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Everyone should learn important first aid skills, especially young people who are often the first responders in emergency situations. Many lives could have been saved if those on the scene had been trained in first aid. This year, World First Aid Day is about teaching first aid to children, teachers and the wider school community.

Red Cross Provide First Aid

Schools should be safe places for children to learn and grow themselves. Unfortunately, he observed, conflict and violence greatly disrupt educational systems around the world. Schools and educational staff are attacked, school buildings are used for military purposes and security problems increase panic in communities.

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It is precisely for these reasons that he launched the Education Access Program. In the year Established in 2017, the program aims to allow children in areas affected by armed conflicts and other violent situations to continue or continue their education.

One of the highlights of the work is first aid training sessions in schools. First aid prepares teachers and children to deal with injuries that may occur in accidents or safety incidents. Students and teachers are excellent first aiders and train their peers around them. They take these skills back to their families and communities.

He interviewed students and teachers who trained first aid trainees around the world. Let’s hear why first aid is so important to them.

“Now I feel safer and more confident. I also carry a small first aid kit everywhere I go.”

Aspire To Inspire: Developing Youth Leaders Of Tomorrow

Kalida Asgarova, a 16-year-old student, wants to become a doctor. She lives in Aghdam, Azerbaijan. In the year At the end of 2020, when the war escalated, her village was attacked. Houses, cars, and the school were destroyed, and the entire community had to evacuate. Kalida lost her father in the violence.

This spring at school, she participated in the first aid training conducted by the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society. An important lesson is that in an emergency, everyone should take care of themselves before helping others.

School buildings demolished in autumn 2020 (left). and the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society provide first aid training as part of the school’s first aid program (right). Carla Hoover

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Since attending the session, Kalida helped a friend who injured his hand with broken glass. She managed to stop the bleeding and bandaged the wound herself. She taught other students who could not attend the session as well as some of the skills she had picked up to her younger relatives.

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Kalida felt that the training sessions were necessary because the teachers and students did not have the right knowledge and performed some techniques incorrectly. For example, before taking the training, she tried to help a student who fainted at school, and in retrospect, she should have reacted differently.

“Before we felt helpless because we didn’t know how to face dangerous situations or what to do if someone gets hurt. Now we understand more. For example, when we hear shots or explosions, the children would run to the windows to see what was happening he is running. Now they throw him on the ground to avoid getting hurt.

Marisela Mujica is the writer and citizenship coordinator of the Jesus Maestro School, part of the “Fe y Alegria” network. The school in Venezuela is located in one of the districts of Caracas. She is part of the leadership team and manages the relationship between the school and the community.

First aid officer Marisela (in red shirt) shows how to bandage a wound (left). Participants learn how to treat cuts, burns, fractures and other accidental injuries with vaccine preparation (right).

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Regular clashes between armed groups and the police and the gangs create great fear and anxiety among community members. Marisela remembers one particularly serious incident in May last year that lasted for several days. The shooting in their neighborhood caused the children and teachers to leave their classes. They could not go back for twenty days.

Since then, Marisela and everyone in the school are afraid that the conflict could happen again. Everyone now knows that these can happen at any time. Marisela explained that they felt in the middle of a war zone listening to the continuous shooting for hours.

The conflict worried everyone. Many people had to flee their homes. Those who could not get out had to hide under their bullet beds.

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The most important thing that Marisela learned from her first aid course was to take care of herself and stay calm to only do what makes you feel safe at the moment. It also explains that some of the first aid techniques you already know are wrong. For example, the treatment of a snake bite. After attending the course, many of her colleagues trained her, so she feels more secure, but she is also more skilled.

From Red Cross Youth Cadet To A Career In Service

Since the sessions, Marisela and her colleagues have suffered minor injuries such as sprains and scratches and even fractures. Some teachers asked the students to present some first aid techniques to their classmates. But most importantly, the teachers were able to teach the children how to behave safely while shooting.

Marisela sincerely wishes for the day when her students can return to school safely after covid-19. She wants to continue to pass on her knowledge to the children, but teach them values ​​related to healthy emotions and coexistence. Marisela paints a picture of our new generation, a playground full of children, playing and running.

“During the training, these children feel that they are loved, and they do not hesitate to express this clearly during the session. At the last training, one of them said that he never thought that a big organization like him could think of him and his friends to be trained because they are considered bandits in their community.

First aid can not only make schools safer, but can also empower children as educators. Unlike Kalida and the other students we spoke to, many children around the world cannot even go to school. This is especially true for children who were part of armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Singapore Red Cross Leverages Digital Technology For First Aid Learning

These children are ostracized by their communities and are shunned by their communities without the opportunity to grow up as ‘normal’ children. They have no school ‘safe space’ and often no homes where they have no opportunity to learn, play, entertain or express themselves.

As an independent organization, it integrates children who have left armed groups in our first aid training sessions. Boys and girls were trained at the BVES Center in Goma and children freed from armed forces and gangs at the Heri-Kwetu Center in Bukavu.

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These sessions give the children a chance to raise their voices and live a normal life back in their community. Because of the constant conflict that terrorizes people, a person with the ability to save lives is more likely to be accepted and assimilated into the community. Children who decide to go back to school can help their friends who are struggling to give first aid as much as possible and teach and share these techniques. In the process, you’ll gain respect, trust, and a sense of pride in saving lives for everyone.

First aid training sessions should be accessible to all without discrimination. Everyone should be able to perform life-saving tasks. It is an essential humanitarian function that enables people to save lives and recover from unexpected injuries or disasters.

Singapore Red Cross’ Upcoming Humanitarian Forum

Children should be able to prevent, identify and avoid dangers in their daily life. They must be aware of road safety rules, dangers at home or school or in their neighborhood and surroundings and how to respond to an emergency, accident or disaster.

They have no school ‘safe space’ and often no homes where they have no opportunity to learn, play, entertain or express themselves.

No matter how different their stories are and the challenges they may face in everyday life, Calida, Marcela, and former child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have shown how it -first aid training can make sense again. of security, confidence and stability to individuals and school communities. They are always carried in themselves.

These activities show the positive impact that intervention can have on vulnerable people and how access to education and first aid programs can bring material changes in the lives of these children despite conflict, violence and marginalization. SINGAPORE, 10 March 2018 – In its continued efforts to demonstrate the importance of first aid in building community resilience, the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) has launched its first mission today.

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