Travel From Kathmandu To Bhutan

Travel From Kathmandu To Bhutan – Whether it’s a simple trip, a holiday in Nepal, mountain climbing or trekking in Nepal, the experience can change your life. Nepal has excellent hiking and trekking routes and is an exotic destination for family vacations You can explore its extraordinary culture and adventure travel

A visit to Bhutan is an absolute joy because of the amount of solitude and peace Bhutan travel consists of visiting its ancient routes as well as its fascinating culture Bhutan travel is recommended for those who want solitude and peace

Travel From Kathmandu To Bhutan

A visit to Tibet is a must for those who want to get closer to Tibetan Buddhism Traveling to Tibet gives the feeling of a religious experience It is a country deeply steeped in tradition and the stunning beauty of its arid landscape. A visit to Tibet is a haven for spiritual seekers

Kolkata To Kathmandu (via Bhutan) Overland

Holidays in India are colorful India is a unique holiday experience due to its diversity, culture and geography You can walk or trek in India and you will still find more India is a wonderful holiday experience

This route is designed to indicate what is possible We can customize this trip to meet your specific needs

Start with a dream or fantasy Let us take your ideas and create a memorable Himalayan trip for you.. Call us: 916 298 6617.

Experience the serenity of Buddhist monasteries and the breathtaking scenery of this mountain kingdom as you fly to Bhutan, from breathtaking views of Mount Everest, to breathtaking views of the Dhakula Pass. Be inspired by the warmth of its people and marvel at the unique character and potential of the architecture and aspire to create a serene and magical kingdom. Watch the landscape change from the forested mountains of Bhutan to the windswept mountains of Tibet Here the Potala Palace touches the sky and a light of peace spreads over this pious Buddhist sanctuary in the Himalayas. Be inspired by the serenity and magnificence of its people and the splendor of its beautiful countryside Finally, immerse yourself in the rugged and stunning diversity of the Kathmandu Valley Monasteries, motorbikes and a thousand different experiences await a visit to this vibrant capital of Nepal Visit the ancient Thamel shopping bazaar, see many different aspects of Nepalese life as you enjoy the excitement and activity that characterizes this fascinating place. End your trip with the thrill of a jungle adventure in the jungles of Chitwan You will live with the memories Himalayan Dream for an unforgettable journey!

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Bhutan Travel Guide

There is currently no fixed departure date for this trip Please click the button below to inquire or you can book this trip as an individual departure with this desired date.

It is with us that you can feel confident that your vacation will be a memorable experience The process of vacationing in difficulty We find places and shortlist the best and experienced tour/trekking guides We ensure that our people are reliable before hiring them and bringing them as part of your tour or vacation We check our accommodation thoroughly We do this to ensure that we maintain a high standard so that you can get the best out of your holiday.

Every vacation should be taken as a social responsibility and not as a privilege We believe in environmental protection, responsible tourism and sustainability We have always planned to keep our holidays as our core value and we continue to work as a responsible organization to preserve the pristine environment of the Himalayas. We employ local, experienced people who not only directly contribute to improving your travel experience but are all positively impacted by your visit.

Trekking in Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan should be explored as an excellent way to enhance relationships and connections with culture and nature. So we have prepared the best itineraries to help you gather the best experiences on your Himalayan trek We ensure that our journey is hassle-free for you and ensure that you have a wonderful holiday experience As for our travel discoveries, many of them are unknown but bring out the best of each destination we have to offer.

Days Bhutan And Nepal Round Trip

We always work as a family, a group of trained, experienced, knowledgeable people who take pride in what they do and who are good at what they do. It comes down to how excited you are about the holiday or any type of tour or trek Our logistics and guide teams are always prepared in advance and will guide you well and inform you about what to expect from a particular trip. Our response is quick and our knowledge, abundant

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We believe you should travel in small groups because it reduces the environmental impact and it helps us give the personal attention we need abroad. This makes your trip a special experience Traveling in small groups will also allow you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture Transportation becomes easy and all vacations can be organized perfectly

We always offer competitive prices, even if amenities and comforts such as transportation, tour guides, meals, lodging, and entrance fees are not included. Our tours cater to the ultimate traveler who wants hassle-free travel to enhance their vacation experience. Whatever you receive from us, personal care no matter where you travel Our services reach the farthest reaches of our destinations, whether you are traveling or trekking All these services add up to a meaningful trip, turning vacations into lasting memories

Planning your trip with Himalayan Dream assures you of the care and attention of our many experts

Tour From Kathmandu To Bhutan, Bhutan Tour Package From Kathmandu

Since I met really nice people from Nepal at work, I have always wanted to travel there and experience the country’s food, people and culture. inside…

I would also like to recommend Himalayan Dreams to other travel professionals I must say that the Himalayan Dream has inspired me and my clients From package tours, ground handling…

MARGARITA VOIYAUAE [email protected] Nepal is a wonderful place, such a wonderful heritage. Dwarikas is a wonderful hotel every $ Fulbari is a disaster!! Himalayan Dream did its best and more…

Tibet was wonderful The guides and drivers on my trip were top class I needed to do a Tibetan show and…

A Lifetime Experience Trips, To Nepal, Tibet And Bhutan

Stephanie Marshall London [email protected] Great to be back in Nepal and have another trip with Ramu. Everest Base Camp was more difficult than the Annapurna trek and was almost twice as long…

Design, enhance and discuss your personal itinerary with our knowledgeable staff ready to relax and enjoy the magic of Nepal and its surroundings. Remember; Changes to your itinerary can happen at almost any time

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Start with your personal wish list and then let one of our experts expedite the journey

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Restricted Travel Regions

When I arrived in Pokhara last December 2020, it seemed that the entire town was in a deep sleep due to the epidemic. Annapurna Himalayas and mighty mountains were…

This valley is home to mysteries, legends and millions of gods Here, festivals are a unique way of worshiping gods and goddesses

In the serenity of the Trans Himalayan rain shadow, the exciting hidden terrain of Dholpore stands alone high and dry. Dolpo Time stands still and the modern world… Explore the Himalayan kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan on a 17-day premium adventure. Escape the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, explore the wilds of Chitwan National Park, learn about the black-faced cranes of Phobjika, discover the sacred beliefs and devotions of pilgrims, and discover the secret of happiness in Bhutan. . Discover breathtaking scenery, rich culture and stunning wildlife with an experienced local guide at your side on a journey to remember.

Welcome to Nepal! Your adventure begins in Kathmandu, the magnificent capital of the country Upon arrival you will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel Join your leader and small group for an important welcome meeting at 6pm If you arrive on time, perhaps stroll through the neo-classical Garden of Dreams in the heart of the city, or visit the futuristic Tarragona Museum, showcasing the fascinating history of Kathmandu’s architecture. After your meeting, head out with your leader and group for dinner at hostels in Thamel and Zeta neighborhoods. Eating in Nepal is never boring, and comes in authentic Nepal

The Ultimate Bhutan Travel Guide

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