The Great Divide Motor Inn Toowoomba

The Great Divide Motor Inn Toowoomba – If you’re looking for Toowoomba, you can’t go past the Great Divide Motor Inn. Whether for business or leisure, our excellent location close to the city, makes for a comfortable stay in Toowoomba. Also, Redwood National Park is not far if you like parks on a grand scale.

The Great Divide Motor Inn offers Toowoomba bed and breakfast accommodation close to downtown. If you want an early start, we can provide a breakfast. It’s a better way to hit the road, hold a meeting or set up a vacation. Otherwise, there is a Woolworths down the street, about two blocks south. It’s close enough to walk.

The Great Divide Motor Inn Toowoomba

Grand Central Mall is a ten minute drive away if you want to shop at Coles Supermarket. If you like movies in the evening, there is also a local multiplex. If you’re under 20 we have free TV channels and movies on demand too.

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No matter the size of your group, we have accommodations for business travelers and couples with our standard rooms and queens and kings; And families will love our private two-bedroom apartment.

If you are planning a wedding, Japanese gardens are perfect at any time of the year. Spring weddings provide the best setting with lilac flowers hanging from the Wisteria Pergola, but you don’t have to have a wedding to enjoy this garden. The Japanese garden of the university is located on the north side of the campus and consists of more than three. Hectares. This is one of Australia’s largest Japanese Gardens with over two hundred Japanese and Australian plants and trees around Central Lake. This is a wonderful place for garden lovers and enthusiasts.

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This Toowoomba hotel, The Great Divide Motor Inn, will provide you with a comfortable stay in Toowoomba close to the city. What could be easier?

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