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Lake Macquarie Conveyancing Edgeworth – To help you make the right decision about buying a home, we’ve put together a list of questions you might have and important questions to ask your attorney or real estate agent before you buy a new home.

Buying a home can be one of your biggest financial commitments. Learn how title insurance can protect you from potential hidden costs when buying a home.

Lake Macquarie Conveyancing Edgeworth

Buying a house? Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a family of four looking to move soon to a bigger place that won’t leave a hole in your pocket, here are some important questions to ask before you go.

Conveyancing In Lake Macquarie

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Everything you need to know about buying stock exchanges in NSW is broken down for you here. Watch the video!

What is an easement and what does it mean when buying or selling real estate. We will share it for you here.

Buying a new home is an exciting time and once it’s over, most buyers just want to move. But when can you get the key?

Oakville Road, Edgeworth House For Sale As Of 5 Oct 2022

Read on for a list of things you should check during your home inspection or at least before the end of your winter season.

Don’t worry – new changes to how buyers and sellers pay GST to the ATO on property transactions from 1 July.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor, here’s what you need to know about conveyancers—and why you shouldn’t buy a home without professional guidance.

You’ve found your dream home or investment property and are ready to make an offer. These tips will guarantee your trading success.

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Whether you’re buying your first home or looking for that perfect new home, these tips will help you navigate the real estate process. This is the 15th in a series by journalist Bradley Perrett on the ideas of the long term planning debate to create a better future for the people of Greater Newcastle and the Hunter region.

One of the great opportunities for the future of transport in greater Newcastle is about to be lost. The government must intervene to protect them.

There is a high-speed rail link that provides a good link between central Newcastle and the northern end of Lake Macquarie. However, reservations are urgently needed to ensure that part of the route is not rehabilitated.

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This road is the only one available and should be extended down the west side of the lake to divert traffic from the current route, which passes through the countryside. Amazingly, it can be connected to what everyone thinks is just a dream, but should be possible one day: a tunnel through the lake.

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These roads will be the main components of the main road system for the growing suburbs on both sides of the lake. Next week’s Hunter Essay will define the Eastern region.

The theme of Hunter’s essay is considering the needs of future generations. It means the state government is thinking well beyond the 2036 horizon for the overall plan for greater Newcastle – and well beyond the 2056 deadline for the transport plan.

We should not be thinking about the current population of 600,000, but more than 1 million. And this extension includes an extension down the west side of the lake.

For example, the Government has designated a 300 ha housing release zone between Teralba and Fennell Bay. And Lake Macquarie City Council sees everything between it and the Edgeworth-Barnsley-Holmesville area as a “future mining area” – an idea sure to be established as a “defined growth area ” as the decades go by. Maybe 2,000 more acres to do it.

Home & Land Packages In Brush Creek

Below the lake, the government plans to free up the land between Toronto and Arcadia Vale, and, as elsewhere in Greater Newcastle, it considers almost all of the currently populated areas now on the west side of the lake it is ripe for drying.

Both governments see extensive development around Morisset and we can expect the government to identify more residential areas to the north later in the century.

This urban sprawl is far beyond what was imagined 70 years ago when planners designed our current main road from Wallsend to Morisset, which has the B53 road code. So, the main recommendation of Hunter’s trial today is the planning of an elevated parallel road that I will call the West Lake Expressway.

It is not needed now, but it could be built in the last century, probably in a phase starting from the north.

Brush Creek: New House And Land Packages

The West Lake Freeway will provide both standard freeway and north-south access as needed for its recreational facilities. Most importantly, it will prevent suburbs such as Teralba, Fennell Bay and Toronto from being affected by traffic. A major link road could pass through the planned development area south of Barnsley.

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The northern terminus of the West Lake Freeway will be at Wallsend; it is an interchange with the Newcastle Link Road and, in fact, the Wallsend-Mayfield Arterial, whose construction was encouraged in Hunter’s previous article.

The section from there to Glendale is a section that needs to be set aside urgently, as it passes through land proposed for residential development, the 592-acre Eden Estates. The housing proposal is already moving forward: Lake Macquarie City Council voted in May to approve the appropriate rezoning of the 169-hectare site.

My opinion is that about 10 hectares, 1.6% of the total area, should be reserved for a road that Novocastrians consider as urban property. The government should do this immediately.

Lake Macquarie Should Plan For West Lake Motorway And Tunnel

To the south, the West Lake Freeway is slated to go through current development on both sides of the highway, requiring demolition. The best route is along Frederick Street and then splits off and passes the eastern end of Argenton, where the houses must go.

The idea of ​​the West Lake highway is not as far-fetched as it seems, because our successors will do better with such infrastructure: they will be more and they will be richer, they will pay more taxes. We just need to plan well and save land for them; they can make roads when they have enough money and traffic.

Two options are unattractive: build a road through a nearby golf course and beautiful river, or tear down many houses in East Edgeworth.

As in many areas of Greater Newcastle, houses in Argenton can have a limited lifespan. It makes it easy to book there.

Edgeworth Shooting: Investigation After Man Found In Strattong Street With Gunshot Wound To Shoulder

From Argenton, the proposed route crosses the railway to Boolaroo to avoid demolition and connect to the east side of the lake (discussed next week).

As the reader can see on the map, the rest of the road descends to the west, stops inland for a few kilometers and bends to embrace the present and future cities. The exact route will depend on the terrain. Part of the B53 route can be used.

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Lake Macquarie City Council has identified a ready opportunity for a similar road in the area: the Newton-Eraring Private Coal Road. In addition to the admirable long-term vision that we do not have from the state government, the council announced in the 2020 strategic statement that this road is open for public use.

A spokesman said: “There is a possibility that ownership of the road will be transferred to the council as part of future development proposals relating to the closure of the mine and the relocation of the station. power generation, but that discussion is not finished yet”.

East Coast Law Conveyancing Blog

My opinion is that the coal route is not suitable for the trunk road, which should be closer to the lake area to avoid traffic on the B53. I suggest that coal roads will be a good road for residential development one day.

One of the reasons they decided to build it was to delay the expansion of the Pacific Highway north of Morisset. Instead, more traffic in Newcastle will use the new road.

This may include traffic to the east side of the lake, using the tunnel between Toronto and Valentine.

We need not discuss the merits of such a tunnel: everyone in Newcastle has already thought about it. For example, it could shorten the trip from Croudace Bay to Toronto by about two-thirds of the distance and more in time. But we all know that such a tunnel cannot be justified in the next ten years, maybe only at the end of the century.

Velinda Street, Edgeworth House For Sale As Of 6 Oct 2022

Two weeks ago, Hunter Essays revealed that the Newcastle Port Tunnel could be funded by raising the value of the land to be created in Stockton. But neither side of the lake will have the same impact as the Valentine-Toronto tunnel, at least not in the time frame we can estimate.

Instead, the Lake Macquarie Tunnel is something we should plan and set aside for land that we hope our successors will eventually want to build because

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