Mezza Restaurant Lygon St

Mezza Restaurant Lygon St – Some call Melbourne a mudroom, but I prefer to think of it as a buffet. Throughout the city, our diverse culture shapes the food and festivals we can see. This week is a traditional hat-trick, with Easter, Passover and Ramadan all happening at the same time.

Tonight I’m celebrating Passover with my family, I’m hosting an Easter dinner this weekend, and earlier this week I was looking for restaurants that serve Ramadan. Serves Iftar every day. I had no problem finding 20+ (I shared them in my Instagram roundup) and visited almost every one for this week’s review.

Mezza Restaurant Lygon St

Enter Lelena, an Egyptian restaurant that opened on Ligon Street about seven years ago. Within crawling distance of decorative lanterns and hookah pipes, pizza chefs roll out pizza bases in restaurant windows and punters line up for ice cream. As Lelena owner Nader points out, the urban end of Lagoon Road has changed over the years. Now it has become more diverse due to various waves of immigration and the Asian student population living and studying locally.

See Inside José Andrés’ Mediterranean Restaurant Zaytinya, Now Open At Nyc’s New Ritz Carlton Hotel

Nader was a programmer before opening Lelina, which means “the night is ours,” and his wife is a former engineer who now heads the kitchen. Iftar here is priced at $40 per person and includes dates and samosas, followed by soup, main course and dessert. I got excited about the dishes that weren’t part of the set menu, then got carried away and out of sheer curiosity ordered enough for lunch the next day.

Nader – bless him – stopped me at one point and told me I had ordered enough. When I told him I was happy with the rest, he quickly replied, “I said enough, not too much!” He was an irreverent joker with a warm, relaxed energy. Young employees, new to the job, are also quick to think.

There are dips and falafel from the table section, though I urge you to try something different. Hawai’i rice, lamb, and onions may be chopped until tender and baked in a pita. It’s an interesting texture, like a thin burger patty that’s rolled into a bun. It was sweet and moist and my brain was beating me to think that there was cheese in it.

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We also ordered more traditional dishes such as squat sausages stuffed with spicy rice and herbs. Molochia is actually the national dish of Egypt, a green soup made from chopped jute leaves and lots of garlic. It reminds me of spinach soup but with the sticky texture of okra. Served with white rice and chicken thighs, this dish is round and nutritious.

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Lelina is famous for its tagines and you should leave after ordering at least one. For us, it was moza dni, lamb shanks cooked with freekeh to soak up the fat and juices from the tender meat. Taste is unreal; We cleaned the tagine. It comes with a yogurt dipping sauce mixed with cucumber and parsley.

Other classic Egyptian dishes on offer here include koshari, a carbohydrate-rich stew of lentils, rice, macaroni, chicken, fried onions and a rich tomato-garlic sauce commonly found on the streets of Cairo. There are also uncooked medmas, fava beans slow-cooked in a traditional bulbous pot and served with cumin, lemon, olive oil and tahini. It came at the table with two types of fresh and crispy buns with kimchi.

There’s also the chance to try exotic dishes, whether it’s Alexander’s beef liver, seasoned with spices and green peppers, or Kovara Fatah, slow-cooked meat on white rice and dipped in garlic sauce. bread

If you want to keep it simple, there is a large BBQ area with kofta, lamb and chicken, but you can also fill it with hammam mahshi, freekeh and fried squab (allow two hours).

Nyc’s New Ritz Carlton Nomad Opens With A New José Andrés Restaurant

We can’t manage dessert, but I’m looking at Rose Bel Laban, an Egyptian rice pudding, and Om Ali, basically an Egyptian bread pudding made from meringue, chopped nuts, milk, and cream, all in tagines. are

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There’s something for everyone at Lelena, whether you’re looking for something adventurous, stop by the BBQ area and dive in, or bring a favorite little guy (there’s also a six-course children’s menu).

We use cookies to personalize your experience and improve our services. Please see our privacy policy for more information. José Andrés’ new Mezze restaurant, Zeitania, has finally arrived in New York, and the 140-room restaurant inside the Ritz-Carlton offers a menu of classic Turkish, Greek and Lebanese cuisine. A beautiful layout created by the top architecture and design studio Rockwell Group.

Celebrating the two-Michelin-starred chefs’ extensive knowledge of European cuisine, Zeitnia’s menu pairs beautifully with the airy space, and Rockwell Group’s designs of light Mediterranean blue, warm bronze metallics, and mediums​​​​ And a sensual palette of white oak, patterned details and specially selected artwork.

Chef José Andrés Debuts Eastern Mediterranean Hit Zaytinya At The Ritz Carlton Hotel In Nomad

After years of research and travel, Andres has designed a menu of authentic and innovative cuisine, creative cocktails and specialty Mediterranean wines that will be overseen by Chef José Ayala at this NoMad location.

In the dining room, guests dine under wooden ceiling beams carved with acoustic linen textured panels that resemble floor strips, creating a sense of rhythm throughout the space. Layers of bright blue gradient curtains line the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, providing light privacy and enabling diners to move from the hustle and bustle of New York City to the calm shores of the Mediterranean; The Rockwell Group’s soft undulating curves and varied textures – as well as woven fabric pendants in various shapes and heights – always radiate warm tones.

The bar occupies a large part of the back wall of the space, built with a blue lava top and stone bar moulds, with a custom backlit screen, a two-tone blue glass disc inspired by the evil eye “Marty”. It is sure to attract the attention of guests.

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Zetinia was a success at the Ritz-Carlton, New York, Washington, DC, and he saw Jose Andres bring his table magic from the nation’s capital to the gastronomic capital.

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