Portable Electric Hot Water Heater Shower System

Portable Electric Hot Water Heater Shower System – I am very pleased with the high level of professionalism, knowledge and dedication of the Pandian technician. He was very friendly and kept his work area clean and tidy. Pandian also demonstrated extensive and comprehensive product knowledge. Also CSO Ellaine was very helpful with the different options she presented to me and made it easy for me to know what I wanted. CSO Ellaine was very professional, answered my questions and showed a high level of customer service at all times. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs work done at home because they are very professional and the technicians on site help. CSO.Thanks once again for the wonderful service!- Marc

Very good customer service! Thank you for being so attentive to my needs! Technicians Kumar and Thana were also very punctual and attentive. Thank you so much for the excellent service!

Portable Electric Hot Water Heater Shower System

Hassle free purchase, technician MR Casmir arrived on time and did an excellent job cleaning the place after installing the Ariston heater. I highly recommend Everyworks service 👍😁

V 3800w Home Electric Fast Heating Water Heater Mini Thermostatic Kitchen Bathroom Water Heater With Pump

Great response from Water Heater City when I Whatsapp them for info and even on Sunday. They know how to answer all my questions quickly. Technician Ladi and CSO Crichell were very careful with the installation rather than rushing the job as my house was the last to install. He also makes sure everything is intact before he leaves. Thank you !

Our water heater broke and Water Heater City is very responsive compared to other companies. We had a lot of questions but they answered patiently. They are also quick when you want to arrange a free place for installation. Pandian and CSO Jinky are our technicians during the installation. They are professional, efficient and friendly. Nothing but praise and thumbs up for Water Heater City.

I want to thank the technician for installing my water heater so thoroughly and efficiently. I don’t think there are other technicians like them. Good job!

Great experience, professional, fast, friendly and efficient. Would recommend! They came down and replaced my leaking water heater the next day and did the job very quickly. They also managed to clarify my doubts and concerns. Great job by Pandian and Kevin.

V 3000w Electric Tankless Instant Hot Water Heater+shower Head+hose Kit Bathroom Kitchen Use Instant Hot Water Heater System

The water heater has been leaking for a long time and we needed an immediate replacement. Messaged Water Heater City Singapore on Thursday evening (late) and received feedback and appointment confirmation on Friday. Technicians Mijan and Yeasin arrived on time on Saturday. They were very professional in removing the existing units (ie making sure the rusted screws sat gently on the floor instead of just falling out) and installation. They also explained to me how the pressure relief valve (PRV) works and routed the tube well. Finally no more escape nightmares! Can’t recommend more.

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Quick response and quick action. Faulty water heater replaced. All done within 5 days from the first approach. So far, the new water heater is working well. Thanks to technicians Mijan, Yeasin and Crichell.

Very professional work when they had to replace my water heater. Everything went well from the consultation to the appointment to the actual completion of the work to payment. All in all, I like regular communication through WhatsApp at different stages!

My 6 year old Ariston heater started leaking rusty water about two weeks ago. So I went online to see if the experts could come take a look and fix it. He contacted WHC and advised him to contact their officers on WhatsApp for assistance. After contacting the dealers, they recommended replacing the entire heater instead of repairing it, as repairs do not necessarily guarantee the functionality of the heater. Therefore, the installation time was agreed for Tuesday. Technician Pandian was assigned to this task and arrived 20 minutes early. . It took less than an hour to fix a new heater of the same model. He said the previous one didn’t do a proper job of installing the outer rubber tube to let the condensation out, causing it to leak. Very pleased with your service as you were able to answer the questions I asked. Thank you Mr. Pandian. I’ve been using it for 3 days, so far so good. Recommend WHC to anyone needing to install a heater.

Portable Gas Hot Water Heater System With Pump, Outdoor Shower

Thank you Cora for the great customer service. The service is a pleasant experience. Mijan and Yeasin’s installation was prompt and professional within half an hour. They also helped clean the floor. Good service and recommended.

I appreciated Ladi’s professionalism in the installation of the Joven warehouses. Patient and responsive also handles customer service. Thanks again and I will look at all working services again in the future if needed.

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The first good impression came from the WhatsApp messages: very clear and well-formed replies. It makes me feel that ‘Everyworks’ is an experienced and professional company. My request was to replace the water heater tank, but I was also concerned about the difficulty of doing this since the tank was installed above the drop ceiling. He suspected that the damaged tank could be removed and passed through the cut panel; slightly larger than the diameter of the adult body. The tank was located away from the cut panel. I agreed to a paid inspection visit, where the technician assessed the work and responded that he was confident he could complete the replacement without additional cuts to the roof surfaces. Relief to hear. Technicians Mijan and Yeasin arrived within 5 minutes of the appointment, brought everything needed for the job and completed the installation in 2 hours. Their skills and good teamwork made me very happy with the results. I’m only too happy to offer them a drink before they leave! Try “Everyworks”. Wonder why other contractors haven’t compared their services here. I had a good experience.

I needed someone to install my instant water heater and found this on google. And I have to say I am very impressed, CSO Cora was very responsive and kind to all my queries and immediately offered a same day application as well. Technician Khan was very punctual and professional and even offered advice etc, overall a pleasant experience with them, would highly recommend to anyone looking to attend.

Best Instant And Storage Water Heaters In Singapore To Choose From

Coach Khan was punctual and a very nice man. He clearly explained how to use the shower and heater and answered all my questions. He even checked if the heater and shower height placement was right for me. The heater and shower looks and works well. Thank you!!

Quick response to all my queries. Managed to arrange installation the next day after confirmation. The technician arrived on time. Technician, Mr. Mijan and Mr. Si with professionalism, a lot of experience and efficiency. Excellent service!!! ✌🏻👍🏻

The technician is competent and professional! Whatsapp chats and queries were also answered quickly and satisfactorily. Highly recommended!

Very easy process to install a new Ariston water heater and book an appointment via WhatsApp with CSO Mike. Technician Kumar was punctual and did a very good job with the installation, he was fast and very efficient. The price seems a bit higher than some of the competition, but I think the service makes up for it. Thanks again!

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Best Tankless Water Heater Reviews

When you notice a small leak in the suction valve of the water tank. We were able to contact the business owner for assistance and were impressed with both his professionalism and knowledge of his profession. You won’t go wrong with their excellent services. 👍🏻

Maufaz & Yeasin did a great job installing the water heater. The WhatsApp service was answered quickly and professionally, I recommend their services!

I used Everyworks for the first time and was very pleased with the responsiveness and ease of booking an appointment. I would try them again

Doing the water works was a nice experience. The application was organized quickly and easily. Technician Pandian was professional and experienced. I will not hesitate to contact them again if needed.

Water Heater For Kitchen

CSO Kevin was very helpful and I got answers to my questions right away. They even rescheduled my appointment 3 times with cancellations. Pandia arrived earlier than expected and did a very professional job.

The water heater had to be urgently replaced because the hot water was discolored. It was very easy and convenient. Very responsive on WhatsApp and the contractor, Pandian who came was professional and knowledgeable.

Technician Pandian was very professional in his work. Very impressed with the punctuality and good work.

Fast response and can help solve my heater problem almost immediately. The technician arrived on time (even before the scheduled appointment) and very professional.

Portable Water Heater For A Hot Tub Or Pool

Pandian and his team did a great job from inspection to installation of my water heater. Each step was done systematically, with great teamwork. The roof panel repair is well done and looks like new. Very pleased with the end result 😊

Thanks for the great service! I will call you again if there are any other issues with the water heaters.

The staff was very friendly and did a great job helping me resolve my water heater issue.

I had a water leak and needed urgent help

Water Heater Mazuma

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