The 3 Explorers Motel

The 3 Explorers Motel – 3 Explorers Motel is a quality boutique style motel with multiple spa suites located in the beautiful Blue Mountains World Heritage Site, within five minutes of the main feature of Blue…

3 Explorers Motel is a quality boutique-style motel with multiple spa suites located in the beautiful Blue Mountains World Heritage Site, an easy five-minute walk from the Blue Mountains’ main feature, the Three Sisters rock formations. Other nearby attractions include Scenic World and Katoomba Night Walk.

The 3 Explorers Motel

The family room is furnished with one queen-size bed and two single beds, with a full-suite bathroom. Spa suites are available with one large bedroom with a queen bed, a private bedroom with two single beds and an en-suite bathroom with a full-sized double corner bedroom. Twin rooms for three guests and double rooms with brown beds are also available.

Three Explorers Motel, Katoomba

Pure joy when you wake up at sunrise. Be surprised when you reach the snow peak. Feel the adventure when you drive on the red square. Refreshing relaxation as you wade through alpine streams. Contact when you taste the fragrant original leaves. A sense of ownership when you return to your favorite vacation home. Freedom when you hit the waves. Discover the sense of infinity that a visit to NSW can inspire.

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Destination NSW recognizes and respects Aboriginal people as the first people and nation of the state and recognizes Aboriginal people as the traditional owners and occupiers of the lands and waters of New South Wales.

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