Main North Road Gepps Cross

Main North Road Gepps Cross – 34°50′28″S 138°36′14″W / 34,841°S 138,604°W / -34,841; 138.604 coordinates: 34°50′28″LS 138°36′14″T / 34,841°S 138.604°E / -34,841; 138,604

Gepps Cross (pronounced ‘Jepps Cross’) is a town and highway north of Adelaide, South Australia. Gepps Cross is considered the d of the inner cities and the beginning of the outer countryside to the north, as it was home to a large abattoir (now closed and demolished) and parks and some other operating rooms. This is the first major area to fight after the North Parklands. It holds op, ev and warehouse, velodrome, hockey stadium, Adelaide Raiders – Croatian football club and karate training center.

Main North Road Gepps Cross

Gepps Cross is famous for its five-lane road with Grand Junction Road to the east and west, Main North Road to the south and north, and Port Wakefield Road to the north. Placements are not separated by class. They are controlled by traffic lights, and all five roads have three or more lanes each way. These roads include the main route from Adelaide to Western Australia and the Northern Territory (via Port Wakefield Road), New South Wales (via Main North Road), the cities north of Adelaide and north of South Australia (both ways). Port Adelaide is to the west, and the major cargo terminal is west of Gepps Cross. The main route from Port Adelaide to Victoria and the south and east of South Australia is east via the Grand Junction Highway and south via the Portrush Highway to the South East Highway. A shelter for people from the glands in 1952; from there they migrate to find a new home.

Spotlight Gepps Cross

The Gepps Cross is named after Isaac Gepp who arrived in South Australia in July 1840 with his wife Ann and son on the Fairlie. He opened Gepp’s Cross Inn on the southwest corner of the busy Main North Road and Grand Junction Road in 1848. The first known record of Gepp’s Cross was admitted in colloquially as a place name without reference to an inn, in April 1849. A year later Isaac Gepp named his inn ‘Gepp’s Cross’. In the court case, Dr. Mayo actually found the factory at Gepp’s Cross, and John Harris described it as Gepp’s Cross.

In the same month, William Raines, a butcher, baker, and shopkeeper, announced that he would send customers to their home in Gepp’s Cross.

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After the names Blair Athol and Field, for the lands south-west and south-east of the intersection, the Gepps Cross placam is more closely connected with the lands to the north, the outside the area that was set aside earlier in the day.

To the north and east are the Grand Junction Road and the Great Northern Road. Isaac Gepp, with his wife Ann and child, arrived in Fairlie County in July 1840.

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The boy’s passengers were his nephew Hry Francis Gepp (1836–1871), the son of Thomas Gepp (c. 1809–1894) and Ann Francis (1816–1868). Gepp first worked as a water carrier and in 1845 became a publican at the Windmill Inn on the Great North Road near Adelaide.

In May 1846, Gepp announced his bid to license a new public house called Miller’s Frid.

On land to Section 360 acquired by William Webber the previous year. The name Miller’s Frid probably refers to the Ragless flour mill on land, Section 97, northeast of the intersection with the new Gepp site. Section 360 was settled by James Pitcher in about 1842 and he called the land Section Bushy Farm.

When Pitcher sold the northeast corner to Webber, John Merritt, a farmer and copper conductor for the Burra Burra mine, acquired forty acres south of Section 360 and house, used as a residence, farm and to protect his property. blue work.

Venue — Adelaide Croatia Raiders Soccer Club

At the time of applying for a license for Miller’s Frid, Gepp had contracted to sell his stake in the Windmill Inn to Robert Carter, the license was transferred from Gepp to Carter in June 1846.

Carter failed to stop Gepp’s first bid for a new license area in Section 360; he said Gepp had contracted him not to hold another license in the area.

Before licsing bch on March 13, 1848, Isaac Gepp selected his site for ‘Gepp’s Cross’ Auction House.

Gepp leased his inn to Joseph Ladd in 1849 and continued to call it Gepp’s Cross Inn.

Main North Road, Enfiel

Charles Mathews owns 13 acres of land, part of Section 337, across the main road North from Gepp’s Cross Inn, at the south-east corner of Gepp’s Cross junction, where he operates at the blacksmith shop.

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In December 1848 Mathews applied for tax collector’s permission for a ‘Blacksmiths Arms Hotel’ on his site, but Isaac Gepp refused on the grounds that two hotels were still standing. to them the road will be blocked by sewage. Bch ruled that competition on terms would violate public order or trust, Charles Mathews’ request was denied.

John Merritt who farmed next door to Gepp’s Cross Inn and opposite Mathew’s blacksmith shop had the opportunity to purchase Mathews’ 13 acre property. Merritt abandoned this option after becoming a publican at the Grand Junction Inn in 1851.

In 1850 Isaac Gepp granted the license and lease of Gepp’s Cross Inn on Section 360 lands to Charles Mathews.

The Northern Lines — Tramway Museum, St Kilda

In 1851 Mathews removed the previous licensee’s name from the name of the inn and changed it to Victoria Cross.

It does not appeal to customers who refer to the area around the inn as Gepp’s Cross.

And most probably still call the inn by its vernacular name. Mathews returned to the given name in 1852.

Gepp sold his Lot 360 to Charles Mathews in November 1854 for £900, with the payments fixed on the terms of the mortgage and two rents of £50 per annum for the inn and adjacent lands until the sale is completed.

Coopers Ale House, Gepps Cross

A few months before he bought Gepp’s Cross Inn and the estate of Section 360 Charles Mathews the inn was gone. In March 1854 he was warned to keep his house clean.

In 1858 Matthews had financial problems and sold an acre of his Section 360 adjoining the farm of John Merritt to the county, who wanted the land to build a public house and a house wheat.

After construction, the hall was used as a council office and school until 1899 when it was used as a residence.

In December 1859, Mathews moved his licensed business across the Main North Road from section 360 to a location on section 337, and in 1848 he attempted to operate as Hotel Blacksmith.

Main North Road

Trading at Gepp’s Cross Inn on the land Section 337 was poor, and in April 1861 Charles Mathews was declared bankrupt.

Mathews defaulted on his mortgage and rent payments to Isaac Gepp who foreclosed on the Residence and lands in Section 360 and Mathews’ house in Section 337 became a lien. Between June 13, 1861 and the first week of October 1861 no premises were licensed at Gepp’s Cross.

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The license of Gepp’s Cross Hotel was restored to its place in Section 360 Patrick Connaughty was granted a tax collector’s license for the inn which he moved to George Eldridge in December 1861.

The place known as Gepp’s Cross Inn or Gepps Cross Hotel has been licensed on the site for over 150 years.

Gepps Cross Treasure Market

A number of retail and home goods and retail stores are all grouped together in one area near the intersection of Main North Road and Matthews Road.

A drive-in, Mainline Drive-In, is located between Port Wakefield and Main North roads less than a kilometer north of the Gepps Cross junction,

In the beginning there were 500 cars with visitors watching him sit in them, and other cars for 500 cars, with seats for 400 people. As it happened, the project was debated in parliament, with speakers concerned about the impact on the morale of the youth. It is managed by Wallis Cinemas. In November 2021, the family business announced the closure of the drive in February 2022, due to a number of factors affecting its life over the years, including “the changing nature of the film industry, the introduction of daylight saving time, the movie pirate. and now the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Gepps Cross is bounded to the south by the east-west carriageway of Grand Junction Street, and separated from east to west by the Northern Highway and Port Wakefield Road. Road. Until 1995 the Northern Railway line ran along the northern edge of the city boundary across Port Wakefield Street. In 1987 the northbound line crossing the Northern Main Road was closed.

Gepps Carpet Court

Gepps Cross is the home of the regional football team Adelaide Raiders, which participates in the South

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