Manufacturing And Associated Industries And Occupations Award 2010 Wage Rates

Manufacturing And Associated Industries And Occupations Award 2010 Wage Rates – Australia: Changes in modern awards started with major changes in the use of annual salaries from March

After a lengthy review period for the Modern Award, which resulted in numerous changes to the Modern Awards, the first changes were made on February 4, 2020.

Manufacturing And Associated Industries And Occupations Award 2010 Wage Rates

However, the biggest change resulting from the Modern Award review will begin on March 1, 2020, with the implementation of the new annual salary provisions for many awards. If you currently use annuities or plan to do so in the future, you must take steps to comply with the new requirements.

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In total, there are 23 modern rewards that are affected by the changes in the annual salary provisions. There are two new model clauses, effective March 1, 2020, affecting 20 modern awards. All other model clauses will come into effect at a later date not yet determined by the Commission and will affect:

Below is an overview of each of the various 20 modern awards and the associated model clause, effective March 1, 2020.

This is just a general outline of model clauses. It is important that employers carefully read the sample clauses in the Modern Awards that apply to their employees.

If you already have an employment contract that includes an annual salary provision under one of the existing Modern Award provisions, you must ensure that the agreement already meets the new requirements.

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What this entails depends on the relevant modern distinction. We recommend that you at least, before March 2020:

Even if the annual salary you pay your employees is higher than they would be entitled to under the Modern Award, you should take steps to make the necessary changes so that the employer (and you personally) are not exposed to the risk of sanctions pursuant to the

(Cth) for non-compliance with the terms of the Modern Award. Technically, this can happen even if no underpayment has been made.

No. The Fair Work Commission has confirmed that model year salary clauses do not affect an employer’s ability to enter into common law annual salary arrangements that negate Modern Award rights.

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The law governing the drafting, implementation and enforcement of common law set-off clauses is complex. It is essential that employers seek advice on this opportunity before relying on it rather than on the Modern Award’s annual payment schedule.

This message is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. You should seek advice specific to your circumstances and not rely on this publication for legal advice. Please contact Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers if you have any concerns about which you would like us to advise you on this publication.

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