Seaward Primetest 300 Manual

Seaward Primetest 300 Manual – Lightweight battery powered PAT tester with all required Class I and Class II electrical safety tests. Bluetooth technology enables the wireless connection of barcode scanners and label printers, enabling fast and efficient testing and recording of results. The PrimeTest 350 can complete an alternative leakage test, a 250V insulation test (for use when suppressors or other components prevent a 500V insulation test) and a load measurement. During the protective conductor and touch current test, the load is measured and displayed as both power and current measurements. – help meet the requirements of health and safety standards.

Large white backlit graphic display and full alphanumeric keyboard Intuitive and fast user interface with manual and automatic test modes Programmable soft keys for custom test procedures. Rechargeable batteries with a 4-hour charging time via the charging port eliminates dependence on mains voltage, reduces downtime between tests and makes the device practical and portable for use anywhere, spare leakage, checking the electrical wiring of the socket, the current of the protective earthing (PE) conductor, touch current and time RCD shutdown. Memory to store typically 8500 records Download/upload to Seaward PATGuard software (available separately) Large internal memory makes it easy to store test results for safety audit and traceability purposes. In addition to standard electrical safety tests, test records of items such as fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and microwave ovens can be created and maintained. Records can be downloaded to PATGuard Software for full traceability Software tool provided to upload company logos from PC to the tester for inclusion in test tag printing Compatible with: Seaward Test N Tag Elite Bluetooth Printer No. 461-076 Seaward bluetooth barcode scanner order no. 461-098 software Seaward PatGuard stock no. 613-1295, 613-1302, 613-1318 and 613-1346

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Seaward Primetest 300 Manual

The complete kit with savings on optional accessories is available in the PrimeTest 350 PAT solution package now in stock. 461-086

The Primetest Series Of Low Volume Testing Pat Testers

Carrying case, power cable, 1.2 m test cable and alligator clip, IEC test cable, battery charger, 6 LR6 NiMH rechargeable batteries, user manual, tool CD-ROM, RS232 cable to PC, RS232 to USB adapter and 110V socket /230V adapter, 30-day PATGuard evaluation disc. We’ve created this support page to help you get the most out of your PrimeTest portable tester. Whether you need the latest firmware, want to download our PATGuard 3 software, or need help using your device, you’ll find what you need here.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact the distributor you purchased the tester from and they’ll be happy to help.

Register your products today to activate your FREE 24-month warranty and be notified of important firmware updates. Conditions apply.

From time to time we may release new firmware for your PrimeTest Portable Device Tester to fix bugs and introduce new features.

Pat Tester Uni T Ut528 Hand Held Battery Powered

Do you have Seaward PrimeTest Elite? You can update the firmware to the new version of PrimeTest Elite+ and take advantage of the improved functions and features.

PATGuard 3 is the ultimate PAT testing software with health and safety management. It offers fast and comprehensive records management, giving you the ability to record any test or inspection on the job site, create invoices and reports for clients, and more.

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If you already have a serial key or purchased a license card from your local distributor, please download the trial version and use the serial key to unlock the full version of the software.

The QR DATA Viewer app allows duty holders and maintenance managers to read Seaward 2D barcodes on their mobile devices to view detailed data on the latest tests. Equipment test information can be sent directly to an email address, so the duty holder or maintenance manager can alert the appropriate department of items that need attention.

Seaward Apollo 400+ Pat Tester

If you need support with your PrimeTest tester, including how to use it, calibrate it, service it and repair it, contact the distributor from whom you purchased the tester and they will be able to help you. to provide an automated system, or if the user’s requirements are such that manual writing of test labels or logs is acceptable, then a basic tester may be sufficient in these circumstances.

The Seaward range includes the PrimeTest 125 EL basic equipment tester with Class I and Class II and power-on/leakage testing, the PAC3760 DL and PrimeTest PRO equipment testers with Class I, Class II, leakage current test, RCD test and optional 3-phase testing.

Emona also offers an optional PAC-TPL for leak testing of 3-phase equipment and extension cords with the PAC3760 DL and PrimeTest PRO. PAC-TPL offers a safe solution and eliminates the need for less practical methods such as removing appliance plugs and using a clamp meter or using three-phase cable adapters with exposed earth.

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Simply select one of the 3 buttons for Class I Test, Class II Test and Escape. The unit also includes a mains voltage regulator to control the voltage to ensure the safety of the outlet.

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Australia’s most popular and easy-to-use device tester now includes even more useful features, including recording results and an optional label printer.

PrimeTest PRO is an affordable entry-level system for users looking for logging equipment and RCD test systems along with reporting software. Ideal for small to medium-sized organizations or start-up service providers, PrimeTest PRO offers the best value for performance.

The PAC-TPL 3-Phase Leakage Adapter offers Seaward PAC3760 DL users the ability to power 10A, 16A, 20A and 32A devices and perform a leakage current test.

Test results are displayed on the PAC3760 DL with actual measurement and Pass/Fail display.

Seaward Primetest 300 Quick Reference Manual Pdf Download

Diaries are intended for easy recording of test results. Plastic covers for extra protection, have 100 pages to record device details and test results.

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