Natural Brow Restoration And Design System

Natural Brow Restoration And Design System – We’re willing to bet that “growing my eyebrows” is at the top of many of your 2015 beauty resolution lists.

They simply have scattered arcs, unfortunately dust and pencil can only help so much. Outdated procedures such as permanent makeup were quickly replaced with alternative restoration services praised for natural and realistic results. But how can you find the right procedure for you? We consulted the experts to give us the bare minimum to get fuller and thicker brows

Natural Brow Restoration And Design System

“At Browhaus, our signature Brow Resurrection treatment is a semi-permanent brow enhancement treatment that provides realistic, long-lasting results that mimic the 3D look of a hairline,” said Michelle Wu, Browhaus Senior Therapist. “It’s simply like giving life to eyebrows or thin eyebrows.” Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FACS,   with offices in New York City and Miami, is known for his permanent hair restoration practices. “Eyebrow hair restoration can be defined [as a reduction] of areas of thinning or absence with the use of the patient’s hair, most commonly with scalp hair.”

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“There are a variety of reasons why eyebrows can appear thin, ranging from genetics to aging,” says Wu. “It is recommended to check with a professional eyebrow therapist for the best shape of eyebrows for your face.” Beauty expert and blogger Lianne Farbes who had the Brow Resurrection procedure at Browhaus shares, “I’ve always had very, very thin brows. I’ve always used pencil, wax and pomades to get darker and fuller brows bold. I loved the results and would do it again.”

Farbes has always wanted green eyebrows, so she took the plunge for permanent results in 2014. “My friend’s eyebrows looked so natural – not gray or green like most tattoos I’ve seen.” before – I had to do it!” Semi-permanent treatments such as Browhaus Resurrection offer a useful solution by offering natural results that last up to 2 years, while Dr. Epstein’s office promises permanent results. “The results of the treatment are not necessarily ‘perfect’ – even mother nature doesn’t get it right all the time. [However] it can be seen as a moderate to significant improvement for thin brows and defective.”

“[For eyebrow hair restoration] you need to go to someone who understands the relationship between the shape of the eyebrows, the volume of the orbital wall, the location of the hair and the shape of the face,” says Dr. Epstein. Wu further explains: “Oval faces are usually the most versatile and can take on a variety of eyebrow shapes, thin brows with sharp angles and high arches are best for round faces because they help to elongate round faces . and soft balance Thick, natural brows help soften hard angles and balance the strong jawline of square faces, while heart-shaped faces can be balanced with fuller arched brows with short tails and a low to medium arch.”

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“All Brow Resurrection treatments start with a full consultation, where our brow specialist will explain in detail what the process entails,” says Wu. “Next, the best eyebrow shape for your face will be drawn. Once you are happy with the shape and thickness, the therapist will recommend and adjust the most suitable shade for your eyebrows new to match your hair and skin tone”. The process begins with numbing the brow area with a premium numbing cream and thread-like designs that mimic real hair will be gently scraped into the surface of the skin with a special tool, after which the pure vegetable ink is applied to the skin. eyebrow area. Customers can expect the procedure to last between 1.5 and 2 hours.

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“After designing the eyebrows with the patient’s input, the donor hair is obtained after using local anesthesia and oral sedation to minimize discomfort,” explained Dr. Epstein. “These hairs are obtained either through the FUE method [removal of one thread per stand] or through the stripping technique where a small piece of scalp is removed and then stitched closed.” Later, each hair is divided and separated into “perfect 1” and “perfect 2” grafts under a microscope. “The surgeon makes each recipient site [typically 0.5 and 0.6 mm each] in the eyebrows which determines the pattern, direction and angle of the growth. Finally, the hair is then placed in these recipient sites one on the turn,” he adds.

“Permanent eyebrow tattoos tend to change color over a long period of time (from black to a bluish or green tint) due to the pigments used,” explains Wu. “Eyebrow tattoos also cannot provide natural results and usually appear as a dark, chalky finish.” Dr. Epstein agrees to share, “Eyebrow tattoos [for some] can be a worthwhile approach, but they don’t really look natural, but they can provide some coverage.” Wu adds: “The only way to remove an eyebrow tattoo is by laser – which is a painful process that can damage your skin.”

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“[During Brow Rejuvenation] there will be some scabbing on the treated area for the next two weeks,” explains Wu. “But regular use of specially formulated Browhaus (Build & Fix) aftercare products promotes rapid healing.” Dr. Epstein explained that for hair restoration, clients will see full results in about four months. One thing to note? Your eyebrows should be ‘trimmed’ just like the hair on your head every week or two to get the best results. Farbes says she is thrilled with her results and will undergo another Brow Lift.

“Tweezing or plucking is recommended to clean stray hairs out of your newly restored brows,” explains Wu. “Threading is a traditional method that pulls strands of hair in a row for natural but not overly defined bows, while tweezing is very precise and removes unwanted hair from the individual strand.” She recommends avoiding epilation altogether, “Epilation can cause ingrown hairs when the hair strands are cut and not removed from the root.”™ has allowed hundreds of women across the world to use their creativity and expand their entrepreneurial skills, helping to foster high enterprise skills. performance eyebrow businesses. .

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As the creator of the world’s first system for natural restoration and eyebrow design, he has helped tens of thousands of women feel more feminine, beautiful and real in their own skin.

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Sign up for Elle Wilson’s free webinar! Look for our email with the link to access the webinar This system is a world first; we look at eyebrows differently, we understand the true path to recovery, we use innovative techniques and unique design principles created by the creator of the TrueBrow™ System – Elle Wilson

Now more than ever women are discovering how well shaped eyebrows can enhance your face. As a TrueBrow Specialist, we are dedicated to saving the natural Brow. We believe that every woman is unique and offers the knowledge, skills and expertise to enhance the full potential of your Eyebrows, without tricks, tattoos, stains or serums.

The TrueBrow™ program is right for you depending on whether you need to design, correct, restore, transform, or a mix of all. Get started today with this great package. Includes brow consultation/discovery session, initial TrueBrow™ design, first brow maintenance appointment, TrueBrow collection and tutorial

During your free TrueBrow™ brow discovery session, your brows will be assessed to determine if they need to be corrected, restored, transformed, shaped or a combination of all four. We will discuss what is possible and a vision created to see what is possible.

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NOTE: If you know you want a TrueBrow™ Design but have questions, order Book a Brow Discovery & Design together

During your free TrueBrow™ Brow Discovery Session, your brow expert will assess your brows and book you in for your TrueBrow™ Design. If your eyebrows are restored, during this appointment the foundation for

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