Optus 85 My Plan Plus

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Optus is upping the ante in the telecom wars with streaming Netflix, Presto and EPL – free and unlimited – on premium plans.

Optus 85 My Plan Plus

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Customers Likely To Lose Out As Carriers Push Leasing Plans

Unlimited calls and texts are as essential to your phone these days as the ability to program your own polyphonic ringtones (oh, Salt-N-Pepa ringtones, we hardly knew you).

But we are also moving to a world where data volume is less important, and without streaming content on your mobile phone

With that in mind, Optus has just fired another salvo against its competitors, offering post-paid subscribers unlimited Netflix and Presto video streaming.

All Optus My Plan Plus plans will now offer unlimited Netflix and Presto streaming, with the $100 and $120 plans getting it for free (customers on the $40, $65 and $85 plans will have to pay an extra $10 per month for the privilege).

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Optus’ higher value plans also get unmetered EPL ($85, $100 and $120), while the $40 and $65 plans can pay an extra $15 per month to stay unmetered. (All these prices are obviously in Australian dollars).

The move to unlimited video streaming, although it will only be free on top plans, is a far cry from Vodafone’s prediction in January this year that Australians would soon see no unlimited video.

But it’s an obvious step forward for Optus, which has been playing in the content streaming space for some time.

Optus launched unmetered cricket on mobile last October, followed by Optus Music (including Spotify, Pandora and Google Play Music) in April this year. It also made headlines (and turned a few noses) when it won the rights for the English Premier League to create its own EPL streaming channel, app and website.

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Best Optus Mobile Plans

All this after offering uncapped Netflix to home broadband users – a move that left Netflix CEO Reed Hastings defending the video streaming company’s stance on Net Neutrality.

There is no doubt that streaming content will be the next frontier in mobile. Optus has its EPL and Netflix, and Telstra has its Apple Music, and as summer sports heat up, we can certainly expect more streaming apps to pop up online. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 was announced today at Unpacked, and the telco is quickly following suit with plans to showcase it.

The telco currently has pre-orders available for the Samsung Galaxy Note9, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is available from today.

Optus is offering the Galaxy Note9 on a 24-month My Plan Flex (lease) for $85/month, with payments of $10/month (min total cost $2,280) and 20GB of monthly data included. My Plan Flex offers an upgrade option after 12 months for $99 when customers return their current phone in working order and sign up for a new 24-month plan. Damage and cancellation fees may apply.

Byo Optus One 5g Sim Plan: $65/month For First 12 Months, 500gb/month Data, Unlimited National/international Calls & Text + More

The Galaxy Tab S4 is available on My Mobile Broadband’s 24-month plan for $40 per month, plus a $10 monthly tablet payment (min. total cost of $1,200) and 10GB of monthly data included.

Like other Australian telcos, Optus is taking advantage of Samsung’s general pre-order offer by offering customers a free memory upgrade on the Galaxy Note9 from a 512GB phone instead of 128GB, and for the Galaxy Tab S4 get a 256GB tablet instead of 64GB.

In addition to the lease plan, Optus will also offer the Samsung Galaxy Note9 on My Plan Plus for customers who want to buy the phone themselves.

The Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Tab S4 will be available in Optus stores and online from 24 August 2018.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note9 was announced in Unpacked today, and telcos have been quick to follow up on the plans it will offer.

Here’s Telstra’s offer.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 and Tab S4 were announced today at Unpacked, and telcos have been quick to follow up with plans to offer them.

Here’s Vodafone’s offer. In , we freely choose and write about them. things we like and think you’ll like too. We have affiliate and advertising partners, which means we may collect a portion of sales or other fees through links on this page. BTW – prices are correct and items are available at time of publication.

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Optus’ previous SIM-only postpaid phone plans started at $45 a month with 20GB, but now you’re looking at $49 a month with 30GB. The $55 per month 80GB plan is now $59 per month with 100GB. $65 per month used to get you 200GB, now it’s $69 per month with 220GB. And finally, the $85 per month 240GB plan is now an $89 per month 360GB plan.

Additionally, Optus has changed its Optus Plus promo plan. Still using 500GB, but now you’re looking at $69 per month for the first six months and $119 per month after that. This offer is valid until August 4th.

Amaysim Will Soon Offer 4g, Thanks To New Optus Deal

So how do these new plans compare to Telstra and Vodafone? Before we get started, here are the basic offers of the new Optus SIM plan:

Although Optus plans now cost $4 a month more, Telstra is still the most expensive option in SIM-only plans.

Vodafone has the cheapest SIM-only plan of the three, offering 40GB of data for $40 per month. On the other hand, you’re looking at $49 a month for 30GB on Optus, or $58 a month for 40GB on Telstra.

Moving on, Vodafone offers you the best data option for the dollar: you’ll pay $60 per month for 300GB. By comparison, Optus charges $59 for 100GB, or Telstra $68 for 180GB.

Your Commute Just Got Better: Optus Offers Unmetered Mobile Netflix And Presto

If you go over your limit, all three providers offer unlimited data at limited speeds. On Telstra and Optus, you’ll be limited to 1.5Mbps. Speeds covered by Vodafone plans vary between 2Mbps and 10Mbps, depending on how much you spend per month. The more expensive your account, the higher your limited rate. Vodafone also has an unlimited plan now available for $65 per month.

All telcos now sell phones the same way: you choose from one of the SIM-only plans, then add a phone. You will then pay over 12, 24 or 36 months, interest-free, for the same total cost as the outright cost. Telstra doesn’t always offer 36 month payments, but Optus and Vodafone do.

The similarity between the three telcos now selling the phone means the price is more predictable: you just take the price of the phone outright and put it into the plan you choose. However, some other factors can change this equation. We’ve seen telcos apply discounts to direct call prices to make them cheaper, for example.

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Here’s how the cheapest options from the Big Three providers compare for some of the latest devices:

Optus Plus Sim Only Plan: 500gb For $65/month For 12 Months (no Lock In Contract) @ Optus

Optus postpaid plans worth at least $59 per month (including phone payments) include unlimited talk and text in 35 countries.

By comparison, Telstra’s Upfront mobile plan includes unlimited SMS and MMS to all international numbers and 30 minutes of calls to standard international numbers. If you want to make more than 30 minutes of international calls per month, you need to add a $10 per month international calling package.

Finally, Vodafone’s postpaid plans start accepting international calls from $45 per month and up. This is usually broken down into Zone 1 and Zone 2 destinations. For example, Vodafone’s $50 per month plan includes 1,000 minutes to Zone 1 destinations and 100 minutes to Zone 2. All Vodafone postpaid plans include unlimited standard international SMS.

In addition to talk, text, and data, the Big Three plan to include some extras.

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Optus customers don’t have as many extras as usual. While Optus Sport is a free inclusion on all Optus postpaid plans, Optus customers currently receive a discounted rate. Instead of paying $24.99 a month, you’ll pay $6.99 a month if you use a postpaid mobile plan with Optus. Optus customers also get discounted tickets through Hoyts.

Telstra plans give you discounted movie tickets from Cinema Events and data-free access to Apple Music. However, you need to join Telstra Plus if you want cheap cinema tickets.

Joining Telstra Plus also earns you 10 points for every dollar you spend on your monthly bill as part of a Frequent Flyer-style rewards scheme. You can use these points on selected gadgets or use discount points on devices. Telstra Plus can join for free.

Telstra customers are also currently entitled to a one-month free trial of Foxtel Now and a one-month free trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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