Lego Ninjago Season 1 Sets

Lego Ninjago Season 1 Sets – Over the past few years, NINJAGO has become one of the most enduring original themes from the LEGO Group. It’s not hard to understand why: his lovable team of characters and the diverse selection of products fascinated us. NINJAGO, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, continues to surpass successors like Legend of Chima and NEXO KNIGHTS in terms of longevity and popularity.

The NINJAGO theme first appeared in 2011 to accompany the animated television show NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu. The two continue to maintain a symbiotic relationship, with the characters, vehicles and scenes from the show inspiring models in the NINJAGO series. To date, 14 seasons and more than 180 episodes have been produced.

Lego Ninjago Season 1 Sets

We can see the roots of NINJAGO in some of the older LEGO Group publications. The most notable predecessor was the ninja theme from 1998 to 1999. 29 models were released in this range, incorporating ninja and samurai battles in fortresses and fortresses. While its historical accuracy can be disputed, it is still a fairly solid and sober understanding of the concept.

Lego Ninjago Legacy Sets From Season 1 2 By Unpstcommandermark On Deviantart

The Exo-Force theme, first introduced in 2006, also has something in common with NINJAGO. This series of suits is inspired by Japanese mecha novels, with humanoid robots and characters inspired by Japanese culture. With 44 releases in three years, Exo-Force has given fans plenty to keep their teeth gritting.

At a basic level, NINJAGO builds on these themes; In fact, explicit references to ninjas and the Exo-Force appeared in the NINJAGO series. Early models focused on four ninjas – Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane – defending their island home from evil and supernatural forces.

These early waves mixed eccentric vehicles and characters with more realistic sets that drew heavily from traditional Japanese architecture. There are also a variety of spinner sets that allow kids to recreate the Spinjitzu martial arts techniques from the show. Similar toys will appear as NINJAGO themed devices more broadly.

As the 2010s theme continues, the NINJAGO suits will follow similar lines. Under the guidance of their teacher, Master Wu, the ninjas will face snakes, robots and anthropomorphic spirits. Their ranks would also grow – they were joined by Lloyd, the son of their enemies, Lord Garmando, and Vanya, Kay’s sister.

Lego 71765 Ninjago Ninja Ultra Combo Mech 4 In 1 Set At Toys R Us Uk

By the mid-20th century, the Ninjago theme had begun to move into more exciting territory. Introduced in 2015, 70751 Temple of Airjitzu offered NINJAGO sets with new levels of detail and complexity, and still attracts a lot of attention from older LEGO fans to this day. A year later, Skybound developed a line of pirate-inspired sets. This negates the wider issue of pushing for a more diverse NINJAGO offering.

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As Japan’s influence continues to run deep, the ninjas continue to battle mummies, venture into cyberspace, and explore lava-filled dungeons. The island sub-theme for 2021 is reminiscent of the 1990s pirate series, while Seabound wave continues the rich tradition of underwater LEGO products.

What is the future of NINJAGO? It’s hard to say, but given the success so far, we expect there to be another Ninjago Journey for a while.

The NINJAGO theme has more than 400 sets, roughly corresponding to successive seasons of TV shows. Many product lines have a clear focus on younger fans. However, the increased quality and variety of sets have attracted many LEGO fans, young and old.

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NINJAGO’s target audience could benefit from some pretty fun sets. In their fight against evil, the ninjas use many different vehicles – bikes, planes, cars, machines, drills and other things that are hard to categorize. Recent examples include 71737 X-1 Ninja Charger, 71736 Boulder Blaster and 71750 Lloyd’s Hydro Mech.

Other series, it turns out, are more ambitious. 70596 Samurai X Cave Chaos provides ninjas with an impressive base of operations, including a complex station for building modular vehicles. Destiny’s Bounty ships are also often used as bases of operations, and 71705 Destiny’s Bounty is its latest incarnation.

However, older LEGO fans can also have a lot of fun. Models like the 70627 Dragon’s Forge offer a more realistic build (albeit with a lot of game functionality baked into it). 71755 Sea Temple of the Infinity – updated version – offers a rich underwater environment; Its intense color scheme, detailed minifigures and huge white sea serpent immediately attracted many fans.

Over the past few years, the Legacy sub-theme has drawn inspiration from all of Ninjago history, reimagining older Ninjago suits with more complex construction techniques. A number of excellent sets have been released under this banner, including Zane’s 71738 Titan Mech Battle.

Lego 71782 Cole’s Earth Dragon Evo

With an emphasis on the core team and fantastic settings, the NINJAGO series has brought us many different minifigures over the years. The recurring appearances of its main characters make collecting them relatively easy, and it’s a welcome break from other themes.

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Due to its long lifespan, NINJAGO minifigures have undergone many changes. Early minifigures use the Ninja’s original hood from the 1990s, with relatively simple prints on the legs and torso. Enemies, on the other hand, often prefer custom headgear that betrays their evil nature.

NINJAGO will even feature new arm and leg components. 9450 Epic Dragon Battle gets his reptilian minifigure a new snake tail piece, while the big bad Garmadon gets an extra pair of arms. Introduced in 2015, the Possession sub-theme features a troop of ghost ninjas and new ghost “legs” sections. It would go on to appear in many other horror themes such as Ghostbusters and The Hidden Side, and later in the Ninjago series.

With the release of The LEGO Ninjago Movie, the core characters will sport a brand new visual style inspired by their cinematic personas. Although these mostly fit into wider detail enhancements, Lloyd gets green eyes – a rare perk among LEGO minifigures.

Dive Into Lego Ninjago Seabound (season 15) & Legacy Set Photos

In 2017, The Lego Ninjago Movie was released. Following on from 2014’s The Lego Movie, this spin-off reinterprets the Ninjago series. It featured the lavish animation and celebrity cast of its predecessors, along with an impressive array of tie-in packs for fans to buy.

In some ways, the film’s essay may be its strongest legacy. The series gives the ninjas (now known as the Secret Ninja Force) bold new vehicles to use against the menacing legions of Gramado sharks. 70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon is a special highlight due to its detailed construction and unique sand green color scheme. 70611 Water Strider also features a creative approach to mecha design, along with Nya’s striking titanium color scheme.

The soldiers of Garmadon also showed incredible creativity. Both the vehicles and uniforms of the Shark Corps draw heavily from marine life; Combined with their delicious sand-blue color scheme, these sets are the highlight of the entire NINJAGO collection. 70656 Gammaton, Gammaton, Gammaton! It is the crown jewel of the army, offering mechanical sharks and hot dog stands for added value in the game.

Of course, the biggest and best suit is the 70620 Ninjago City. With nearly 5,000 parts, the model depicts part of a fake Japanese city in unparalleled detail. Each floor of the set represents a different phase of the city’s history, showcasing different architectural styles as the city grew. There are also many rides including elevators, ATMs where available and a crab restaurant where real crabs are cooked.

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Lego Ninjago 66444 Masters Of Spinjitzu 3 In 1 Super Pack Contains 9442, 9441 And 9591 By Lego: Toys

The series will continue to inspire two additional models. Released in 2018, 70657 NINJAGO City Docks connect directly to the city and provide a continuous area to explore. 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens was released in 2021 as part of the Legacy series, further expanding the urban environment.

When discussing the best LEGO sets, fans naturally mention products like the 75192 Millennium Falcon. However, with its vibrant color scheme, intricate design and multiple nods to LEGO history, the NINJAGO City model is a strong contender for the top spot.

Everyone loves dragons, and they have been featured in LEGO sets over the years. NINJAGO is no exception, but its nod to Japanese culture and its vibrant world allows for some new interpretations of the concept.

The core ninja team used dragons in their adventures before they got their own dedicated vehicles. 2260 Ice Dragon Attack puts Zane in the saddle and marks the first appearance of a NINJAGO dragon. 2509 Earth Dragon Defense and 2521 Lightning Dragon Battle were also released in 2011, offering their own unique take on the dragon concept.

Lego Ninjago 66715 3 In 1 Building Toy Gift Set Only $25.00

For many years, dragons were the source of the Ninjago theme. 9450 Epic Dragon Battle The four-headed beast under Lloyd’s command lives up to its name. The 70725 Nindroid Mech Dragon is extremely creative; In addition to its robotic design, it also features a brick-built head for the NINJAGO dragon family. 70736 Morro Dragon’s Attack offers a wavy and twisting body – a closer imitation of dragons from Eastern mythology. Its colorful fabric wings are another unique selling point.

Ninja Phantom

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