Romantic Things To Do In Seattle Wa

Romantic Things To Do In Seattle Wa – Look no further – no more boring indoor date ideas! We’ve covered the best Seattle vacation spots for couples here. Whether you want to kick back and watch a movie or have some action time with your SO, here are the best romantic spots in Seattle.

Seattle CityPass. A while in Seattle? Get a Seattle CityPass. Use this pass to visit Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle Aquarium, Space Needle, Argosy Cruise Port Tours, Museum of Popular Culture, Pacific Science Center, and Chihuly Park and Mirror. 50+ Romantic Things to Do in Seattle for Couples

Romantic Things To Do In Seattle Wa

Movies: In the mood for a movie? Try AMC Pacific 11 or Regal Meridian. For an immersive movie experience, visit one or both of the Pacific Science Center’s IMAX theaters. If you like art house, foreign films, or classics, check out the SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) cinema.

Enchantingly Romantic Getaways Near Seattle, Washington

Art Theatre: Visit any of the theaters below. Visit the Seattle Repertory Theater for a moving performance. Book-Rehearsal Theater is an award-winning theater run by a non-profit organization dedicated to turning great literature into great theater. For a unique piece of theater, try The Chalkboard. If you like ballet or opera, then Pacific Science Center’s Marion Oliver McCaw Hall is where you want to go. ACT Theater is known for its plays that deal with contemporary issues. The 5th Street Theater is a Seattle landmark and one of the most popular theaters for Broadway and other shows. The Paramount Theatre, Moore Theater and Neptune Theater are all operated by the Seattle Theater Group, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the arts. Another good option is the Taproot Theater Company.

Enjoy some laughs at Seattle Comedy Club or Laughter Comedy Club. If you’re dining in the Capital Hills area, take a stroll to Seattle Comedy Club for some after-dinner entertainment. Want to have dinner with your comedian? Try Laughter Comedy Club.

A night of drinking and painting. There are many great places to choose from. Like a place with a funny name? Try BrushCapades. Looking for a cosmic connection? Try the painted universe. Looking for variety and options? Try an uncooked walleye. These fun activities can be arranged in private sessions or in group lessons with other couples. Drink, eat and paint!

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Visit the Woodland Park Zoo. If you love animals, take a trip to Woodland Park Zoo. Pick up a map at the entrance and explore the different areas. There is so much to see here. Make a day of it and grab some food at the food court or take a small cooler and picnic on the lawn. One of the best couple things to do in Seattle.

Best Things To Do After Dinner In Seattle

Visit the Seattle Reservoir and Seattle Waterfront. If you love marine life, take a trip to the Seattle Aquarium. Make a day of it and then visit the boardwalk. Grab a quick and cheap lunch at Ivar’s Fish Bar. For something a little more romantic, have lunch or dinner at Anthony’s Restaurant.

Full tilt ice cream. With four locations around Seattle, you must have one of these amazing ice cream parlors near you. Stop by for ice cream on a summer day. Check out their slot machines and pinball. The music creates the perfect atmosphere to sip some of the Northwest’s finest beer or delicious soft drinks.

Visit a brewery. Just want to visit a brewery in Seattle? Check out Pike Brewery in Pike Place Township. Here are some other great local breweries to try:

Visit a winery or two (or more). Check out Seattle Wine Tours for a great collection of local wine tours. Another great option is a Seattle wine tasting. Sit back and relax as you take out food and wine. Looking for a wine tour? Here’s a list of local wineries you can visit!

The Best Seattle Tours And Things To Do In 2023

The Pink Door This cavernous restaurant on Post Street offers a delicious fusion of seafood and Italian cuisine. This restaurant is Seattle’s favorite for romantic dates.

Corson Building. This is an ideal place for an intimate dinner. Seasonal dishes are served tapas-style with an a la carte menu. Not sure what to get? Order the Prix Fixe and share. A restaurant in a house converted in 1910.

Shaker and Spear. A blend of local ingredients and fresh seafood creates a unique Northwest menu. The 65-year-old restaurant still maintains a spirited and vibrant modernist atmosphere. Its companion restaurant and bar Pennyroyal is another good option.

Barrio Mexican Restaurant and Bar. Enjoy traditional Mexican fare or order one of the many menu items with a modern twist. The subdued yet elegant restaurant offers the perfect intimate and romantic dining experience. With brunch, happy hour and dinner, there’s something for any day. Looking for another delicious Mexican restaurant? Try Pablo and Pablo. Featuring two famous artists, Pablo Picasso and Pablo Neruda (poet and writer), it’s no surprise that this restaurant is a great romantic date.

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Best Things To Do In Seattle, Wa (for 2023)

Spinasse This casual and rustic restaurant serves upscale Italian cuisine in an open kitchen. Sit back, sip your wine (or other beverage) and watch the food come and go. Don’t be afraid to order something because you saw someone else receive it and it looks good. You’re sure to love what you order. All stickers are homemade and fresh!

Single Shot This small 1920s restaurant serves a delicious mix of American favorites, from pulled pork to fried chicken. A great choice for dates, dinner or after-dinner drinks with unique cocktails.

Enjoy a meal at this authentic barbecue. Bright with an open kitchen and spacious room, this small but elegant restaurant is delicious. They give local ingredients a delicious French twist for an upscale dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

Thai Boy If you are a fan of Thai food, this restaurant is a must for a night out. Elegant and beautiful Thai decorations make this place unique. It’s not just a pretty decoration. The food is delicious.

Most Romantic Things To Do In Seattle

Mr. Cinnamon’s Wine & Cocktail Bar. Enjoy an after-dinner cocktail or dinner in the evening. Darcy’s. The subdued and intimate interior is a perfect blend of rustic and antique elegance, making this bar a hit, especially for lovers of classic literature.

Rumba Enjoy a cocktail and some snacks in this 1950s island-style bar. There are over 200 different rums available, and you can ask your server for recommendations.

Canon. Enjoy the atmosphere of the 1920s while sipping 1 of the 4,000 brands available at this bar. Enjoy fun and unique cocktails.

Needle and Thread If you love history, let this unique mansion take you back to the days of prohibition and prohibition. While the food and cocktails are traditional and modern, the decor gives off a retro vibe.

Romantic Places To Eat And Things To Do In Seattle Southside

Storyville. Storyville Coffee has three main locations that you can visit. A warm and cozy wooden cabin is available for all occasions. With a delightful blend of old-world elegance and modern design, these cafes are the perfect coffee break.

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Bakery and Sugar Cafe. Looking for coffee and a snack? Check out the Sugar Bakery and Cafe. Enjoy coffee from a local roastery and fresh delicacies and sandwiches. The modern interior and large open space are perfect for a fun coffee.

Sip House. If you’re looking for a unique drink, this is the place to go. With a love for coffee and tea, they are constantly creating and bringing new drinks. The modern open interior and large windows give Sip House plenty of natural light for customers to enjoy while sipping their delicious drinks.

Victrola Cafe and Art. The modern interior gives off the modern atmosphere of an Italian cafe. Victrola has been roasting its own coffee since 2003, so enjoy freshly roasted and ground coffee with a sweet or buttery roast.

Romantic Getaways You Must Take Your Sweetie In Washington State

Moore Cafeteria. This family cafe serves breakfast and lunch as well as delicious drinks. They are known for milk art, so if you like these miniatures, this is the place to go.

Pike Place Market. Looking for a fun day out that doesn’t cost too much? Walk through Pike Place and down to the waterfront. Enjoy all the sights and sounds, smells and even tastes (some vendors have samples).

A picnic in the park. Seattle has many wonderful parks. At the top of the list are Greenlake Park, Discovery Park, Denny Park, and the Natural Gas Plant. There are many other options. If you’re heading south, check out Puget Park in West Seattle or Seward Park on Lake Washington. Make or take your own tour at home

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