Three Panel Sliding Shower Door

Three Panel Sliding Shower Door – Sliding Door Style – Two Panel – Sliding Door (Center) and 2 x Side Panels (Both Sides) Chrome Mounted

The height of the shower screen is 2000 mm. The size of the door can be adjusted within a certain size range.

Three Panel Sliding Shower Door

Please select a size range before purchasing. The dimension is the distance between the narrowest point between two tile walls between 1390mm and 2390mm

Ultimate Guide To Frameless Showers Australia

The package includes the door panel. 2 x Side panels and fittings. Fittings include roller door fittings. Bar brackets. Wall brackets. Structure. Drain the water from the floor. Aluminum pieces.

The price ranges from $350 to $450 depending on the area. Deposit required for shipping at time of purchase. the balance due to the installer after installation. The price does not include the removal of the shower screen.

WILL THIS BE YOUR STYLE? WE CAN OFFER A MEASUREMENT AND INQUIRY SERVICE. The goal is to provide an efficient way to install your shower using as many standard panels as possible. Save Time and Money by using all custom panels instead of charging you thousands

Upgrade D uses only the highest quality equipment installed by the industry’s leading tradesmen. All shower screen fittings (excluding glass panels) have a 3 year replacement warranty. Shower screen installation skills are provided by the installer. ? Please note that due to the nature of glass, our warranty does not cover glass breakage or scratches. * If not enough. All attention is paid to the plumbing behind the walls and tiles. We cannot be responsible for these factors as the circumstances are unknown. we have no control. may damage the new installation. ? Finally. please note that the movement in the walls is not normal. We stand by our warranty on workmanship and materials. We cannot cover labor costs incurred due to movements in your walls. Usually the call charge will be used in this case to rearrange your hinge to match the new form. ? *Note: Due to the nature of glass and the tempering process, there is a defect that may occur in the glass panel. for unknown reasons. broken and cracked. This is a rare condition, but we are required by law to inform you of this issue?? Consumer Warranty?? ? C?? Out of warranty? As the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission points out: ?? You are aware of the defects before purchasing the product. This product and your prior knowledge fall under this warranty category.

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All our products. , and we will replace it without further delay.

We have a lifetime warranty on some items, and parts on all of our items (such as bathroom vanities, bathroom vanities, bathtubs, and bathroom vanities) are offered with a 10-year limited warranty. However, you are more than welcome to purchase the part by calling us @ 0397 992 464 but please ensure that the part number is readily available as shown in the instruction manuals.

Frameless Sliding Shower Doors From My Shower Door

All goods declared defective will be inspected by the manufacturer and if the goods are found to be free of defects or the defect is caused by damage or abuse, this will void the warranty and the goods will be returned to you cost and no refunds or exchanges. will be offered.

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