Solar Powered Water Pump For Irrigation

Solar Powered Water Pump For Irrigation – Farmers know that sunlight makes their crops grow Now, many are discovering that it is also essential to provide another key agricultural input: fresh water Witness the rapid adoption of irrigation using decentralized renewable energy In late 2015, Bangladesh announced a goal to support 1,250 solar water pumps by 2018 to reduce the $900 million spent annually on 1 million tons of diesel fuel to fuel its irrigation system. Algeria now has 300 MW of solar water pumping capacity, and solar irrigation is helping Syrian farmers cope with electricity shortages in the devastating civil conflict. Irrigation is very important for development There are 500 acres of farmers around the world for which a good supply of water is important, not least this year because the drought from El Niño threatens 100 million people in Africa, Asia and South America.

Opportunities abound According to Samir Ibrahim, CEO of Sunculture, sub-Saharan Africa has 60% of uncultivated land in the world and the lowest production of any region in the world. Less than 6% of agricultural land in sub-Saharan Africa is under irrigation, compared to 20% in the rest of the world. Solar-powered irrigation allows farmers to switch from expensive, heavy and polluting diesel-powered water pumps to sustainable, renewable energy. It provides a continuous supply of water to support production during the dry season, with significant benefits on nutrition and household income.

Solar Powered Water Pump For Irrigation

Organizations such as a social enterprise operating in East Africa also go a step further by helping small business owners with new business opportunities as it builds networks of farmers – who can now increase production higher and more reliably throughout the year – they are also able to connect them to local and international markets. After seeing the positive relationship between solar irrigation and smallholders entering the formal economy, mobile phone payments allow making it easier for farmers to purchase the rrp $650 system (pay in installments) and build a good credit history.

A Portable Solar Powered Solution To Irrigate Fields

Solar irrigation can also have a positive impact on gender equality. Women in Africa and Asia make up 10% of the agricultural workforce, but they have less access to credit and formal banks, which can be improved by a credit history brought from pay to pay -as-you-go solar water pump. Savings in time and effort were also seen in an irrigation project supported by a solar electric light fund supporting women’s farming groups in rural Benin. It is the traditional role of women to fetch water by hand, often from long distances

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With more than 300,000 off-grid wind pumps operating in South Africa alone, wind, hydro and biomass are providing huge benefits for agriculture and irrigation.

The link between energy, water, food, security and development is obvious Clean again, decentralized renewables can play a major role in creating new economic opportunities, and bring water and food to millions of people.

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A Little Help Transforms Farming In Two West Bengal Villages

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A Review Of Various Components Of Solar Water‐pumping System: Configuration, Characteristics, And Performance

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Solar Irrigation Systems

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