The Atrium Gold Coast

The Atrium Gold Coast – For more than three decades, Atrium Bar at The Star Gold Coast has been a popular spot for fun nights on the city’s dance floor, and now the popular spot is getting a new location.

The Star announced big plans for the bar, which many locals have built with them over the years.

The Atrium Gold Coast

The current Atrium Bar, which has been part of The Star Gold Coast’s assets since opening as a piano bar in 1986, will close in mid-July and the new Atrium Bar will open in late August.

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With a new design that is bright, striking, bright colors, a comfortable lounge suitable for watching shows. Classic and fun cocktails and a dance floor with glass balls. A refreshing party atmosphere will be provided by the transformation of the Atrium bar.

During its 35-year history, Atrium Bar has become the host of many stories and the creator of many old memories. Most notable is the undeniable talent for playing Cupid. There is a bar that evokes countless stories of love, relationships and marriages.

It’s these stories and Atrium Bar’s relationship with bringing people together at The Star Gold Coast that promises to make its way through the newly renovated venue. At the same time, add a little more color and spice to the new space.

After 35 incredible and unforgettable years in its current position, The Star opens an exciting new chapter that will honor entertainment. Playful, synonymous with the Atrium Bar brand.

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Melbourne Cup At Atrium Bar

The new Atrium Bar will feature a dedicated live music venue. which promises to make party goers feel celebrated and alive at every opportunity. Live DJs from Thursday to Sunday play 100 of the most popular hits, classics and epic mashups.

Like the original bar, the new Atrium bar will be the perfect place for after-work drinks, birthday parties, meeting friends, girls’ and boys’ nights. and with special parties planned throughout the year, there will always be a place to meet new friends and potential new partners and dance the night away

Bar Atrium will reopen in its new location at the end of August from 4pm to 7 nights a week. with live performances Thursday – Sunday Click here for more information on The Star Gold Coast The Star Gold Coast Atrium BarClient | The Star Entertainment GroupTYPE | Decorator | Hospitality status | COMPLETED (2021) at | Gold Coast, QLD

Fun, fresh and colorful with a retro-luxe vibe, the new Atrium Bar is a fun and lively destination that combines a unique bar with a twist.

New Atrium Bar Launch At The Star Gold Coast

The design intent for Plus Architecture is to rethink the existing atrium strip and provide a solid connection to the Gaming Floor and public access from the elevator lobby and The Darling entrance.

The design is derived from three key elements: form and organic curves. A time of discovery and play of light Inspired by the endless summer lifestyle of the Gold Coast. Fun, excitement and fun are tailored to create a show-like feel. Entering the bar is like looking through rose-colored glasses. Forget your worries and be free. The retro-luxury atmosphere is inspired by the nostalgic feeling of visiting the Gold Coast. This is the place to vacation, sunbathe, surf. and a fun time

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“This is a complex conclusion. both challenging and inspiring. Our team is empowered by the dichotomy of presentation and loves to explore new ideas. We don’t follow trends, we define them, and that’s what The Star is all about. The Star creates exciting, fresh experiences that will stay in our memories forever.” Danny Juric Plus, director

The project with an area of ​​576 m2 retains most of the area of ​​the bar. By introducing a large arch that opens into the Gaming Lounge to make a statement and bring people to the bar.

Gold Coast Resort Gallery

The influence of the seductive charm of disco is evident with its organically curved form. Luxurious materials such as brass mesh have more playful elements, such as curved seats in colorful pink and turquoise cushions. A large dance floor with a DJ booth creates a focal point under a beautiful arched brass mesh curtain. With customized LED strips and disco balls.

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