Portable Gas Water Heater Camping

Portable Gas Water Heater Camping – Enjoy the outdoors with the Social Hike Outdoor Portable Water Gas Heater. This unit allows you to camp; Camping and other outdoor activities allow access to hot water without ever needing electricity.

For the safety and reliability of the unit; Social Hike Gas Heater meets strict Australian standards. It has received the Global Seal of Approval. AGA approved hose and regulator; Compliant with CE approved automatic ignition. Also, this well-built unit has Australian and New Zealand gas safety approval. The roof or hood of the unit complies with the latest Australian regulations to protect the heater from water ingress.

Portable Gas Water Heater Camping

It’s easy to install and use, it’s lightweight, weighing only 4.8kg, with a folding bag handle design, making it an ideal no-fuss system.

Outdoor Portable Gas Hot Water Shower

Unlike other similar units on the market our unit has a 4.3L 12V water pump. Water flows 6L per minute; The operation of the unit is adjustable seasonal winter or summer mode; Easy with adjustable gas mode and adjustable water flow.

Also, the Heater has an automatic battery operated flame that ignites the flame when the water is running. You can even choose one of the shower flow settings in the shower. When the water flow is stopped at the trigger head. The unit turns on automatically.

Intelligent design for user safety; It will immediately cut off the gas supply if necessary. The unit can detect if there is a flare or if it is turned more than 45 degrees when it is hit hard. Unless the water flow is adequate and the temperature is limited to 50 degrees for your peace of mind it will also shut off.

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The LED backlit display lets you monitor the water temperature and the fire monitor lets you see if the unit is on fire.

Devanti Outdoor Portable Gas Water Heater 8lpm Camping Shower Silver

You can also use this system to easily wash pets and other pets outside without access to hot water. For external use only.

Buy 6L Hot Pump Outdoor Camping Shower Heater Water Heater LPG System. EZ Tankless, Inc. CampChamp is the first CSA certified portable propane tankless water heater in the United States from Contact us with our wholesale inquiry form. The CampChamp comes with everything you need to hook up your garden hose and propane tank and have hot water. There are easy-to-use buttons on the front of the heater; One controls the flow of water; the other controls the gas flow; Our unit is the easiest to use. This unit is designed for temporary outdoor installation. When installed outdoors, ventilation is not required. Most installations take less than 10 minutes.

If you have any questions, call us at (219)369-4781 or email us at [email protected]

“Works much better than our old hot water tank. We use it more regularly than advertised and we’re outside, so we built a little hood to put out the fire when it rains. The water gets really hot and lasts a long time. Even if the fire goes out, all you have to do is turn the water off and turn it back on and it’s hot again. I’m happy with EZ Tankless.”

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San Hima Portable Gas Hot Water Heater System Caravan Outdoor Camping

“After 3 years of building our bathroom, we ended up with hot water. EZ tankless is worth every penny. We are enjoying our bathroom now. You don’t need to use the RV bathroom much either. Thank you!”

“Very impressed with its performance and has lasted about 6 years with occasional use in our cabin in the woods.”

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