Smsf Professionals Association Of Australia

Smsf Professionals Association Of Australia – We are an accredited SMSF organization offering Fasea SMSF hours and CPD. is dedicated to providing opportunities for growth, professional development and helping you achieve your professional development (CPD) objectives.

TechHub is an online learning platform to help you expand your SMSF knowledge and gain valuable CPD hours through articles, webinars and accredited websites. Our statistics show that we are also one of the leading education providers in the SMSF space.

Smsf Professionals Association Of Australia

TechHub is an online learning platform to help you expand your SMSF knowledge and gain valuable CPD hours through quality articles, webinars and blogs.

What Does It Cost To Run An Smsf?

TechHub is available free of charge to certification customers and offers at least 10 hours of accredited CPD each year through articles and websites. TechHub subscribers receive a discount on all TechHub CPD+ events, including webinars.

Is committed to providing high standards of SMSF education and being an SMSF Association accredited educator allows us to offer SMSFAssociation and FASEA CPD hours. Our online learning can be measured against the rules of other industry bodies such as Chartered Accountants ANZ, CPA Australia, IPA and others.

Pty Limited ABN 13 009 492 219 (). This is factual information only and is not intended to be financial product advice, tax advice or legal advice and should not be relied upon. The information is general in nature and may omit details that may be important to your specific situation. Although every care has been taken to ensure that the information is correct at the time of publication, payment and tax laws may change from time to time and no liability will be accepted for any loss arising from reliance in such information, including reliance on information that does not exist. current situation Taxes are just one consideration when making financial decisions. We recommend that you seek appropriate professional advice before making any financial decisions.

Web classes provide an online learning experience that gives you hours of CPD. The online class is 90 minutes long and usually includes comprehensive support materials such as case studies, study guides, and reference guides to help you understand the topic. TechHub subscribers receive a discount for all online classes.

Had Enough Of Your Smsf: What Are Your Options?

The price will vary depending on the duration, type and level of training. For inquiries, please email [email protected]

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Mark is an experienced and sought-after presenter, passionate about educating accountants and SMSF practitioners about SMSFs and strategies for making SMSFs a successful part of their business. Thanks Andrew! Nice to have you back as MC for our first big event since early 2020. #NC2022 #smsf

Back in Adelaide for the first time in 2 years, at the beautiful Adelaide Convention Centre, overlooking the historic Adelaide Oval, for the SMSF Association Conference. I have been organizing this event for many years and have seen it become a multi-faceted conference and expo for the self-driving community all the while, despite the Covid issues that have attracted around 1,000 plus attendees. a few hundred online. Thanks to John Maroney and all the team at the SMSF Association for having me back, congratulations on putting on a fantastic and Covid safe event, and a huge thank you to Kate Smith and the professional events team at WALDRONSMITH Management to make it possible safely, despite the speed. which is on its way #NC2022 #smsf #conferences #eventprofs Kellie Howard AFMEA Claire Amor-Haynes

A great start to Day 2 of our Big Tech Summit with Michelle Levy and the best of the best! #TS2022 #SMSF The SMSF group

Can An Smsf Buy Vacant Land In Australia?

All good things must come to an end. It has been an absolute pleasure to work for the SMSF Group as CEO over the past 5 years, weathering the storm of regulatory change and COVID-19 as we once again take on the most important aspects of the SMSF industry. I am very proud of the time I spent with the Group, which was a partnership-building exercise in the financial sector. I am delighted to announce that SMSF has appointed Assistant Vice President Peter Burgess as the new SMSF President from March 2023. Congratulations Peter. After a short break next year, I look forward to exploring new opportunities where I can continue to contribute to improving the wellbeing of all Australians as they prepare for retirement.

The SMSF would like to announce that Vice President/Director of Policy and Education, Peter Burgess, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, effective March 2023. Peter will succeed John Maroney, who has been President of the SMSF since May 2017. We thank John for everything. his contributions and the wealth of knowledge he has brought to the organization and the SMSF sector as a whole. We look forward to seeing John and Peter continue to work together over the coming months to achieve a successful transformation. Read the full press release here:

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In this regulatory environment, Better Advice could act as an opportunity to reset the parameters of advice to enable SMSF trustees to benefit from affordable and accessible professional advice. Find out more about the quality of recommendations review and why it is imperative that government, regulators and industry seize this opportunity in the new article by John Maroney (CEO of the SMSF Association): https://bit .ly/3uW8jlQ, or register for the 2022 Technical Summit to attend the Business Intelligence Summit: #QualityOfAdvice #John Maroney #SMSFAssociation #TS2022 #TechnicalSummit

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of presenting to South Australian STEP members on the suitability of SMSFs, covering recent research on the financial appeal of SMSFs with large annuities and some issues related to cognitive decline of retired seniors.

Our Managing Director

Thanks for sharing Vivi Chen. Estate planning is more important now than ever as we see the number of SMSFs continue to grow. You can read my full article on how to avoid disaster for your beneficiaries on the SMSF Group website:

Did you know that a poor SMSF plan will leave less money for your loved ones? We call it the ‘Priceless Parting Gift’🎁: A well-thought-out estate plan will make life easier for each of your beneficiaries. For more information, read the latest article by John Maroney, CEO of the SMSF Group. #estateplanning #SMSF #retirement #retirementplanning #gifting #intergenerationalwealth #wealthtransfer

On behalf of SMSF, I congratulate the hon. MP Anthony Albanese in his election victory, became the 31st Prime Minister of Australia. As leaders in the SMSF sector, we look forward to working closely with the Albanian Government to ensure that the SMSF sector remains a successful part of the support system that provides retirement income to the more than 1.1 million Australians who use SMSFs . We believe that every Australian has the right to a healthy retirement and the right to control their own destiny. The SMSF sector has at its core the value of opportunity and ambition. We look forward to working with you and the Albanian Government to improve the grants and SMSF sector for all Australians. #Elections 2022

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SMSF hosted a great #NationalConference here in Adelaide last week. We’re excited to be able to mingle, network and see our SMSF team members face to face, all while enjoying what Adelaide has to offer! A special thanks to everyone involved in making this national event possible! #NC2022

Tax Professional Association

The SMSF team were delighted to host another hugely successful national event last week! We saw almost 1000 SMSF professionals from across Australia come together to generate and share ideas, listen to SMSF technical sessions, reconnect at networking events and in the live showroom and access 47 hours of CPD . ! From the SMSF Group team, thanks for joining us and we look forward to seeing you next year in Melbourne! #NC2022

Should be a great panel after our morning warm up session with the other panel members! #NC2022 #SMSFATeam #SMSF

Looking for a reason to register for our 2022 Summit? Well, here it is! Panellists Philip Anderson, Marisa Broome CFP®, Simon G., Vicki Stylianou and John Maroney will discuss the need to reduce complexity and achieve meaningful reform when it comes to SMSF decisions and simplify regulatory obligations. Register for the conference today before you miss out: #NC2022 #SMSFAssociation #SMSF #Superannuation #Adelaide #AdelaideConventionCentre As we celebrate our 20th year, the SMSF Association is bringing together the industry luminaries to work together. connection Join us for two and a half days in Melbourne as we share the latest industry news and learnings, as well as dynamic discussions and insights. With access to this dynamic community, hivemind’s approach to collective knowledge sharing ensures that our members are stronger together.

This national event, we want to celebrate the quality of financial advice. No matter where you are in your SMSF or financial services career, we want to welcome you to the hive!

Smsf Service Provider Awards 2019

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