Solar Snake Repellent Australia

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For added protection, save 33% when you buy a 3-pack for a limited time! Tired of pestering snakes and rodents in your yard? If so, claim your property and get rid of the pesky insects with Sun Snake Repellent.

Solar Snake Repellent Australia

I didn’t realize we could hear the vibration like this, but it’s not unfortunate. Unfortunately, we think we might scare off some of the birds, but happier dogs are safer.

Snake Deterrents In Australia For Home And Gardens

I put four devices in my garden to prevent bugs. I’ve had the occasional snake, but haven’t had one since installing the product. Living in Far North Queensland means high temperatures, humidity and tropical rains, but the equipment takes it to extremes.

The Solar Snake Repeller works by sending ultrasonic sound and vibrations up to 650 square feet, creating a chaotic environment for pests and keeping them away from your yard and garden. It is ecologically safe and eliminates the need for poisons and traps.

The Solan Snake Repeller uses a cost-effective and internally rechargeable Ni-MH solar battery that can hold a charge for up to 7 days during non-sunrise periods.

For best data, it is recommended to install two units 30 meters apart. So when you buy 2 Sun Snakes, you get a third for free!

Sonic Guard Solar Snake Repeller With Led Light

1. Select a spot (drill a test hole if necessary) and gently place the aluminum tube on the ground.

2. Clamp the power cords (they only fit on one side) and firmly attach the top panel to the aluminum tube.

3. Your Sun Snake Repeller is now ready to use! Simply remove and reinstall with lawn maintenance. Your payment information is processed securely. We do not store credit card details or collect credit card information.

Protect your family, your precious dogs and other pets from accidental encounters with snakes during the warmer months of the year.

Snakeprotex Extreme Gaiters

Snakes on your property are naturally attracted to natural leaf material, tall grass, and other spots that provide camouflage. This can make them difficult to find, so sometimes just knowing they might be around isn’t enough. For example, there can be serious consequences for a curious dog, especially if it is a natural predatory breed, getting too close to a hidden snake.

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That’s where Slither Away Snake Repellers come in – these are the most effective products on the market for keeping snakes away from your home. Protect your residence, garden camper, vehicle, nursery/tiny house, garden, deck and more.

Amphibians don’t have eardrums, so they “hear” the vibrations from their jaws to the ground. The Slither Away Snake Repeller works by creating a vibration strong enough to signal to snakes that they sense the movements of a large animal nearby.

Since snakes want to avoid confrontation with larger animals in the first place, snake repellants will immediately move the rattlesnake away from protected areas for you.

Sureguard Premium Solar Powered Snake Repellant

Unlike other snake repellers on the market that use only one frequency vibration, Slither Away Ultrasonic Snake Repellers use variable frequencies. Easy to use, solar powered devices do this by changing how often they emit vibrations. This is important because the changing frequencies prevent snakes from tuning into a vibration (which they perceive as non-threatening and encourage them to leave).

The Slither Away Snake Repeller has a 40 meter snake protection zone and is 100% waterproof, ultrasonic and solar powered. This means Slither Away will be running all year round and under the Australian sun. Equipped with solar panels and a battery system, make sure the Slither Avaay Snake Repeller will work around the clock to protect your home.

To get the most out of your fence protectors and effectively protect your property, we recommend the following:

If you already have snakes in your garden, roof, or anywhere else on your property, get them professionally removed first. This helps avoid the snake’s “fight, flight or freeze” response.

Vermitrap Set Of 6 Ultrasonic Solar Powered Snake Repellent

If you place an obstacle next to the Snila, they can either move towards repels or freeze in “combat” mode.

The most common reaction is for the snake to freeze because it doesn’t know where to go when it feels the new vibrations.

If you have a “frozen” snake inside, you haven’t effectively kept them off your property. Therefore, it is best to safely remove all snakes before placing repellants.

If you have a driveway or driveway made of concrete, pavers, or other hard materials, snakes will use it to enter your property.

Lambu 4/6/8x Snake Repeller Rat Mouse Trap Pest Led Solar Powered Repellent

Ultrasonic waves cannot pass through these hard surfaces, so you will need to carefully examine the placement of the device.

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Avoid sensitivity by preventing incoming snakes from leaving the area you want to protect, but consider having existing snakes professionally exterminated first.

Lands work on many snakes that move above ground. The device will not work if it is on a damaged tree or roof.

Keep the grass short and avoid large piles (wrought metal, wood, etc.) that snakes can use to hide.

Buy 5km Solar Power Electric Fence Energiser Charger Online In Australia

Make sure your shelter is covered, children’s sandboxes are covered, and remove anything that attracts rodents (snakes are predators).

House and block sizes are different for everyone. Depending on space, you may need to use more than 2 snake repellents and purchase 4, 6 or 8 packs.

Map your property and all roads, paths, structures, and hard surfaces so you can find the best places to avoid property damage.

Soil types: If the soil is sandy or has fine stones, preventers should be at a distance of 10 m.

Bainbridge Snake Repeller

Atolls and driveways: If you have driveways made of concrete, gravel, potholes, bitumen, or other hard materials, the repellent will not work through it effectively. Both sides will need repulsion to effectively contain the scum.

Multi-level: If you have a multi-level property, you will need snake guards on each level to prevent vibrations from passing between them.

Protect your home immediately: Depending on the size of your property, a barrier placed at each corner may be sufficient. You want to ensure a consistent vibration between the preventives.

Keeping the snake away from walls works best because it covers a larger area.

Snake Safety & Awareness Info

Protect All Your Assets: Building a barrier in your security line is key to protecting all your assets. Ideally, don’t leave more than 25 meters of cleaning agents.

One-way protection: If insects are coming from only one direction, i.e. neighboring meadows, place barriers on that border.

Yes, our snake guards work. Unfortunately, there are snake repellents on the market that have a single vibration frequency that snakes can get used to. Our ultrasonic snake repellers use alternating frequencies and are effective in keeping snakes at bay.

It takes a long exposure to the vibrations to become sensitive, and the only way to do that is if the snake is trapped in a barrier barrier.

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Australias #1 Selling Bird Deterrents & Pest Control Systems

Make sure all snakes are removed from the area before you tackle the infestation and you’ll avoid this problem.

Our dedicated staff work on many of the above-ground snakes. , A juvenile snake can react badly to ultrasonic vibrations.

Ultrasonic waves will not pass through concrete, holes, bricks, bitumen or gravel, and their range will be reduced if the surface soil is loose, rocky, sandy or cracked.

Mapping your property is important. Repellents should be installed on each side of a road, highway or large structure to provide fire protection.

Slither Away Snake Repeller

Think about where you’re going to place your transmitters, and if it’s like the examples above, move the transmitters closer together to increase your protection.

*Please note that due to the heavy nature of this product, it is unfortunately excluded from the free shipping offer on orders over $49.00.

EDog Australia offers a 30-day money-back guarantee* and a 12-month limited warranty on all products we sell.

EDog Australia offers a 30-day money-back guarantee* and a 12-month limited warranty on all our products! Follow the instructions below:

Outback Power Solar Multi Pulse Snake Repeller

*If you change your mind, you can return any product purchased from us within 30 days of the date of purchase for a refund, exchange or credit of equivalent value. Exchanges must be in new and resaleable condition with proof of purchase and original packaging.

Customers are responsible for all shipping costs associated with returning merchandise for a refund, credit, or exchange in this case.

All our products come with non-removable warranties in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a refund or exchange for a product delivered to your door with major fault/damage. Shipping of returned items will be at eDog Australia Pty Ltd’s expense.

We will need to receive your item in its original packaging to begin the return process. This means we can return it to the original supplier or manufacturer. This processing time may take longer

Gardeon Snake Repeller 12x Solar Powered Snake Repellers Pest Repellen

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