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National Hearing Care Fairfield – Mercy Health-Fairfield Hospital’s parent company, Bon Secours Mercy Health, has proposed a conceptual plan to develop a nine-acre writing adjacent to the hospital.

Mercy Health submitted plans for the southern mixed-use planning unit development of Benzing LLC property on March 2. A joint City Council and Planning Commission hearing on the plan, which includes McGill Smith Pushon’s engineering drawings based on Cincinnati, is scheduled for March 28 on the proposed PUD. This 9-acre area is Zone B-1, the city’s institutional and office district.

National Hearing Care Fairfield

The proposed development will be announced at a public hearing, but according to a plan filed by Bon Secours Mercy Health’s Vice President of Real Estate Development, there will be three structures on a nine-acre lot in the northeast corner of Mack. South Gilmore Road.

Ready To Buy Hearing Aids? Why Your First Step Should Be An Evaluation With An Audiologist

The largest of the three is the 30,000-square-foot Fault Medicine Office building in the northeast corner of the proposed site. The second largest building is an 8,400-square-foot multi-generational building on the southern portion of the site along Mack Road. The third building will be a 4,125-square-foot restaurant with a drive-thru on the northwest corner of the site along South Gilmore Road.

The plan also requires three access points for development. One is to enter/exit Mack Road. The second is the entrance which is fully accessible from South Gilmore Road. The third is the internal connection of the Merci Health Fairfield Hospital building.

The property, which is part of a 29-acre tranche commonly known as the Benzing Estate, was purchased in August by Benzing LLC, represented by Fairfield’s Joe Schwarz. Schwarz has approved a planned unit development concept factory for a residential development known as Benzing Estates on 20 acres north of the site.

Fairfield City Council approved the Benzing Estates concept plan in November, but when the city council first heard about Schwarz’s plans publicly in September, he said Mercy Health was “interested” in the south nine-acre plot. . Schwartz’s two-story and single-family home developments have nothing to do with the proposed Merci Health plan.

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Benzing LLC, which now owns the entire 29 acres, Schwarz said in September that it had “negotiated and agreed on a price.” He didn’t disclose the price at the meeting. He has reached out to Bon Secours Mercy Health for comment, which spokesperson Nanette Bentley has now declined.

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Benzing LLC purchased the 29-acre writing for $1.8 million in August, according to the Butler County Auditor’s Office, and the property has not yet been divided.

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Michael D. Pitman has worked as a reporter in Southwest Ohio since 1999. He has dealt with local government and state and national issues in Warren and Butler counties. He is currently in charge of the cities of Fairfield and Hamilton. We can help you enrich your personal and social experiences to regain the joy of listening and interacting with the world around you.

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National Hearing Care has changed its name to We have a brand new name but same location and friendly faces. A global leader in hearing aids with a career of 70 years. Visit the new-style clinic today with the same bright red signage.

By car, the Fairfield Clinic is located on the 2nd floor of the Nita City Shopping Center, across from the Nita City Medical Center on the top floor. The best entrance into our hospital parking lot is the Smart Street entrance next to the police station. Go to the 6th floor parking lot. You can access it by driving up the ramp to the 5th floor and driving across the open area of ​​the parking lot.

The first thing to do when you start to feel that your hearing isn’t the same as it used to be is to book a free 20 minute hearing test. Hearing loss occurs gradually over time, making changes difficult to detect.

Simply play a series of sounds on your headphone set during this initial hearing test and press a button each time you hear a sound. The results indicate whether there are signs of hearing loss and whether further testing is needed.

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This test is available to all users over the age of 18 and no recommendation is required. So you can get started by booking a free hearing test today.

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It is recommended that you have your hearing tested annually. However, there are signs and symptoms of hearing loss that you should be aware of, so it takes precedence.

If the initial 20-minute hearing test confirms hearing loss, the next recommended step is to attend a comprehensive hearing assessment with a hearing care professional. Depending on the individual’s circumstances, a hearing test may be recommended as a first step, but the hearing test is omitted.

This more comprehensive assessment is a one-hour appointment made up of various exams. An advanced hearing assessment consists of a variety of tests. The results of these “tests” are combined to form a thorough assessment of your hearing level and degree of hearing loss.

Getting Answers: Hearing Aids Available Soon For Purchase Over The Counter

The results of this test produce an audiometric scale that indicates the level of hearing range. The results are immediate and the audiologist will explain the results and their implications. Here you can determine if steps such as hearing aid prescriptions can be taken to improve your hearing and improve your overall quality of life. We reserve the right to limit unreported requests to allow fair access for all users. automated tools. Your request will be identified as part of our automated tools network and will be managed until action is taken to declaring the traffic beyond the permitted policies.

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Frank E. Stacey & Associates provides Greater Victoria with superior service and product selection for the deaf.

Sidney, Counseling for comprehensive hearing management needs, assessments for both adults and children, customized hearing aid fittings, hearing reports sent to physicians

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Consultation for a wide range of hearing management needs, assessments for both adults and children, more…More

Ears have been eaten and can now be heard. they made me easy. Service was great and everything was right.

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