Tours From Tokyo To Kyoto

Tours From Tokyo To Kyoto – Hello Japan. Immerse yourself effectively in Japanese culture with temples, sushi, shopping in Tokyo and crazy samurai culture in Kanazawa. Get Tina Turner in Hiroshima, Geishas to spy, and Osaka karaoke bar in Kyoto’s Gion District. Whatever happens, at the end of this journey, you’ll sip like an expert.

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Tours From Tokyo To Kyoto

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Kyoto Day Trip From Tokyo: Complete Guide With Best Tour Options

Due to current restrictions, the flight will not depart until at least October 2022. See our Travel Warnings page for more information.

With travelers arriving from all over the world, there were no events scheduled for the first day. The committee meeting will be held today at 6 pm.

At night, your leader will take you on a walking tour around one of Tokyo’s most famous centers to introduce you to Tokyo. Join your captain and new travel companions for an optional first dinner party!

Tokyo is a dynamic and modern hub, and a thriving capital of the ancient land. As high-tech gadgets and neon lights play an essential role in the lives of people immersed in tradition, contrasts are everywhere.

Japan Tours 2022/2023

Please note that travelers have several options to choose from on this trip to make the most of your free time. Although we have provided approximate prices for some of the most popular activities of all time, they do not include costs to get to or from the attractions. Public transportation in Japan is economical, efficient and not only a great way to get around, but a great way to get to the local!

This itinerary is far from being a comprehensive, hand-held excursion, so enjoy the freedom and indulge in some raw fish!

Meals included Meals are not included on this day. Check out our exclusive Tokyo guide here: https:///adventures/our-guide-to-the-perfect-day-in-tokyo/

See one of the world’s busiest intersections at Shibuya Station and visit the iconic Hachiko faithful dog statue. Next, we visit the Tepachica food court in our stomachs, where vendors sell everything from bento boxes for lunch to formal gifts and everyday groceries. Grab a picnic lunch (optional) as we head to Yoyogi Park, home to many of Japan’s first Olympics events.

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Kyoto To Tokyo: The Fastest And Cheapest Transport Options

Then we visit the Meiji Jingu Shrine. Enter through the grand torii gate, and the serene forest is replaced by the sights and sounds of the bustling city. We continue our journey with a visit to Harajuku, the home of quirky youth pop culture.

If you are a cat lover, visit Kotokoji Cat Temple! The maneki neko (calling cat) is known for its good fortune and prosperity not only in Japan but throughout Asia. Revisit your childhood for a magical day spent at Tokyo Disney or DisneySea theme parks (tickets can be purchased at JR ticket counters and online convenience stores). Or join the group for one last night in Tokyo and enjoy the Robot Café in Shinjuku! You can watch a 3-hour show filled with neon lights, lasers, robots, video screens, and dancers.

This morning we speed through central Japan on the express train to Kanazawa. The city is best known for its 17th-century gardens, Kenroku-en. Kanazawa is also known as the home of the samurai – it has beautifully preserved samurai and geisha areas, historical temples, and wonderful markets. After checking into the hotel, we can explore Kenroku-en Garden and Kanazawa Castle Park. Entrance to the castle is free but there is an entrance fee of JPY 310 for the gardens. A one-day bus ticket in Kanazawa will cost you around 500JPY. Tonight is a free evening to roam the streets and indulge in Kanazawa’s izakaya and its famous seafood.

Meals included Meals are not included on this day. Special info See our guide to Kanazawa here: https:/// adventures/ why-kanazawa-is-japans-best-keep-secret/

What Is The Best Way To Do 1 Day Trip To Kyoto From Tokyo?

Explore Kanazawa on foot on a walking tour of the Higashi Saya area. Get lost among the geisha in the alleys and enjoy the traditional saya houses known locally as venues for traditions, banquets and entertainment. Enjoy a traditional tea party at one of the local tea houses, and if you prefer tea, spend the afternoon exploring on your own. Everything in Japan is easily accessible, so you’ll be doing a bit of walking, so be sure to bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

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Take a train today through the Japanese Alps to Kyoto, Japan’s imperial capital and one of the country’s most beautiful cities. With over 2,000 temples, shrines, and gardens, Kyoto is a great place to get lost – so get out and take a walk the streets and enjoy the great atmosphere at your leisure. Kyoto has an excellent bus network that connects all of its major locations, so take a bus.

Visit the large, gilded Kingaku-ji Temple northwest of Kyoto, or visit Nijō Castle, a feudal-era castle famous for its “nightingale platforms” designed to warn people of approaching ninjas. In the evening, join your guide for a walking tour of Kyoto’s famous Gion district, which is the heart of the city’s geisha culture. This is where pure kiko (the Kyoto name for a geisha) entertains private customers in its small street cafés.

Meals included Meals are not included on this day. Special info Check out our Kyoto guide here: https://adventures/what-to-do-in-kyoto/

Japan Summer Tour

Join your captain this morning for a walk through the wooded hills of Mount Inari, home to the Shinto temple “Fox” and the atmospheric red torii gates, Japan’s coolest sight and a must-see for enthusiastic photographers. Afternoons are free to explore, and your leader can give you recommendations on what to see and how to get there. This is your last night in Kyoto, so wander the Nishiki food market in the heart of the city to learn about Kyo-ryori (“Kyoto cuisine”), or Kyoto’s famous kyo-ryori. A true Japanese tradition, hit the karaoke bar and show off your cool tubes.

Another great way to explore Kyoto is to ride a bike. You can rent bikes and helmets from one of the many bike shops in town, which usually cost around 1000JPY per day.

About two hours by bullet train from Kyoto, Hiroshima is a bustling city with a tragic history. Once here, your commander will take you to the Peace Garden and the ruins of the Atomic Bomb Dome, one of 11 semi-existing buildings commemorating the devastation of nuclear war following the atomic bombing of August 6, 1945. The Peace Garden contains memorials and a relaxing and informative museum dedicated to Hiroshima. and international peace. In the evening, try its most famous dish – okonomiyaki (a delicious pancake of cabbage, meat or seafood) – grilled in front of you on a hot plate.

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Hop on a local train and ferry today to nearby Miyajima Island with its famous “floating” torii gate and the majestic Itsukushima-jinja Shrine. Hike through the woods to the top of Mount Meissen for stunning views of the inland sea stretching below you. Don’t forget to look out for the curious and forever hungry deer that roam the island. Head back to Hiroshima and enjoy a free evening tonight.

The Ultimate Jetset Travel Guide To 10 Days In Japan

Meals included Meals are not included on this day. Special info Check out our Miyajima guide here: https:///adventures/miyajima-island-day-trip-japan/

Take the express train to Osaka, and what better way to end our trip than from a city whose slogan is “Guitare” (translation: “Eat till you drop!”). We recommend trying Osaka’s takoyaki (a delicious grilled octopus dish) for which Osaka is famous!

Osaka is Japan’s unofficial culinary capital, with sprawling shopping malls and small backstreets full of restaurants and bars serving local dishes and Japan’s answer to fast food. It should be noted that Osaka is proud of its first kaiten-sushi (conveyor belt sushi) restaurant, after its inventor – a sushi restaurant owner with employment problems – saw beer bottles on a conveyor belt at the nearby Asahi Brewery. Good way to solve this problem!

Enjoy with your captain a walking tour around the city’s most famous shopping, dining and entertainment district, the famous Todomburi. At night it is lit by hundreds of neon lights and mechanical signs, including the popular Glico Running Man banner and the Kani Toraku Crab sign.

Best One Day Private Tour In Kyoto

Thrill seekers will find adventure at Universal Studios theme park, and for those looking to try their local talent, try a taiko drum lesson, or if you’re looking for some relaxation, indulge in Spa World. Try the traditional Japanese onsen. embrace

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