Smart Vending Machines For Sale

Smart Vending Machines For Sale – The new retail robot was developed for self-sales application in stadiums during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The product was designed according to the background of the Winter Olympics to create an intelligent mobile sales product that it works safely and stably in a complex interior. medium and dynamic.

In the scene application, the new mobile retail robot can serve up to 120 items for sale, perform mobile sales work stably, and identify the sales goal of the crowd to independently search for customers, abandoning the past tradition of manual and standing sales. sales The model greatly saves operating costs and reduces labor and material resources in the sales process.

Smart Vending Machines For Sale

1. Autonomous mobile search for customers to improve promotion efficiency Adopting adaptive navigation system and fusion identification algorithm, can open autonomous mobile sales steadily and flexibly in view, and autonomous identification of target users, go to the densely populated area . service. The information on the purchase page is complete, one-stop shopping, and the traditional innovation of human sales and fixed vending models, which greatly improves sales efficiency.

What Products Can Be Sold In A Vending Machine?

Platform-based cloud management, real-time view of the robot’s current view, navigation of terminal sales data and operation information, timely adjustment of sales strategy, adjustment of out-of-stock replacement, to meet sales demands in different situations.

It supports the internationally accepted Chinese, English and French languages ​​to meet the purchasing interaction needs of customers from different countries. It supports multiple payment methods, such as WeChat, Alipay, face, VISA card, etc., to meet the shopping experience of different customers.

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Collect the current scene in real time and identify effective target customers to move to independent selling. It adopts a self-developed DDS adaptive fusion navigation algorithm to support the autonomous movement of large complex dynamic scenes. It incorporates safety sensors such as lidar, ultrasound and infrared anti-collision for flexible obstacle avoidance. It is safe, reliable and stable.

The product has a variety of dynamic and static advertising methods, which can organize and manage the promotion content in real time and quickly, which is convenient for operators to make accurate promotion in use and effectively expand promotion.

Tcn Smart Vending Hot Sale Smart Vending Fridge For Fruits Fresh Products Vegetable Drinks Smart Fridge Vending Machine

Long battery life, a full service to meet 8-10 working hours, support low power, automatic recharging at regular time, intelligent autonomous operation without pilot.

All terminal devices are equipped with unique identification mechanisms through their unique account identification passwords and encryption on key network paths to improve the security of the robot’s information at work.

2 Work guide For execution tasks, promotional material, routes, etc. can be quickly edited according to service needs, after editing, it supports one click to open tasks

3 Stand-alone operation After finishing editing, the device starts the stand-alone sales mode, constantly attracting users’ attention and providing users with “convenient” services.

Activesg Launches Exclusive Merchandise Vending Machines Islandwide

4 Intelligent sales and promotion Support autonomous triggering and manual stimulation of independent sales method. When you work, you can automatically recognize the stage crowds and special request gestures, go to the site for sales and advertising, and sales will automatically execute the previous sales and advertising work.

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5 Automatic charging The device lasts a long time and automatically recharges when it is in a low power state. It supports regular work mode and works independently without manual intervention.

6 Intelligent supply and service cycle When the goods are out of stock, notify the staff in time and return to the replenishment area to wait for the staff to replenish the goods, and return to continue the service work after the supplement is completed. .Platform creates an ecosystem for the sales operating environment and connects all partners in the value network. The smartRx ecosystem brings value to all parties in a given market by attracting more consumers, simplifying operational processes and enabling unlimited flexibility and possibilities in a point-of-sale environment.

With video analytics, the smart vending machine can recommend suitable products to customers based on their demographics, such as gender and age group.

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The adoption of digital signage will generate a new source of advertising revenue for vending operators, capitalizing on the high-traffic location of smart vending machines and interactive payment kiosks. Targeted ads can be shown based on the locations and sales history of smart vending machines and payment kiosks. 3D decoration can also be used to wrap the car to attract more attention and sales.

Accepting cashless payments such as debit/credit cards, mobile payment, Internet payment and so on will give customers a way and indirectly promote more sales apart from encouraging the sale of higher value items.

Multimedia interactivity with a large touch display will attract more attention and be very attractive to potential customers, thus increasing product sales. Customers can view product details and gain confidence in purchasing products as well as non-physical services like tickets, coupons, mobile recharges, etc.

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Buyer authentication achieved through technology such as ID scanning, QR code scanning, biometric scanning, and facial scanning to ensure buyer identity in specific use cases.

Smart Vending Machines Could Be The Next Big Thing For Pop Up Retail In Canada

A versatile, reliable and scalable platform with remote management that uses the latest and greatest technologies to customize and fulfill all your smart selling needs for business growth.

Contact us today to explore business opportunities or learn more about how you can use our smart vending machine to help you grow and operate your business.

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