Portable Gas Water Heater Shower

Portable Gas Water Heater Shower – Are you planning a trip or camping trip? And you don’t want to miss a really hot shower? Look no further than the Devanti gas water heater to meet your outdoor shower needs.

Easy to install, the water heater can heat up to 480 L of water per hour to your desired temperature setting, which is conveniently shown on the LED display. You don’t have to worry about accidentally burning yourself, because the heater has a built-in processor that sets the maximum water temperature to 50 °C. Along with a host of other great safety features, the variable flow chrome shower head is also designed to automatically turn the burner on or off with a simple on/off trigger.

Portable Gas Water Heater Shower

The gas heater is light and portable with a practical handle and all the necessary fittings for trouble-free installation. Enjoy the open country. And also enjoy hot showers with a Devanti gas water heater. Order yours today.

Camplux Ay132 Gas Hot Water Heater Tankless, Portable Lpg Camping Shower Instant, For Rv, Outdoor Use

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Alva Portable Gas Water Heater

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Devanti Portable Gas Hot Water Heater And Shower

If there is a discrepancy with the address on your order and the product is returned to us, we will charge an RTS fee (if applicable) and a redelivery fee for all returned products. A refund for RTS will be given upon receipt of the item in our warehouse. Designed for outdoor use and easy to install, the gas water heater can heat up to 480 L of water per hour, which is enough for a shower, washing dishes or even cleaning the dog. The water temperature can be easily adjusted and shown on a bright LED display. Even better, the built-in processor prevents the water temperature from exceeding 50°C, preventing accidental burns. Last but not least, the chrome showerhead with variable flow has an automatic on/off that switches the burner on and off.

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You also get a 12-volt pressure pump with your purchase to help remove or collect water in remote locations or while camping without access to a water outlet. The lightweight gas heater has many other good safety features, a practical carrying handle and brackets for easy installation anywhere. Order your Devanti gas water heater today and enjoy beautiful outdoor showers all the time.

Note 2: This portable hot water system is compatible with a 4.3L/min pump which is best for daily use. If you want more water flow, buy another pump with the specification

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