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Tag Townsville Auto Group – Protektiv HYDRO surface coating is made from a high-performance formula that combines silicon carbide (SiC) and ceramic, which provides great durability, hardness and a glossy finish over time. Protektiv HYDRO turns vehicle surfaces into a super hydrophobic coating that provides an extremely repellent vehicle finish.

Protektiv HYDRO surface coating is produced with silicon carbide (SiC) and silicon dioxide (SiO2). Together, this provides the additional ‘hardness and polish’ that creates a transparent ceramic finish with glass-making properties. When applied, the cage-like structure creates a bonding process to become part of the vehicle surface and the molecules of the silica core framework provide high rigidity and thermal stability.

Tag Townsville Auto Group

As the most durable protection product on the market, Protektiv HYDRO is 4 times harder than quartz protectors. On the globally accepted Mohs hardness scale, Protektiv HYDRO is rated 9 out of 10, giving it a hardness rating unmatched by other products available on the market today. This allows us to provide a lifetime warranty* against environmental factors; So you can experience performance for a lifetime.

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The engineered combination of high-grade raw materials from a global source that are the world leaders in coating technology has passed and been approved by the strict BOEING D6-17487 specification. Protektiv HYDRO’s superior product standards add an extra layer of toughness on top of the auto factory clear coat and allow new vehicle surfaces to continue to shine year after year, for life*.

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Protektiv HYDRO outperforms other paint coatings and has passed rigorous durability tests. The coating has high abrasion resistance, meaning it does not break down due to weathering, dirt and road grime. The glass-like properties combined with the curing process create super hardness and strong hydrophobic repellency. This rejection means water sheets and rolls off the surface to keep cars looking cleaner for longer. Silicon carbide is also used to create stability at very high temperatures.

To measure the strength of Protektiv HYDRO, the internationally accepted Mohs hardness scale was applied, which compares the scratch resistance of ten reference minerals. Protektiv Hydro is rated 9 out of 10 rated 4 times harder than quartz based surface protection products. This translates into a highly wear-resistant coating. It is a one-time coating and does not need to be reapplied for the lifetime of the vehicle ownership. The coating is also tested to make sure it won’t damage the car’s paint.

Protektiv HYDRO’s formula has cross-copolymer properties, resulting in better durability and liquid repellency. This new generation of fluoropolymer creates exceptional resistance to liquids – and is therefore hydrophobic. It is a single fiber sealer for a permanent coating suitable for all interior surfaces.

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The brand new technology in Protektiv HYDRO means all interior surfaces can be protected with one never-before-seen formula for precision coverage. The interior protection areas include: seats and headrests, door and sill trims, dashboard, center console area, carpet areas and rear trunk and/or trunk.

External protection protects against oxidation and fading from the weather and loss of shine, tree sap and fallen leaves, etching in water, and insect splash and damage from bird and bat droppings. In addition, damages caused by: water marks, sunscreen, acid rain, train dust.

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Protektiv HYDRO is like any other paint coating. Water sheets and rolls off the surface, collects dirt and grime and reduces calcified water marks and stains. The exceptional water repellency (which does not diminish with time) is what makes the Protektiv HYDRO unbeatable.

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