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Park Ridge Dental Centre – Welcome to Parkridge Dental | Rowville At Parkridge Dental Rowville, we offer family dental care. This center is the oldest dental clinic in Rowville. It was founded in 1988. With our well-known dental clinic in this convenient location, we are able to offer quality, dental care that makes people value the bond and long-term relationship with their dentist and dental care team. Our dental practice offers a comfortable and friendly atmosphere while offering modern preventive and cosmetic dental procedures. We offer a variety of dental treatments and consultations for health and cosmetic options. Every family member is important to us, from the youngest to the oldest. Protecting your teeth for life is now a realistic option and we have: Colored tooth fillings root canal treatment (endodontics) – saving teeth preventive treatment periodontal care – with teeth cleaning with teeth cleaning in surgery emergency care for our infection control. patients first We work by appointment at specified times. Please call 9752 8800 to make an appointment and confirm opening hours.

Helping people of all ages with their dental health needs, we pride ourselves on our relaxed and friendly atmosphere while offering innovative preventive and cosmetic dental treatments.

Park Ridge Dental Centre

Because seeing is knowing… Not seeing is guessing… and we don’t want to guess about your dental health.

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Parkridge Dental is a convenient dental practice with a reputation for state-of-the-art preventive and cosmetic dental care. – Family trend

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Feedback | Privacy Policy | Terms of use of the website Use of links constitutes acceptance of these terms. Dr. Laya Bahrani joined Dr. Austin DePorter joined Mountain Ridge Dentistry because he loves the way he practices dentistry and treats his patients.

“I’ve seen many different ways to practice dentistry, and what I appreciate most is the way we give patients options, educate them (about their dental health) and decide together what approach we want to take, ” said Bahrani, DDS, dentist. assistant at Mountain Ridge Dentistry.

Dental Hygienist Opportunities

Bahrani, who lives in Fort Collins, started at the Berthoud Clinic, 310 Mountain Ave., in December after completing a one-year residency at New York Methodist Presbyterian Hospital in Brooklyn. She practiced general dentistry and worked in the operating room for maxillofacial surgeries for jaw fractures, cleft lip and palate. In 2020, she received a degree from New York University.

“I think my role is to take all the information and education I’ve received and bring it personally to patients so they can understand what’s going on in their bodies and work together to achieve a healthier foundation that they can then can support themselves.” Behrani said.

An Ohio native, Bahrani wanted to move to Colorado for the hiking and the outdoors, and, he says, “because it’s a beautiful place.” He was looking for a practice that shared the same philosophy of dental care and the same level of ethics in patient care. She said she and DePorter are similar in the way they provide treatment, which empowers patients to collaborate with their dentists about their oral health.

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“Dr. DePorter does a great job, takes a really conservative and ethical approach to it,” Bahrani said.

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According to Behrani, Behrani likes the narrow approach to dental care, where the dentist and patient discuss the next steps, which gives the patient a sense of independence.

“In any industry, things are sold or persuaded rather than agreed upon,” Behrani said, explaining that in traditional medicine, the patient shows up and respects the doctor’s prescription, following the recommendations. questioning “I really want to get away from that, make it less of a conversation and more of a process.”

Opened in 2018, Mountain Ridge Dentistry focuses on state-of-the-art technology that includes digital x-rays, panoramic x-rays and in-room cameras that allow for real-time viewing. There are also five operating rooms, which are single rooms with individual patient chairs, a waiting room, a conference room, a consultation room and a staff communication room.

According to Behrani, operators include many convenience items to facilitate the treatment process, which sets the practice apart from others. Comfort items include things like stress balls, noise-canceling headphones, finger massagers and blankets to help patients sit in the dental chair, relax and ease their anxiety, she said.

Meet Our Team

“I like that it’s warmer here. Having these gloves allows patients to enter a space that’s often not easy in a medical facility,” Bahrani said. “It’s hard to go somewhere for treatment, especially if it’s been a negative experience. … All these little things add up to a great experience and a different feeling at the dentist.”

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Behrani likes that she can bounce ideas off of the next steps with DePorter, who has a doctorate in dentistry, she said.

“It was really great working with the team, getting to know all the patients and being in Colorado,” Bahrani said.

Bahrani and DePorter work with a staff of three assistants, three hygienists and a patient coordinator. For more information about the practice, visit or call 970-528-0900.

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