness magazine to plan and achieve new goals.

As we opened the book, I began to think of hot air balloons and other exciting ‘dream lists’ I could write.

Writing on the top of a journal, ‘do more of the things that make you happy’ will be a daily motivation for many people. We are only concerned with what we say yes to. Finding balance

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