Qv Intensive Body Moisturiser Review

Qv Intensive Body Moisturiser Review – I’ve been looking for a hand cream that can heal dry and damaged skin without further irritation and I think I’ve finally found it in this QV Intensive Body Moisturizer.

My skin is a bit sensitive all year round but it really improves in the dry winter months. Especially the area around my hands where I wash my hands is getting drier than that.

Qv Intensive Body Moisturiser Review

The skin around my hands is dry, cracked, cracked and bleeding in severe cases. This can be very painful and upsetting for me. Especially if the hand cream I use contains ingredients that irritate my skin even more.

Qv Skincare Qv Intensive Body Moisturiser Reviews

I have searched and researched to find skin care brands that create products for sensitive skin without irritating ingredients or unnecessary fragrances.

When this QV brand was recommended to me, I had high expectations and so far they have been rewarded with high quality products.

Apart from this intensive body moisturizer, I also tried QV Moisturizing Cream, for which I have written a full review here.

This intensive body moisturizing formula lives up to its name. It’s very intense. The lotion is thick, close to waxy in texture, reminiscent of dense coconut oil in such a way that it is firm when in the tube but melts on contact with the skin.

Qv Dermcare Eczema Daily Cream With Ceramides (350ml)

After applying this, I have a definite lotion feeling on my hands, but I was expecting how strong the moisturizing formula would be. Even after washing my hands, which I really like in this situation, the feeling lingers. I bought this Intense Moisturizer because I needed intense healing. The fact that this moisturizer stays on my skin for a long time is what I want and need right now.

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I will regularly apply this cream before going to bed and throughout the day as needed. When I first used it, my hands were dry, cracked and bleeding in places. The hand cream I use is sometimes called an intensive product, but after applying it, my skin feels itchy and sore.

After a week of using this QV Intensive Body Moisturizer, I can say that my hands are almost completely healed. I have never used a cream that had such a direct and positive effect on my skin. It is completely non-irritating and does not sting or redden the skin when applied.

I have been using this moisturizer alone on my skin for about a month to get my skin back really healthy and healed. After that month I reduced the use of this cream only before going to bed because it was very intense when applied. However, I liked the formula and the results so much that I bought the same formula in a less intense version for daytime use if needed.

Qv Flare Up Cream & Qv Intensive Body Moisturiser, Beauty & Personal Care, Bath & Body, Body Care On Carousell

This QV Intensive Body Moisturizer totally exceeded my expectations. It does not cause any irritation at all and immediately heals my very dry skin. Within a week, my skin looked almost completely healed and no longer caused any irritation or pain. Since then, I have purchased the less intense version of the cream to keep my skin soft and supple, and I will be buying more from the QV range in the future.

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