Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer Shades

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer Shades – Not a makeup professional by any means, I just bought this on a whim because I get horrible dark circles under my eyes. I have very pale skin, and even the light shade Ivory was too much…

So I have the Rimmel Concealer in Tone 030 Classic Beige, at first I really like it, because it was the first concealer I used. But it’s too wrinkly and looks incredibly cakey on me….

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer Shades

It was an impulse purchase as it had been highly praised by the beauty community before! I use 010 ivory and I have about an NC25-30 skin tone. It lightens my under eye area very well. Getting Started…

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Wasn’t my favorite. Coverage was light to moderate, and faded after a while. I got my money’s worth but not really something I would buy again. Whitening effect…

I can’t complain because of the price – but you get what you pay for here. The lighter shade is too orangey and dark for anyone with even remotely fair skin. The composition of the product is…

I got it in the lightest shade after all the good reviews I gathered… unfortunately too much to use as a color corrector on my dark circles and too orange to use as a concealer elsewhere. I like how it is…

It gives good coverage but creases and looks a bit cakey. It has a creamy formula that is quite heavy. I prefer a more liquid formula. It took so long to complete, a small bottle…

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Best kind of high I’ve ever tried whether it beats one or not! Not super full coverage, but it covers enough for me. Creamy, last until I take it off at night and it’s cheap!! only one…

I love this concealer, but just for the under eye light effect, I like that it’s not too thick and it’s almost shimmery and light, which I prefer. It costs more…

Easy to use, light to medium coverage, definitely has the advertised glow effect. I have the lightest color (I think?) and it suits me well; It doesn’t oxidize or discolour… Having a good concealer in your makeup bag is essential, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So today I want to show you a great drugstore concealer by Rimmel London. I’m not too pretentious when it comes to this makeup item, because I haven’t always had dark circles under my eyes. However, I need good coverage and a good formula that brightens the under eye area and makes my skin glow.

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Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation|review

After a few hours of sleep, when I’m tired and worn out, all I want to do is take my magic wand and cover my dark circles. So what I love about Wake Me Up Concealer is that it actually delivers the promised “anti-fatigue effect”.

It has a creamy liquid formula, very easy to use and apply and has good coverage. Also, the shade 001 Ivory seems to be a good combination for my skin. It’s a shade or two lighter than my foundation and it blends easily, so it doesn’t look like I’ve got a tan with my sunglasses on – if you know what I mean.

In addition to the under eye area, I usually apply the product to the bridge of the nose, chin, and middle of the forehead (T-zone actually) to cover any redness and brighten the skin.

It looks very natural and fresh, doesn’t feel sticky, has a great consistency and you only need a small amount of product to get good coverage. Also, it has subtle shimmer, but nothing too much, just a little extra to give your skin a radiant glow and highlight.

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I like it better than other concealers I have tried so far. I’ve had some not-so-good experiences with Alverde and Avon concealers in the past, with little to no coverage, so this is great.

However, if too much coverage is what you’re after, it may not be enough. MAC, NARS or any other high end brand has some super high coverage concealers, so maybe you should invest in one of those. But if you’re looking for a great everyday product at a great price, you have nothing to lose if you decide to give Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer a try.

Not so good for covering acne or blemishes. If you have skin problems like acne, you need to work on the problem areas and apply more product, or use a special concealer – which I would recommend.

Also, it cracks a little on my face. I usually set it with a light coat of powder (I try not to use too much, so I don’t dry out the entire area), but it will still crease eventually. It’s not very noticeable and only happens after a few hours, but it’s still something that should be mentioned.

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Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer Reviews In Concealer

Another thing: I love the subtle brightening effect, it really brightens the skin and makes it look so fresh, but not everyone feels the same way about it. So if you want a matte finish, you should probably look elsewhere.

Also, I find that it blends out much better if I apply it with my fingers, or with a beauty blender (or dupe, it doesn’t have to be real). I tried applying it with an Abelin concealer brush and it didn’t blend very well. Maybe it was the brush? I don’t know, but I definitely prefer the beauty blender method.

Would I buy again? maybe yes In short, the price is great, it has great quality and you have 4 options to choose from (Ivory, True Ivory, Classic Beige, Soft Beige).

I paid 30 RON for it from DM Drogerie-Markt, but you can also find it online, at Boots, Ulta or any other store (and hypermarkets).

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Also, I bought it in November and it’s still not dry, it has consistency. And although I use it often, I think I still have enough product to last another month.

Have you tried this concealer before, how does it work for you? Or what is your favorite concealer right now?

Anti Fatigue Concealer Effect Ivory Liquid Concealer Rimmel London Rimmel London Wake Me Up Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer Subtle Brightening Effect Wake Me Up Concealer Review I recently ran out of my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer as well as my Urban Decay Too White to Find Out is A cheaper alternative to the drugstore. I bought Maybelline Better Skin a long time ago from Ulta (I used a shipping company) before it was released in the UK. The UK version looks a bit different (find it here ), so to compare I also bought Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer to see which comes out on top.

I think the best way to make a fair comparison is to break them down into categories and see which fairs are better in each category.

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer

Both have incredibly similar packaging, both have a clear tube so you can see the ingredients and color, and both have a screw cap with doofus applicators.

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Maybelline offers six shades in their Better Skin Concealer range, however Rimmel only offers four that I could find, which is too bad either way, I’d say both offer more shades for all skin types. Should, because I would definitely prefer one. Light shade on both concealers so I can use them more as under eye highlighters.

There is a clear winner for me when it comes to coverage and Maybelline wins it, Rimmel Wake Me Up is pretty much what I need in my concealers. If you’re looking for a spot-on concealer, Wake Me Up might be a good option for you, but if you want to cover dark circles or use it as an under-eye highlight like me, This concealer does not. Do not provide enough coverage. Maybelline Better Skin has a thicker consistency and provides better coverage under my eyes, but I wish I had a lighter shade. I currently have the Light 20 eyeshadow on fairer skin, but they have Ivory 10, which might be a better option for me.

Both concealers work well when applying, the doofus applicators allow for precise application and I always use a damp beauty blender to blend the product under my eyes and they both do it with ease.

Rimmel Lasting Radiance Full Coverage Concealer And Eye Illuminator, Spf 25, 50 Nude (rimmel Wake Me

I have to say that these two concealers last all day on my skin, I’m oily but only in the t-zone so my dark circles don’t feel the effect. Some days I work 10 hours straight and don’t take any makeup with me to touch up during the day, so lasting power is very important to me and these two concealers can last all day over my foundation without any issues. I am currently using YSL Fusion Ink Base.

Personally I can’t see myself

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