Snake Deterrent Solar Powered

Snake Deterrent Solar Powered – Package Size 2 Packages (Small House) 4 Packages (Medium House) 10 Packages (Small Glass) 20 Packages (Agriculture)

Our product range is specially designed and tested extensively in Australia’s harsh conditions, to ensure they not only work – they last.

Snake Deterrent Solar Powered

Offers the strongest, most effective, reliable solar snake repellent to protect you from deadly snakes. Winpest Solar Powered Snake Repellent For Yard, Snake Away Repellent Safe For Dogs, Get Rid Of Snakes Snake Gone

8 out of 10 snakebites occur when people try to pick them up, frighten them, bend over them, or accidentally step on them. Holding a snake is the safest way.

Over the past decade, thousands of consumers have installed repellers and successfully repel snakes from the ground.

Solar snake repellent is made to be the highest and strongest snake repellent ever. Designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions, this solar snake charmer is effective up to 40 meters in diameter – meaning you need less, and you’ll keep snakes away.

Snake repellents have been specially developed over the years to be highly effective against nasty Australian snakes. Most snake killers on the market use inexpensive components, which produce annoying noise and – worse – are unreliable, causing injury or death to the user.

Sonic Guard Solar Snake Repeller With Led Light

The most effective thing about repellents is that they change in unexpected ways – ensuring that the snake is uncomfortable. This is different from other repellents, in that the snake can learn to ignore it for several months.

The repeller has been designed from the ground up to be effective at deterring snakes, as well as durable in harsh Australian conditions. This means that we have paid special attention to every detail – up to and including the solar panels.

The solar snake repeller consists of a single slanted panel, which increases its efficiency and durability. We don’t just want to sell fire extinguishers; we really care that they continue to work permanently.

Snake Repeller is specially designed for Australian conditions to keep snakes out of your yard. The repeller is a long device, inserted about 15cm into the ground. They produce vibrations in the ground. Ground-dwelling snakes sense these vibrations through their nervous system (snakes don’t have ears!) and they leave.

Snake Deterrents In Australia For Home And Gardens

The variable vibration motor technology makes full use of the snake’s hearing system to prevent them from injuring them. Vibration frequency change

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Prevents snakes from getting used to vibration, and saves you from having to move the repeller every two months. The motorized snake trimmers vibrate silently indicating that they are working with a flashing LED light on the top of the solar head. The unique design of the snake repellent allows for a quieter and stronger vibration without disturbing you or your neighbors. It’s really about the vibe!

In open ground with hard soil, they can be placed up to 40 meters. In soft soils, shrubby and rocky areas, this distance should be reduced. Between 2 and 4 repellers should cover most suburban blocks. It is very useful to place an extra one near the cage, aviary, chook run, restaurant, etc.

If you want to build a fence, simply measure the circumference and divide by 40 to calculate how much you need.

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Patios, walkways, driveways etc so you may need to use more repellers to work in these areas. There should always be a horizontal line for perimeter use, allowing larger blocks to place the repeller on either side.

For best performance, the Silent Solar Snake Repeller requires approximately 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day. In wet weather, the charge will last up to 10 days.

Battery powered snake repellent is perfect for all those shady spots. They run on four D cell batteries that last between 6 and 8 months (generally, snake life) and can be easily replaced.

“Since we installed Repeller 10 before summer started, we haven’t seen a snake in our yard.”

Gardeon Snake Repeller 12x Multi Pulse Ultrasonic Solar Powered Pest R

“Haven’t seen a snake since keeping four. They don’t make much noise. There are a lot of snakes around us.nGood!nBill”

So far our neighbors have 5 carpet pythons and we don’t, so I’m sure the Solar Snake Repelker actually works. They emit vibrations that shake the earth around them. When snakes perceive vibrations as a source of danger, most snakes will choose to avoid collisions. (Same principle as noisy pedestrians to scare off snakes.)

Our customers say they work well. We encourage you to read the hundreds of customer reviews of this product at the bottom of this page.

We are so confident in the performance of our products, we have a special guarantee (see menu at the top of the page). You can install and test the product. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, we will gladly refund your money!

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Dupashio 4 Pack Solar Mole Repellent Ultrasonic Snake Repellent Waterproof Outdoor Groundhog Repeller Solar Powered Sonic Gopher

Note: A snake that is agitated and reacts with a fight or flight response may not always respond to the handler’s actions.

To quickly protect the area around your home, one charm in each corner may be enough to provide an overlapping vibe between neighboring charms. The best coverage is when the snake repellent is away from the wall, say 5m.

Any property protection can also be implemented by building a barrier around the fence. The distance between spells is no more than 25m.

If you have snakes coming from a trail, for example, an adjacent lawn, you can install a snake repellent on that border. The countermeasures will be directed under most of the fences, keeping snakes away from your home.

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Soil Type: Maximum distance 25m for most soils, but for sandy soil or very fine rocky soil, this distance should be reduced to 10m.

Solids: If you have a walkway, you’ll need a double-sided magnet because vibrations don’t pass through solid objects on the ground. It applies to concrete, asphalt, gravel, pavers, etc.

Multi-story floors: You need snake escape on both levels of the staircase as the vibrations will not transfer between levels.

Cracked floors: If the floor is dry and cracked, you’ll need insulation on both sides because vibrations don’t travel through the cracks.

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This can be done. If you already have snakes living in your garden, you should consider getting them professionally exterminated before installing a culling. (Try searching for: snake catcher, snake remover or snake donor). Another strategy is to place the escapes in the middle, say around the perimeter of the house, then each week move them further away until they are all moved to your border.

Repeated exposure to vibration can reduce inhibition. In psychology this is called desensitization. In practice, this rarely happens as the snake leaves the area. However, be careful not to accidentally entangle snakes in protected areas. For example, suppose a client has a snake under the plinth of his house. He placed an amulet at the entrance of the hole to repel the snake. The snake didn’t come out for several weeks, clearly feeling trapped, but eventually gave in to the fear and the spell passed. The correct placement is to wait for the snake to come out of the hole and then attach the amulet before the snake returns.

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Snakes work for most of the snakes that roam the earth. Pythons moving from trees to aviaries will not be stopped. Likewise, the wood snake will not be affected. Young snakes can react negatively. does not recommend the use of drugs against the species Acanthophis antarcticus (Ordinary Death Aid). Unlike other snakes that tend to avoid human activity, the Death Adder’s ambush hunting style means it tends to stay hidden. (Reference: Wikipedia – Acanthophis).

To explain this behavior, we need to understand the psychology of how products work and a concept in psychology called the “fight or flight response” (see Wikipedia). When a snake walks through the environment and begins to see vibrations, it chooses not to go there. It might be dangerous, snakes don’t know. Is there any urgency in the snake’s mind? Not necessarily. If the snake accidentally wanders into a protected area, it may change direction without you knowing where it is. However, when you see the snake moving fast, chances are that it has seen you and has chosen to leave quickly. This is a natural “flight response”. Does it detect repellents too? Do not have to; The spell emits pulse vibrations every 30 to 60 seconds. Between pulses you feel nothing. This would explain the snake’s poor choice.

Snake Repeller Set Of 12 Solar Led Pulse Plus Ultrasonic Pest Rodent R

Pay close attention to how the snake moves to that place. Remember that spells will not affect snakes that move in certain difficult places, e.g. concrete, pavers, bitumen, etc. For example, a customer calls the technical department for assistance. Robbery spells were placed all over the courtyard, but then a snake found its way to the back door.

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