Marriott Resort And Spa Nai Yang Beach

Marriott Resort And Spa Nai Yang Beach – Phuket Marriott Resort Nai Yangang is a beautifully designed hotel on Nai Yangang Beach, a unique location on the northwest coast of Phuket. Nai Yang Beach is a beautiful getaway away from Phuket’s crowded beaches, near Sirinat National Park. The hotel has many wonderful features and attributes; We had a lot to enjoy and learn during our 3 day stay.

A cove close to the airport, Phuket Marriott Resort Nai Yangang is located on Nai Yangang Beach, so you can start your vacation after landing, but you don’t need to worry about the plane. Nai Yangang Beach is located next to the national park and has not changed much in the last 20 years. Travelers who don’t like how much Phuket has developed over the past decade will love this hotel and its unique beach.

Marriott Resort And Spa Nai Yang Beach

A perfect timeless hideaway surrounded by the beauty of nature and a wide sandy bay. Locals and those in the know love to spend time in this national park. You can easily find authentic Thai food from local vendors, relax under the giant trees or play in the sea. Nai Yang Beach is as close to the real Phuket as you can get. It’s not isolated either, a short walk will take you to a small seaside village where you can get drinks and food with your feet in the sand.

Phuket Marriott Resort And Spa, Nai Yang Beach (nai Yang): What To Know Before You Bring Your Family

Phuket Marriott Nai Yangang has 180 rooms and a wide variety of room types, and once you’ve chosen a relaxing part of the island, you’ll be spending some time here, so the pool access or beachfront villas are best. . Exquisitely designed with modern Thai influences, the beachfront pool villas are the best choice to come with a front garden and large indoor seating area. Unfortunately, the sea is not always visible from your bed; that would be great.

It may seem like a small thing, but in an age where every traveler comes with a computer, tablet, phone and camera, it’s frustrating to get enough outlets in old hotels. Phuket Marriott Nai Yangang knew this and we were very impressed (we were even taking pictures)! There are more plugs than you’ll use, but they can take plugs from any country, and even better: There are at least four USB plugs on the walls, one near your desk and one next to the bed! How good is it? Sure, it’ll be standard in 10 years (or whatever plug we’re using 10 years from now), but it’s a cool feature.

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Phuket Marriott Nai Yangang counts three restaurants. ‘The Lounge’, ‘Andaman Kitchen’ and ‘Big Fish Bar and Grill’. You can also enjoy exquisite dishes such as Hamburger Foie Gras and exquisitely presented Thai food at The Lounge near the lobby.

Andaman Kitchen is the place to go for breakfast. It’s a bigger but more comfortable room, lots of Western or Asian breakfast options (it’s like a buffet, go and eat!) and the chef makes amazing omelets!

Phuket Marriott Resort And Spa, Nai Yang Beach Wins Two Prestigious Honors At The World Luxury Spa And Restaurant Awards

Big Fish is the most attractive restaurant because it is next to the beach and most of the seafood comes from the small fishing village next to the hotel. You eat the freshest seafood and support the local community at the same time. In the morning, you can sometimes board small fishing boats to look for the eclipse.

We have visited several times and recently stopped for lunch. We sat on the terrace and enjoyed the delicious, fresh and spicy Marriott Nai San Salad (grilled Cajun slaw, feta, grapefruit, mango and pineapple chilli salad, 390 baht) followed by the slow cooked lamb soup (590 baht). tender and cooked to perfection. The food was beautifully presented and the service was impeccable and friendly.

Once again, we tried our favorite dish, sea bass wrapped in banana leaves. The success of such a recipe is to preserve the natural flavor of the fish without overdoing it, which must be excellent, so only great fish can do it. It was so delicious with its surprisingly mild banana leaf flavor and slightly tangy lemon sauce that we ordered it again the next day. (And you can choose more than a dozen wines by the glass, which is a nice touch).

The Quan spa has only four rooms, but it’s designed for instant relaxation. The range of treatments is amazing (and we’re not easily swayed) and the therapists are really good with as much gentle but firm pressure as you want. Here’s a tip: aloe vera is a very effective treatment for sunburn; Keep this in mind as Phuket’s sun is stronger than it looks!

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Bedroom Villa Phuket

The pool is huge, about 2600 square meters. The largest part is along the beach and is so long that you can swim almost the entire resort. Such a large pool allows the hotel to offer several pool access rooms.

The Kids Club is open, spacious and colourful, with a large outdoor area and a selection of daily fun activities. It’s a great place where your kids can take serious interest in a special group. The club is near the central square of the hotel, so you can say hello anytime. Children over the age of 4 can participate; if younger, a sitter must be arranged 24 hours in advance.

If you come with your loved ones, and like most customers, you can enjoy the most romantic dinner ever: with your feet in the sand and your head under the stars! Of course, if the tide and weather permit, why not give it a try! (Tax from 5200 baht).

The hotel team is really kind, polite, caring and always smiling; Thai hospitality at its best: you immediately feel at home. From the laundry lady to the garden chef, people greet you with a natural smile and a Wai (Thai greeting). Also, most of the group seems to speak English.

Big Fish Restaurant & Bar วิวริมทะเล Phuket Marr…

Born a long time ago in France, I started traveling the world early and never stopped until I settled in Thailand in 1994. For the next 27 years, my passion for photography and natural curiosity took me all over Thailand. I was often bouncing between Bangkok and Phuket and basically everywhere I went. I manage and manage the leading international online travel guides. This is a SHA EXTRA PLUS hotel: International travelers arriving in Thailand are required to make pre-paid hotel reservations, airport transfers and RT-PCR tests in accordance with the ‘Test and Continue’ program guidelines. Please contact the hotel for more information.

The health and safety of our guests comes first: COVID-19 updates and what to expect at our hotel.

Enjoy relaxation at Phuket Resort and Spa on Nai Yang Beach. Ideal for families, couples and business travelers alike, our resort in Thailand inspires relaxation with beachfront rooms and private villas equipped with luxurious beds, marble bathrooms, mini-fridges, flat-panel TVs and free Wi-Fi. Rejuvenate your stay in a stunning beach villa with private garden and 400m pool. Spend the day at our beach resort and enjoy unparalleled water activities at Yacht Haven and Royal Phuket Marinas. Take advantage of our dynamic meeting spaces enhanced with advanced audiovisual services, specialty dining options and expert event planners. Complete your unforgettable day with a swim in our lagoon pool, a restorative treatment at our spa, or fine dining and creative cocktails at our exclusive restaurants and bars. Located on the sand just minutes from Phuket International Airport, our luxury resort is a relaxing retreat in one of the world’s most beautiful tourist destinations.

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Our collection of 15 private beachfront pool villas are located on the soft sands of Nai Yang Beach and range from plunge villas to two-bedroom pool villas.

Facilities, Activities & Local Area At Phuket Marriott Resort And Spa, Nai Yang Beach

Our 180 rooms and suites feature unique design concepts, classic Thai and contemporary styles, all equipped with modern amenities.

With an exclusive beachfront location, the resort is a charming setting for private beachside dining, a perfect way to celebrate life’s special events.

The restaurant has a spectacular sunset view from the exclusive beachfront location. The resort can also arrange romantic private dinners on the beautiful beach to celebrate special occasions in life.

Located on Nai Yang Beach in the northwest corner of Phuket, but only a short drive from the airport, the resort is ideal for a weekend or vacation.

Dining At Phuket Marriott Resort And Spa, Nai Yang Beach

With sparkling seas and stunning sunsets on the golden sands of Nai Yang beach, it’s the perfect setting for a beach wedding. Our professional team will create your perfect day. Meetings, events and celebrations are the perfect experience at Phuket Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach. With a hall capacity of 70 guests, from private meetings to social events.

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