Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency And Specialty Center

Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency And Specialty Center – Our general clinic offers comprehensive health care for a variety of pets. Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and pocket pets are treated at Monterey Peninsula Emergency and Specialty Veterinary Center with individual attention to their unique needs to keep them healthy for life. Our veterinarians continue to provide our animal companions with the detailed health care they deserve.

We believe that effective pet welfare requires a holistic approach. Pet health care must take into account the many small details that make each animal unique, including all aspects of your companion’s environment, physiology, and lifestyle. Taking these extra steps makes a huge difference in providing our patients with the most appropriate preventative solutions, as well as home care and nutritional recommendations. In order to fully understand your pet’s personality, habits and situation at home, we like to take the time to talk with you in detail and always make appointments long enough so that we have enough time to discuss all of your concerns during the visit.

Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency And Specialty Center

In addition to health exams and physicals, regularly updating your pet’s vaccinations plays an important role in keeping them happy and healthy. We make sure to provide the most appropriate vaccinations for each patient based on their age, breed, lifestyle and other aspects that differentiate your pet from others. As such, vaccinations are different for each patient and may include initial immunizations for puppies or kittens, as well as vaccine updates for adult and senior pets.

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We strongly support pet microchipping. Our vets immediately examine every animal that comes to us, and in most cases we can reunite lost pets with their owners within a short period of time if the pet has been electronically chipped. We also recommend loading indoor pets with small slides, as pets that are not used to being outside are more likely to get lost. Vets use HomeAgain again if there is only one microchip system in our center for safe microchipping of patients.

Maintaining a healthy weight and proper nutrition is an important aspect of any pet’s well-being. Animals are just as susceptible to obesity-related diseases as humans. We are happy to offer advice on weight loss programs and ways to meet all of your pet’s nutritional needs.

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Our veterinarians will always take the time to communicate with you about your pet’s health and preventative care. We understand how important it is for people to know what is going on with their pet’s health and we make sure you know what to expect and the best way to care for your pet at home.

For more information on pet health and preventive care or to schedule an appointment for your pet, contact us today at Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center, we can address any surgical emergency your pet may encounter. Our experience and training gives us the unique ability to provide emergency surgery at any time, either by attending or by referral from other pet care facilities in the Monterey region.

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Pet emergencies require quick action and every situation is different. Whatever your emergency, we will assess and treat your pet quickly and efficiently, and do what is required of us during these critical times.

We assess each patient upon arrival to ensure priority treatment if your pet is in critical condition, and immediately begin stabilizing your pet, which may require taking your pet into surgery immediately. Your pet will be monitored at all times by our highly qualified and experienced staff and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to ensure that any changes in its condition are immediately recognized and corrected.

At Monterey Peninsula Emergency and Specialty Veterinary Center, we understand how difficult and stressful it can be to go through an emergency situation with your pet. To ease feelings of anxiety and helplessness, our empathetic emergency physicians, emergency physicians and veterinary assistants will always be available to keep you informed every step of the way. We believe in and encourage visits for the comfort of you and your pet. We rarely recommend against visiting if we believe it is in your pet’s best interest.

Logical Zoo: Katja Herrmann feeds a few dogs, a cat and a school of fish. pretty korean

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She rescues animals all night—from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. at Ryan’s Ranch’s Monterey Peninsula Emergency Veterinary Center—then returns to a team of adoptable and rescue dogs of various sizes and breeds.

It’s normal for him to share the bed with four different dogs, and he tries to sit on the toilet with all three fighting over his lap. Or the front door opens and several barking four-legged creatures are running out.

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“My friends don’t think it’s weird at all,” she says, of the brightly colored, well-furnished home with half a dozen plush dog beds.

For almost a quarter of a century, Hermann has been treating cats, dogs – and in some rare cases – more exotic pets like koi fish – on his cemetery rounds. Hermann and his crew stand guard, as they do not carry watches in emergencies.

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“We can do a lot of other things, work somewhere else, vacation somewhere else, but we’re here for the people,” he says.

Hermann’s career began in Germany, where he earned a doctorate in veterinary medicine. He traveled to California in 1993, and after years of emergency practice, Hermann founded the Monterey Peninsula Emergency and Specialty Center in 2004. A year later, he moved the center to a modern facility, whose walls feature the vibrant colors of his home.

In June 2011, he and his staff expanded their hours when other veterinary offices closed – from 5pm to 7am every night, including holidays and weekends.

This makes him no stranger to emergencies – he’s like his old friend. I’ve seen baby bulls fall off the back of trucks, run over geese to die on the side of the road, and the night before I started saving the life of a little girl who was taken to her clinic. possibility to contact wildlife services, as required by law.

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“If an animal is injured and Hermann is around, you know the animal is going to be OK,” says Brooke Hickland, a veterinary nurse.

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“I’m not a hero,” he says. “That’s what I know and what I’m good at. I see my job as more than just serving my community.”

It is by no means an individual process, he added. 15 professionals work. “I would be nothing without them,” he says.

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One of the hardest parts of the job: deciding whether or not the animal’s survival is worth the cost of treatment. One of his last cases involved a stray Yorkie – brought in by a good Samaritan – whose leg was so deformed that the bones were exposed.

Thinking that someone would take the three-legged dog, he decided to cut off the leg. Within days, Yorkie found a family that she named Josie.

“When they saw the leg, most doctors would put the dog to sleep without a second thought,” says Dr. Shannon Chavin, who has been with Hermann for more than two years. “Anyway Katya finds a way to keep and care for most pets, that’s one of her best qualities.

Hermann volunteered part of his days with other rescue projects, such as Friends Animal Rescue Project in Pacific Grove and Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, to find homes for the animals he rescued.

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Hermann emphasizes that many accidents are preventable as he caresses the newest member of his rescue dog family, a chestnut mix named Skippy, who was recently saved from a liver tumor.

“Preventing problems is as simple as putting a collar on your pet, microchipping it in the arm, checking Craigslist, or taking care of the pet,” she says.

“Everyone should have a pet. It’s like having a best friend who loves you unconditionally,” she says and starts laughing. “I should know. I have five.”

MONTEREY PENINSULA Emergency and Specialty Veterinary Center, located at 20 Lower Ragsdale Drive, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

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