Offset Disc Harrow For Sale

Offset Disc Harrow For Sale – Our 18 plate disc harrow is heavy duty (9 front discs and 9 rear discs) of 660 mm cutting diameter of 1900 track width. Equipped with hydraulic wheel lift and suitable for tractors from 70 hp to 100 hp. This series 18/20/24/28/32 Heavy Duty Offset Trailed Disc Harrow is designed for field work.Used for breaking up hard and impervious hard surface, for crushing and spreading straw, for breaking up soil after plowing Helps prepare land and conserve soil moisture Can be used harrow instead of plough Offer high harrow capacity with economical use of power, soil cutting and mulching, soil surface leveling and loosening of the soil after harrowing.They are also well adapted to heavy clay wastelands and weedy fields.

The harrows are designed from a combination of rigid rectangular frame and welded tube, equipped with hydraulic scroll wheel spring leveling device up and down. A quality sealed bearing with a spheroid outer surface and a special square inner bore for disc scrapers.

Offset Disc Harrow For Sale

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18 disc harrow / rear offset disc plow (9 front and 9 rear 660mm diameter discs cut 1900 track widths. Equipped with quality sealed bearings and hydraulic wheel lift. Suitable for tractors from 70hp to 100hp.

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