The Happiness Project Kikki K

The Happiness Project Kikki K – As seen in previous posts (e.g. here) and for anyone who knows a little about me, I love all things loose and structured and I especially love the brand kikki.K. In the post above I mentioned their goal book, the Wellbeing Journal and gratitude book that I love and use as part of my Happiness Project. I liked kikki.K once a few months ago so I was already on their mailing list – a member if you will – and happened to receive a nice email about the new “Organisk” website and a $10 coupon.

Well, I couldn’t resist, so I picked it up at my kikki.K store and instead of spending just $10 to get 10 vouchers, I bought almost all of them. Everything happened

The Happiness Project Kikki K

My original plan was to just buy a 3-pack of unlined notebooks as I was given as a gift last year – but in the Botaniska range – and I absolutely love them, I use them for everyone. The Daily Notes card is “Eleanor” – it has separate sections for Today, Top 3 Priority, Appointments, To-Do List, Drink Water, Dinner, Tomorrow and “Thank You”. I really enjoy this thing, almost all the posts I take every day but put together on one beautiful page! I also found a nice note cube built into the pen holder – and, of course, I got a matching pen. It’s great to leave a note for my boyfriend to wash the dishes or type quickly while on the phone. And finally something I’ve wanted to see for a long time, a weekly meal planner. This is very useful for preparing healthy meals and helping to do the weekly shopping without wasting time um-ing and ah-ing at the supermarket.

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Hello. Last shopping. This is from someone who can’t justify spending $20 on top when they need to upgrade their clothes – I’m happy to spend on kikki.K. Hmm, my priorities are mixed up? Well, organization!

By Gretchen Rubin, I bought several copies for my close family and friends to read in hopes that they would get as much out of it as I did. Today, I met one of my best and dearest friends for the first day of “Project Happiness”. We discussed what we wanted to accomplish this year with our own version of Rubin’s Happiness Project and our possible monthly theme and resolutions we would try to follow each month. We all agree that January will be a month of focus and planning as well as a fresh start to set new resolutions and goals for the year and the next eleven months.

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With kikki.K. As a result, their excellent workbooks, newsletters and stations have been an important factor in the development of the Happiness Project. This probably sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it? Let me explain. They have a series of notebooks, divided into sections designed to help you organize your thoughts about your personal development.

I am using their goal book, Wellbeing Journal and Gratitude book to develop my Happiness Project and I think they will be useful tools in tracking my progress in the Year of Happiness.

Kikki.k Crafting Woodland Paper Lover’s Book, Pale Pink, 1 (11216001): Greeting Cards:

The goal book is divided into Personal Development, Family & Relationships, Finance & Career, Health & Wellness and Dare to Dream with pages to record the steps needed to achieve each specific goal as well as a mind map for your perfect life. ‘ and the challenges of working to achieve your goals.

Wellbeing Journal includes sections for Body, Mind, Cycles and Journal with dedicated pages to help you set goals related to food, exercise, sleep, personal time, positive thinking, stress reduction, recovery time, well-being, environment . our planet.

The Gratitude Journal is a very simple and easy-to-use list of pages to write down three things you are grateful for each day. I think it is very important to take time to reflect on what you are grateful for in your life, but also to express it through your actions. This book is also great because it contains 10 postcards that you can send to people to express your gratitude.

So, these are the tools I will use to create and monitor my happiness project. In my next post I will explain my goals for the month of January and share my conclusions.

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Inspiration From Our Kikki.k Planner Community

Applesauce beach beauty breakfast books breville juice plus buttercream frosting challenge chocolate christmas clean cookies baked cookies squirrel cake david eagleman detox DIY DIY exercise fitness fondant fresh juice fruit gift goals healthy home gift ice cream icing inspiration juice juice cleanse juicer kikki k igikoniid mantra mint mocha spices muesli nike + gps association photo pineapple Production recipe recipes solutions to follow the rules of life using running scrub stick of the day power subjunctive happiness project time leadership tips mudder exercise vegetable view watermelon exercise World e-everything, my love affair with paper continues. It’s not often that we open new stores in London so when I saw the interior of the ‘upcoming’ kikki K store in Covent Garden before Christmas I was amazed. Yes I see above for paper tools.

Although new to London, kikki K was founded in Australia in 2001 by Swedish expatriate Kristina ‘Kikki’ Karlsson. From one boutique in Melbourne, there are now 80 stores in the Antipodes, Hong Kong and Singapore. Everything designed in-house takes comfort in the principles of Swedish style.

Not one but two shops in London are a hop and a skip away. A pop-up near the Royal Opera House and the London flagship opposite Covent Garden station. I had a mess all over the paper shops/temples.

The light, the air, the calmness of the store. The current collection is mainly a palette of mouth-watering Art Deco pastel shades or water color inspired.

Anatomy Of A Perfect Planner

There is a focus on psychology and different lifestyles to make sure everything is in its place and add a nice touch to the mundane as well as the ‘inspirational’. There are more planners, planners, bulletin boards, motivational messages, gratitude journals than you can shake a stick at. We’re talking Get Ish Together.

Kikki k, 5-6 St James Street, London WC2E 8BH; kikki k pop-up, 8 Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8HD We’re so inspired by the incredible creativity and creativity we’ve seen from a tough year, especially from our home kikki.K community, which continues to inspire us the power and means to plan and remain connected to the unknown. While adding color and spreading happiness to the community.

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To share a little of this inspiration, we thought we’d take a look with our inspiring kikki. Planner Lovers to see how they plan and coordinate today, and ask how they’re managing this unprecedented year. Here’s what they had to say‚Ķ

By September, I had actually settled into my new business. In My Planner, I keep track of my schedule and all the big projects at my 9-5 job, and I use another section for my small business notebooks – you never know where inspiration will hit you, so I like to have B6 paper handy. The grid format helps me focus my thoughts and I find myself better able to prioritize and organize the different parts of my life.

Gartner Studios Aquarius Astrology Casebound Flex Journal Set, 5.75×8.125, 96 Sheets

Although in many ways it was a lonely time, in some ways I felt very full. A group of our planning friends in Melbourne have started a weekly video group, where we get together and plan or work or just talk about videos and keep in touch. We have about 25 people working together at any one time, from all over Australia and our fellow US programmers working together regularly. I actually had a birthday and spent the afternoon with my friends planning a video program that went well that evening. As we say in the community, ‘friends in the faith make good friends’, and I am happy to have such a group of people in my life, especially at this time.

Question | What has your favorite kikki.K helped you prepare (or just entertain you!) during the pandemic? A|

I love kikki.K things are Organizers. I love to organize and have done a lot in the past months. I love the paper, vellum and acetate, as well as my photos

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