Stratco Colorbond Roofing Prices

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Stratco Colorbond Roofing Prices

Roofing and Wall Cladding Your architectural dreams come to life with a majestic roofing masterpiece. The art of roofing and steel walls

Stratco Pavilion Patios

Make your new home stand out or update an existing home with quality roofing, walls and siding from. Whether your home is modern or traditional, there’s a roof profile or wall cladding to complement your theme.

Choose from a full range of roofing and wall colors to match any mood or environment, from heritage hues to modern and dramatic hues. Dress up your home or business with a wide variety of roof profiles to suit any application (check with your state for availability).

Make your architectural dreams come true and be inspired by the possibilities, with a piece of steel roofing or wall art.

Available in zinc/al or colored finish, roofs, walls and coatings resistant to chipping and corrosion for years. The continuous steel roofing sheets can be securely fastened to form a valuable barrier against fire and sparks, driving rain and forced entry to the roof by thieves. Unlike other cladding materials, steel sheets are lightweight and easy to install, saving construction costs. When installed correctly with adequate insulation, steel cladding is thermally efficient; Cools quickly in the summer and maintains heat in the winter, thus saving on energy costs.

Steeline Is A Trusted Team Of Australian Owned Metal Roofing And Steel Building Product Specialists

The liner is made from high tensile steel plate and is available in a range of thicknesses including 0.35mm, 0.42mm and 0.48mm. The cladding is produced in long, continuous sheets in the exact lengths required. This ensures it is weather tight without unsightly end caps in the middle of the roof All roof profiles benefit from deckless side wipes which minimize the risk of moisture transfer between sheets due to capillary action.

Corrugated steel can come to life with new shapes created by nosing or curvature. A bolanus involves a straight length of sheet metal with a curved edge and is commonly found in traditional homes. Curvature involves a concave or convex curve across the entire sheet. Curvature allows you to expand your architectural possibilities. Can roll anything from full semi-circles to soft curved arcs to your exact needs.

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Can supply all accessories to complete your curved creation, from wall profiles and flashings to hip bars and curved gutters.

Performed extensive testing on selected roof and wall profiles to ensure they meet the stringent standards required for cyclonic rated roof and wall cladding.

Why Now Is The Best Time To Purchase A Stratco Patio?

CGI Corrugated, Prodek, Smartspan, Superdek and Maxiribare are certified for use in C and D cyclone zones. They have been tested to the low-high-low pressure test requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Click here for more details on cyclone coating.

Complete the package with an impressive range of roofing accessories designed to complement your roof and your home. Add the final touch with ridge covers, valley gutter and flashing. provide ventilation with a turbine fan and louvered vents; The natural way to generate heat from your home.

A wide range of gutter profiles, gutters and steel edging are available in styles to suit both modern and traditional homes. Enhance your home by mixing and matching the color of your roof and accessories to blend or create a bold and dramatic contrast. Custom rain heads and special metal accessories can also be produced.

The durability, safety and longevity that steel roofing and walls provide make it one of the best options on the market. Whether your home is modern or traditional, there is a style to complement your theme. Below are some of the profiles offered:

Corrugated .42mm Bmt Cobblestone

CGI Corrugated is very durable, adaptable and easy to handle and install. It is a practical and versatile coating solution for roofs, walls and fences.

CGI Corrugated is made of high tensile steel for added strength and impact resistance. It is available in longer lengths for longer life and improved appearance. It has a side lap without a deck which reduces the risk of moisture transfer between the sheets due to capillary action, thus reducing the risk of roof leakage. CGI Corrugated is available in unpainted zinc/al and in a wide variety of pre-painted colors.

The Cooldek roof features a polystyrene core permanently attached to an easy-to-clean colored steel bottom and a colored steel top.

The insulating properties of Cooldek reduce the heat of the top side on hot days, which significantly increases the level of comfort under the roof. It also reduces noise from heavy rain and helps keep the interior of your home cool, reducing energy costs and your carbon footprint.

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Maxirib .42mm Bmt Topside Colour Smooth Cream

The versatile Cooldek roof is suitable for a variety of uses. The smooth underside is perfect for outdoor patios and can be used as roof and wall cladding for residential and commercial projects.

With more options and added functionality, the deeper, rounder and well-designed Maximus corrugated profile now offers the ultimate solution and fit for all steel roofing and wall applications. This corrugated profile is available in two profile depths; Maximus 22 and Maximus 33 in unpainted zinc/al, plus an attractive range of pre-painted colors.

Maximus roofing is made of high-tensile steel, for strength and impact resistance, and offers maximum versatility, strength and reliability. With the stronger Maximus profile, not only does it offer state-of-the-art technology and product quality, it now has an expanded line of corrugated roofing products, providing character, style and a durable look for all residential and commercial applications.

“I had excellent service from Brandt. I was looking for new roofing sheets and accessories. She had excellent product knowledge and was very helpful in finding suitable products for my home. I am so pleased with the quality and the result.”

Curved Patios, Curved Roof Patio Melbourne

“Dave was very helpful in discussing the different pergola roof options and offering a plan and cost. His follow-up work was also excellent. I was very impressed with the variety of roofs and I am very pleased with the end result.”

“He is our umbrella supplier. Being a large company with many different projects, the staff always give me exceptional service. All the staff are very knowledgeable and able to ensure that my order meets my deadline and always go above and beyond to meet my requirements for various orders. Highly recommend quality products And excellent service. “On this product metal waves have a timeless appeal. High-quality corrugated steel roofing, wall cladding and fences are available in long sheet lengths and in a wide variety of colors.

CGI Corrugated has the advantage of high strength, adaptability and easy handling and installation. It is a practical and versatile coating solution for roofs, walls and fences.

CGI Corrugated is made of high tensile steel for added strength and impact resistance. It is available in longer lengths for longer life and improved appearance. It has a side lap without a deck which reduces the risk of moisture transfer between the sheets due to capillary action, thus reducing the risk of roof leakage. CGI Corrugated is available in unpainted zinc/al and in a wide variety of pre-painted colors.

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Corrugated .42mm Bmt Smooth Cream

For lengths over 1.2 metres, CGI corrugated liner is laminated to the specific length you require, provided adequate transport and handling facilities can be arranged. If lengths longer than ten meters are required, consult your nearest supplier for advice on handling and transport.

To give your roof a professional finish, painted self-drilling screws are available. offer a full range of accessories and flashes for use with CGI sheets and can provide professional advice on specific flashes. In addition to straight CGI sheets, pre-curved or rounded CGI sheets are available.

CGI cladding has a coverage of 762mm and the minimum recommended pitch for the roof is five degrees (1 in 12). CGI roofing is subject to thermal expansion. Darker colors are more affected than light, and curved leaves in the spring require extra attention. The maximum length before a joint is necessary The extension is 24 meters for light colors and 16 meters for dark colors.For curved spring sheets, this distance is 20 meters for light colors and 16 meters for dark colors.

CGI corrugated roofing can be spring curved using purlins at a maximum spacing of 800mm for 0.42mm BMT and 1000mm for 0.48mm BMT. The curve must have a minimum radius of 12m for a 0.42mm BMT and 10m for a 0.48mm BMT. The maximum radius is 35 m to allow adequate drainage on a ridge. Side laps must be sealed wherever the roof slope is less than the recommended minimum.

Hiland Tray Standing Seam Roofing And Cladding

Sheets are available cut to size, allowing you to minimize waste and enhance your design options. Corrugated CGI coating is available in unpainted Zn/Al and in an attractive range of pre-painted colors. Subject to delivery location, quantity and availability of materials, delivery is usually within 48 hours or at an agreed time that fits your construction schedule. Unless otherwise stated, a maximum of one ton is generally applied to larger packages.

Arrangements for unloading the truck are your responsibility

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