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This particular product goes by many names. Perforated window film, rear window graphics, one-way vision. What is more important than the name of the product is the functionality. This product is specifically designed to allow viewing from the inside out and not the other way around. However, certain lighting conditions will affect how the product performs. The most useful application is on the rear windows of vehicles. Vehicles are always in ‘low-light’ conditions compared to the outside, so perforated window film or (one-way vision film) works almost perfectly, allowing the driver to drive safely while advertising at the same time.

Signs For Cars Windows

Please note – if we put a single vision on your rear window and you have a rear wiper blade, it will be removed during the installation process and left in your vehicle. It is important that you do not reinstall these wiper blades when there is a one-way view of the rear window. Doing so can cause friction on the single media, which can cause marks or scratches. Reinstalling the wiper blade is an easy task if the single vision is removed at a later time.

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Please note that some slanted/angled rear windows will make it difficult to see through the rear view mirror and vertical rear window. This is due to the content itself, it cannot be avoided at the discretion of the customer. We generally recommend that you do not install one-way vision graphics on windows with corner angles greater than 45 degrees. 1060 2″ High Custom Vinyl Graphics – Cars, Trucks, Boats, Signs, Doors, Windows, Signs & More (Design Your Own Text Decal Stickers) Letters & Numbers

Price: Undefined 1060 Graphics 4″ High Custom Vinyl Lettering (Make Your Own) Car, Truck, Boat, Windshield, Door, Window (Letters & Numbers) Decal Sticker by 1060 Graphics 4.4 USA to Singapore $86 in 5-8 days

Price: Undefined DIY (13 Sizes + 18 Lines + 24 Colors) Custom Vinyl Decal | Car Window Boat Yeti Letters JDM Auto Windshield Graphic Name Letter Car Door Banner Sign Personalized Sticker

Price: Undefined 1060 Graphics 3″ High Custom Vinyl Lettering (Make Your Own) Car, Truck, Window, Decal Sticker by 1060 Graphics 4.5 USA to Singapore $70 in 5-8 days

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Some People ‘risking It All’ To Avoid Car Break Ins As San Francisco, Oakland Report Spike In Crime

Price: Unspecified Business Personalized Poster Description Phone Website Contact Titles Social Name Initials Advertising Banner Vinyl School Decal Windshield Wall and Door. Customizable sizes and colors. via crazy4decals4.5 USA to Singapore 5-8 days 4 lines S$54

Price: Undefined Custom Text Font Name Decal Sticker Tumbler Cups, Laptops, Phones, Boats, Vehicles (Glitter Colors Available) Compatible co4.5 by Eggleston Design USA to Singapore S$30 in 5-8 days

Price: Undefined Your Own Design (19 Sizes + Unlimited Stripes + 35 Colors) Custom Vinyl Lettering Decal Sticker for Car Window, Business Windshield, Boat, Truck, Door, Trailer, Windshield Graphic Banner 8 Days $35

Disclaimer: Above price includes all applicable taxes and fees. The above information is for reference only. Products may run out of stock and delivery estimates are subject to change at any time. Do not verify any claims made in the product description above. For additional information, please contact the manufacturer or customer service. While you make reasonable efforts to only display products that are available in your country, some items may be voided if they are prohibited from being imported into Singapore. For more details, please visit our support page.

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FAQ for 1060 Graphics 2

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Peace Sign Car Decal / Sticker

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Is it safe to buy 1060 Graphics 2 High Quality Custom Vinyl Lettering by Numbers for cars, trucks, boat signs, doors, signs, windows and your own designs?

Yes, it is completely safe to buy 1060 Graphics 2 high quality custom vinyl lettering for cars, trucks, boat signs, doors, signs, windows and more, with a 100% legitimate website operating. 164 countries. Since 2014, customers have been offered a wide range of products and their wishes have been fulfilled. You will find many positive reviews from customers on portals like trustpilot etc. The website uses HTTPS to protect all customer, financial details and online transactions. The company uses the latest technology and upgraded software systems to ensure a fair and secure shopping experience for all customers. Your details are highly secure and the company protects them using encryption and the latest software and technology. Be in front of the customer even if you’re behind the wheel. Find a variety of sizes and adhesives for car windows, including interior and exterior glass options. See details

Do you want to spend as much time as possible on the road? Car window stickers help you increase awareness of your business on the go. Durable and fully customizable, our decals are easy to attach to your vehicle’s rear or side windows. It’s also easy to maintain: once the decal is in place, the weather-resistant, water-resistant vinyl will look great for up to 3 years. We offer a variety of options for car window stickers such as clear or translucent perforated vinyl, recommended for rear windows, or opaque vinyl, which works best on rear windows. Exterior glass (best for tinted windows) or interior glass (best for long-term use) options are also available.

Custom Car Window Decals, Car Window Stickers

Ready to build? Get started by browsing our assortment of fully customizable car window decal designs. (Have your own design? Use our design upload option.) Once you find a design you like, make it your own by adding custom touches and selecting options that work for you. Then, we’ll take care of the rest – professionally print and deliver your order. Your custom design will look crisp, polished and ready to display on your car, truck or van. Will a 1 in 30 sign deter thieves from breaking into your car or truck? That’s what some Reddit users who park their cars on the streets of San Francisco say. (Image used with permission from Reddit user Cyberpatrolunit.) Cyberpatrolunit / Reddit Show more Show less

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2 in 30 is a common sight for many San Franciscans returning to their parked cars. PA Thompson / Getty Images Show more Show less

4 of 30 The National Insurance Crime Bureau collects auto theft statistics for urban areas across the United States and categorizes them in their annual Hotspots Report. Check out the top 10 auto theft hotspots in the US. Show more Show less

8 of 3014. San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara 10, 140 Thefts 512.94 Thefts per 100,000 People San Jose City Show More Show Less

Perforated Window Graphics

20 of 302. Albuquerque, NM 6, 657 thefts per 100,000 people 733.71 thefts Daniel Schoen/Jharlson Cropped from Wikimedia Commons

23 of California’s 30 cities are on the “hotspot” list: 22. Visalia-Porterville 2, 108 burglaries 458.4 burglaries per 100,000 people Johanna COYNES Show more Show less

26 of 3026. Los Angeles Long Beach-Anaheim Area 57247 Thefts 429.14 Thefts per 100,000 Thefts Frederick J. Brown/Getty Images Show more Show less

In San Francisco, where no car parked on the street is free from window-smashing thieves, some people have resorted to posting signs on car windows saying that there are no valuables inside.

Baby On Board Stickers For Cars

Hope, of course, the thief reads the notice and decides: “Huh. There’s no valuables in this car, I guess I’ll break into another one.”

On Tuesday, a Reddit user posted a picture of such a tag and asked, “Do you think it works?” For the Reddit community. live

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