Simpson Washing Machine E11

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Simpson Washing Machine E11

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Any cookies that are not required for the website to function and are specifically used to collect user personal information for analytics, advertising and other embedded content are called non-solicited cookies. The website must obtain your consent before enabling these cookies. An E11 error code on a Hover washing machine indicates a faulty dryer sensor.

If the dryer sensor is damaged or defective, you will use the washer dryer and the clothes will not dry after washing. So unless you’ve read a bit, you’re probably experiencing the E11 error code right now.

Let’s follow our guide and see how easy it is to replace a sensor. From removing the top panel to installing and closing new parts. Repairing your washer dryer allows you to wash and dry your clothes again.

This video shows an example of how to remove or replace a part on a typical machine. Some models may be different, but the procedure should be the same.

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To get started, you’ll need to get inside the machine to find the dryer sensor. To do this, you need to remove the top part of the device.

Start by removing the three screws on the back. After removing the screws, pull the top back about half an inch to allow free lifting. You should now be able to see the dryer sensor.

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Did you know this? Sometimes the problem is not with the sensor, but with the wires that can actually break, especially when there is tension.

In this case, the wire must be fixed, but if you do, make sure that the wire is well supported and not too tight.

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However, if the problem is with the sensor, read on and see how easy it is to replace. With the top of the device out of the way, check and disconnect the electrical connections. Now hold the two screws in place using the bolt driver.

Now we’ve reached the finish line, but before we replace the sensor, it’s important to note that the new sensor does not come with a seal inside. Therefore, the old sensor seal must be removed and the new sensor installed before reinstalling it in the machine.

Remove the old sensor, put the new sensor in place, retighten the screws and don’t forget to reconnect the electrical connector. When everything is finished, you can now re-install the upper panel of the room and wrap it in place.

So a new dryer sensor was installed on the washer dryer. We hope you’ve shown how easy it is to replace a dryer sensor. If you need help diagnosing and repairing your device, don’t forget to check out our other articles in the Help Center.

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You can clean the washer dryer by replacing the sensor. We can recommend top rated dishwasher and washing machine cleaners. The excellent cleaning power of 6 bags helps to protect the internal components of the washer dryer, making it more efficient. Check out our article here to read more.

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A washing machine is an important product in every home. The product that is used in every home occasionally has an error code. You can fix some error codes at home and you need to call a technician to fix some error codes. In this article you will find all error codes for Simpson washing machines and we hope this article will help you a lot. If you found it useful, please share this article.

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The drain pipe is too low. Raise the drain hose or install the siphon brake. See installation instructions for correct location of pipes.

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Balance is off. Open the lid, redistribute the load and close the lid. – Standard legs are not fixed. Straighten your legs to touch the floor. – Clothing is unevenly distributed. Distribute the clothes evenly.

Turn off both wall faucets when water is running on the floor. Wait a few minutes to see if the error is fixed.

The lid cannot be locked (during draining and draining) or opened (after washing). You may need to pause the washing machine by holding the “Start/Pause” button for about 1.2 seconds, pressing the lid briefly, and tapping “Pause/Pause”.

Wait, this crash may fix itself. If not, touch the program selector drain and drain icon, then touch the “Start/Start” button to drain the sink. You may need to tap “Start/Pause” to start streaming.

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Flood error. If water spills into the bowl, turn off the wall faucet and turn off the machine.

Unexpected water loss. Walk forward, turn and press start/pause while water is pouring on the floor. Service may be required.

Pressure sensor failure. Level sensor error. Proceed to SPIN and press Start/Pause to drain water from the bowl.

The PC board confirmed that the rotating bowl was not rotating too fast. Soapy water can be locked. Start the cycle without clothes and allow the machine to finish the cycle and disperse the soapy water. Please reduce the amount of detergent used.

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Soap lock. Start the cycle without clothes and allow the machine to complete the cycle of rinsing and dispersing the soapy water. Reduce the amount of cleaning in the future.

Engine is overheated. Using too much soap will dilute the soapy water. Reduce the amount of cleaning. The engine can cool down and the error will be solved automatically. If the error does not resolve automatically and there is water in the bowl, the machine can cycle to start the pump and empty the bowl.

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Too many bubbles causing engine overheating. Wait for a while to continue washing. In the future, use a smaller washer or use a low foam (front load) washer.

Clutch failure. The machine could not start to wake up. Press the Start/Pause button to see if the device restarts.

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Engine speed (position) sensor failure. The engine cannot run. Proceed to SPIN and press Start/Pause to drain water from the bowl.

• The door is not securely closed. • The device is not connected or the socket has no power. • Main fuse blown. • The program selection dial position is incorrect. • On/off button is not pressed.

• The faucet is blocked. • The suction pipe is an arm or arm. • The filter in the suction pipe is clogged. • The door is not closed properly.

• The drain hose vibrates or vibrates. • A program that ends with water on the drum is selected (45 S 508 D – 45 S 551 D). • One option is selected (45 S 651 D). • The drain filter is clogged.

How To Fix An E11 Error On A Hoover Washer Dryer

• Too much detergent is used or the wrong detergent is used (too much foam). • Check one of the suction hose clamps for the drain. It is not always easy to see when the water is flowing through the pipe. Check for moisture. • Drain pipe is damaged.

• Too little detergent or unsuitable detergent was used. • Stubborn stains are not treated before washing. • Correct temperature is not selected. • Excessive laundry load.

• Shipping bolts and gaskets not removed. • The support legs are not fixed. • Laundry is not evenly distributed on the drum. • There may be too little laundry in the drum.

• The program is still running. • The door lock is not released. • There is water in the drum.

Washing Machine Displays Warning Code Ef0

Because the electronic imbalance detection device is disabled

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