Port Macquarie Bus Timetable

Port Macquarie Bus Timetable – Reduced fares: Local TAFE student Kathleen Davidson travels on the Port Macquarie bus almost every day. Photo: Matt Attard

Bus fares in Hastings have been reduced by up to 53 per cent in some areas following recommendations from the Independent Tariffs and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART).

Port Macquarie Bus Timetable

Member for Port Macquarie, Leslie Williams, announced on February 21 that the prices had been reduced. The changes are important for those without a pension or benefits card.

Flights From Sydney (syd) To Port Macquarie (pqq)

For example, an average traveler would spend $9.70 to travel from Port Center to Wauchope. Now it’s only $4.90, a 49 percent discount.

Port Center to Base Hospital will now cost $3.40 instead of $5, and Laurieton will cost $7.20 instead of $13.30.

The IPART review found that prices were higher than customers were willing to pay, resulting in low patronage of regional services.

“With these new fares, I expect local bus patronage to increase. Average fares will be 30 percent cheaper and bus services will be more attractive to local residents.

Lake Macquarie On Demand Service

“The new fare structure will create 10 standard fare zones in regional NSW, with a maximum fare of just $2.30 for a short three-kilometre journey.”

A new daily rate of $6.90 allows unlimited travel on short trips. The new pricing structure should start on March 5.

Local TAFE student Kathleen Davidson travels on the bus almost every day and uses a concession card that allows unlimited use for $2.50 a day.

“The whole service is very easy to use. I see a lot of old people on the bus, not a lot of young people. A change in prices can get more people on the bus.

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The Government will also continue to investigate other recommendations of the IPART review, such as restructuring services to better meet emerging needs such as increased demand for services and operator costs.

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I grew up in Port Macquarie and consider myself a true port native. I’m a rugby league fan and wouldn’t mind a photo or two. I would love to hear from you, please feel free to contact me anytime. ALL ABOUT: ‘It was impossible to do business as usual with patronage’… Opal card data shows some high-frequency routes have been patronized following a review of the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie bus system.

The State Government, which has released new Opal card data, shows some high-frequency services are back on track a month after the overhaul of the bus and ferry system.

The data, which compared totals found and found between mid-January and mid-February 2017, showed that route 11 from Charlestown to Queens Wharf was Newcastle’s most popular bus.

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According to the data, the “frequent route” is used by an average of 2,400 passengers per day, a 35% jump in patronage compared to the figures of the previous 100 buses with 11 similar routes.

Shane Hattander, from Jesmond, boarded a bus in Wickham on January 14, the day the new timetables and services were launched. Photo: Max Mason-Hubers

Opal data shows the bus was used by 1,320 passengers a day – a 70 per cent increase on a similar route of 363.

Mark Keolis Downer Hunter, CEO, said: “The latest Opal data is coming in and although the new system is still in its infancy, we are delighted to see passengers familiar with the new routes and using the four frequent services. Dunlop.

Bus Fares Reduced Following Independent Pricing And Regulatory Tribunal Recommendation

“We are constantly analyzing and reviewing the new system through data and public feedback.” adjustments may be necessary. “

He added: “This is a significant change to the way buses operate in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie and will take time to get used to.”

The leak comes on the day of a public meeting protesting the network’s changes.

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The Liberal MP confirmed he would attend on Monday morning, but said: “It is disappointing that the NSW Labor opposition has not accepted my offer to have a representative from Newcastle Transport attend, answer questions and respond.”

New School Bus Timetable Changes Across Port Macquarie Region

In parliament, Transport Secretary Andrew Constance accused Labor of “deliberately trying to undermine the new system in Newcastle”. Newcastle bus routes connect the suburbs of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, approximately 100km north of Sydney.

Newcastle is the second largest city in New South Wales and serves as a regional hub for residents of the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Great Lakes regions. Bus services within Newcastle are operated by Newcastle Transport. It also operates a ferry service across the Hunter River between Newcastle’s CBD and Stockton. Hunter Valley Buses operates many routes in the region. These two main operators have an east-west split, with Newcastle Transport buses covering mostly the inner city and coastal area east of the lake and south such as Swansea, while Hunter Valley buses cover the area west of the lake, Newcastle Airport and suburbs. . Suburbs and towns that extend into the valley. Buses from Port Stephens serve the airport and the coast north of Newcastle.

The network is controlled by Transport for NSW and operates an Opal card ticketing system for most journeys. Newcastle consists of five outer city bus zones (OSMBSC 1 to 4 and NISC 1 zones) for contractual arrangements.

Buses, Greyhound Australia, NSW TrainLink, Port Stephs Coaches, Premier Service, Rover Coaches and Sid Fogg also operate intercity routes connecting Newcastle with the rest of New South Wales.

How To Track Tweed Heads Buses

After Newcastle Transport took over Newcastle Buses and Ferries in July 2017, the network was completely redesigned from 14 January 2018.

Key destinations served by Newcastle Transport include Newcastle Interchange, Ques Wharf, Broadmeadow, The Junction, Mayfield, Waratah, Newcastle University, Jesmond, Westfield Cotara, Charlestown Square, Macquarie Fair, Wallsd, Stockland Glendale, Warners Bay, Belmont Bar, John Hunter Hospital, Cardiff and Swansea. All overseas: Thrumster Cooeey bus driver, Roberto Merola and Mark Lawrence, Busway’s North Coast-South Regional Support Manager.

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Port Macquarie residents are taking on a new journey as they trial the on-demand bus system.

As part of the On Demand Public Transport trial, there will be two services to Port Macquarie on Wednesday morning and afternoon on the Port Thumster and Upper Rolland schedules.

New Busway Timetables, Effective Tuesday 30th November 2021

A trial with Cooee Busways allows passengers to book directly by phone or online at 4.30pm the day before travel.

Then pick up from safe places along the main bus route and pay for public transport.

Buses North Coast-South regional support manager Mark Lawrence said the Cooee buses had started on January 16 and would be monitored to see how they were being used in the community.

“It’s designed for people who need public transport and don’t own a car or can’t offer an alternative to inconvenient private transport.” he said.

Kennedy Drive, Port Macquarie

“At the end of the day, it’s done by the will of the community and we hope it’s successful.”

Upper Rollands Plains has important locations from Telegraph Point to Port Macquarie, passing Settlement City, Port Macquarie Airport, Telegraph Point Sports and Leisure Club and Upper Rollands Plains Public School.

The Thrumster tour passes through Settlement City, Port Macquarie Base Hospital, Phillip Charlie Drive, Cohen Way and St Joseph’s Regional College.

Travel along Park Street, Oxley Avenue, John Oxley Avenue, Cohen Road, Carly Jane Drive, Main Street and College Drive.

Port Macquarie Breakwall Upgrade

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