The Bridge Sbs Series 2

The Bridge Sbs Series 2 – Our favorite Porsche-driving Nordic detective is back, but how will Malmö’s finest handle the unconventional approach to police work without Martin?

SPOILER WARNING: This is for those watching The Bridge on BBC4 Speed ​​Don’t read on if you haven’t seen episodes one and two of series three – and if you have, don’t post spoilers.

The Bridge Sbs Series 2

Welcome to The Bridge-Three Series Blogs Every Saturday night I’ll be rehashing a double bill and trying to keep up with Saga Sleuth and anyone crying – maybe in partnership.

London’s Great Bridges Lighting The Thames

First off, can I just say how much I miss this show How does it manage to simultaneously be bland enough to make Lear’s Heath scene look like a massive LOL and yet somehow, when those opening credits roll, be as comforting as a bowl of butternut squash?

As of the last series, Martin is a former colleague who killed Janes who killed his son in the first episode; Saga bought a pair of matching leather trousers and an army green coat, or kept it in a suspiciously good nick; Hans and Lillian fall in love and get married (did anyone else think they looked like they were hitting it off at the case closure party in episode nine last season?); And Malmö’s top cop, John, entered the code from the Matrix.

As we’ve come to expect, the series goes straight into deep political territory, this time focusing on LGBT rights and the gender debate. We begin with a serious staged murder. The victim: Hale Anker, a lesbian who founded the first gender-neutral school in Denmark. The killer seems to be motivated by a pious belief in the sanctity of the nuclear family. But we don’t know if this is the real thing or if the writers are taking us back to the first series of Dead End like the previous series. Recall how earlier in the season, Jane’s (aka Truth Terrorist) mission to shed light on social issues quickly fell apart, revealing her true motivation to get revenge on Chicken Martin.

Martin’s loss pertains to these first two episodes, as it will for the rest of the series. As you’ll recall, last season ended on an almost unbearable emotional note, with Saga standing in the rain, calling Martin a stickler for the rules, even through loyalty to his only friend – and Martin was dragged away. The back of a police car, the look of a harpoon whale in his eyes

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File:sbs Transit Volvo B9tl Weg2 (sbs3004x) On Service 80.jpg

Everyone will surely be wondering how the show will go without Martin’s Lacy to Cagney saga – Hans is demanding and who is Martin sure to understand him? And so, these first two episodes are partly about Saga trying to come to terms with her new Danish partner as she loses her ex, irretrievably.

The first murder may have taken place in Sweden, but the victim is Danish and lives in Copenhagen, making Lillian Hanne deliberately against her will. Unlike Martin, Hanne doesn’t mind a little rule – is that a Danish thing? He certainly portrays high education and political correctness as Sweden’s virtues, exclaiming at the mention of gender-neutral schools.

It’s a sad scene when Saga tries to make the kind of small talk that Martin encourages – “Do you have any words?”, “What family relationship are you in?” – Let’s just say that it is a difficult working relationship

Is there anything to say to Hana to move it to another day, or do we take it for granted that it’s “just you and me”? I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Morten yet despite the bloody gore in the trailer

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I don’t know what this guy is going to do, for God’s sake I spent the entire first episode wondering if he was going to show up as a suspect, and wondering how (and why) the woman in his life – his wife?! – keeps up with him, only to appear as his new partner His bed-hopping antics make Martin look like a saint, when he pops the wake-up pills he keeps in a sandwich bag in the glove compartment. He also goes to a very scandalous singles night at a museum, picks up women and goes home and tells his wife (?) about it. Confusing

And what’s the deal with him wanting to partner with Saga, when Hanne (and probably the Danish police) are trying to avoid him? Why does she want to be near him? It was a smart move not to cancel the reservation at the murdered priest’s restaurant instead of calling Saga But you have to give it to him, he was in front of Saga when he saw the coffee ring in Hans’s ransom video in Alexander’s newspaper. I, for one, am impressed if he can actually “map” an area and keep a firm eye on it. And I have to say, he had great responses to Saga’s endearingly socially inept ways: “Aren’t you confusing me with a friend from 20 years ago?” and “Thanks, Wikipedia!” Beloved

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An awful lot, actually, considering we’re only two episodes in. For all its dark, bleached-out shots of Scandi cityscapes, one of the great things about this show is that the pacing would keep even Jack Bauer on his toes.

Anker and Fabin Christensen, the first Danish priests to perform same-sex marriages, were killed. Both are murders

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Lys Fries Andersen is a hate blogger who learns the hard way about her daughter being bullied at school and goes to Teli to defend her freedom of expression against her bully-inciting views. Naming both murder victims on his blog, it seems a coincidence that both Stickies disappeared soon after, though he is genuinely surprised to hear that Fabian was killed.

Lisa’s husband Lars is the CEO of the transport company where Helle was killed. As Saga points out, it was a deliberate move – the murder could easily have been carried out at the “body dump”. But is this just a fairly obvious attempt to underline the Liege connections? Or should we really doubt Lars? His distaste for the murders on his premises and his disregard for security make me think there’s nothing here we don’t know. A scarf tucked into a coat doubles me over

Morten, Helle’s son from her first marriage, is suspected – at least of his mother’s murder. Suffering from PTSD after serving in Afghanistan, he lives in a harem living in a trailer. It would be nice to know what those numbers are on his fridge, although it’s unlikely that he will. And when he says he “didn’t touch it,” does he mean just his mom, or the woman his brigade accused of traveling to Helmand? And when his mom told his wife that “someone else” touched him, did his words “not her” sound a little strange? You wouldn’t just say “I didn’t do it”, if you didn’t know much about it?

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Lies and Lars have a cleaner, Rickard, who seems very nice, happy to work on their marigolds. But the water still runs deep We know it wears theater covers

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, while feeding her pets snakes and tantoulas We also learn that she likes to “borrow” Lisa’s necklace – she’s so happy when she relaxes in it. Does he adore her and want to impress her by killing people she doesn’t like? A little obvious for Bridges, maybe, but if ever there was a classic creepy murder suspect, this is your guy.

A man named Alexander was released from prison and could not find the money. He thinks his ex-boyfriend stole him, and maybe he’s right, he stole his ex-partner. This subplot is introduced when Alexander kidnaps Hans (who blackmails him into hunting others). Things go from bad to worse for Hans when Alexander is shot by an unknown assailant (Saga and Henrik are unable to find him), meaning he falls into the hands of (what can we assume?) the master chloroforming assassin.

We also learn that something is going on with Alexander’s ex-boyfriend, who lives in a hideous white bungalow and wears baby blue polo shirts and v-neck sweaters. Where did the money he stole from Alexander come from anyway? And will this subplot now be woven into the main path like Alexander/Hans?

Let me know what you made of these first two episodes in the comments section The Bridge (complete Series 1 & 2)

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