Trotec Laser Cutter Price

Trotec Laser Cutter Price – Trotec’s new R400 laser cutter will enable small businesses to enjoy high-quality cutting technology at an affordable price.

Designed by Trotec with Austrian engineering and built to exacting standards, the R400 laser cutter has a working area of ​​1030 x 630mm and a CO2 laser power of 60W-100W. It retails from £6,995 (excl. VAT), making it an affordable option for small businesses looking for a productive and reliable laser cutter.

Trotec Laser Cutter Price

Brian Jutter, UK and Ireland Sales Director for Trotec, said: “All too often we see businesses buying low-cost laser cutters because they are attracted by the low initial cost. Unfortunately, many soon find that the laser doesn’t live up to expectations or costs with frequent downtime. For maintenance and re-pressurization of business.

What Can Laser Cutting Do? Everything You Need To Know About Laser Cutting!

“The R-series is designed and engineered with the reliability and ease of use synonymous with Trotec, but the DC laser source allows us to sell it at a lower price. So it’s affordable for businesses that have limited budgets, but don’t want to compromise on quality.” and reliability.

The R400 is the latest addition to the R series of CO2 glass tube laser cutters, which already includes the R500 with a 1300 × 900 mm working area.

Trotec has six laser showrooms in the UK and Ireland and also offers online demonstrations for the R-series as well as large format cutters, Speedy series engravers and galvo laser markers. For more information on the R-Series, contact us at or call 0191 580 1182. Many interested parties ask us about the price of our laser machines. Each machine is individually configured according to the requirements of our customers, so we cannot set a standard price on our website. The price of a laser machine is the same as the price of a car. Without knowing whether the customer needs a sports car or a truck, you cannot make a general statement about it. We discuss the price in more detail in this FAQ: we explain the most important factors affecting the price, such as laser power, work surface size and accessories (eg exhaust system).

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The first question is which material you want to process with the laser. This determines the type of laser: if you are using organic materials such as e.g. Wood, paper or glass, CO

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A laser source is recommended. Fiber laser is used for direct metal marking. If you process both organic and metal materials, we offer the flexx laser – with both laser sources in one machine. The type of laser is still an important factor in price. More information about the type of laser that can process the material. Here: A material that can laser engrave, cut and mark?

The higher the laser power, the faster your laser machine can cut and engrave. In this way, you can reduce the production time per workpiece or increase your quantity and productivity. Another advantage of high laser power is the ability to process thicker materials with your laser. Depending on the individual application, it is important to determine the optimal laser power for your needs. You can find more in our FAQ: What laser power do I need for my application?

The size of the processing table plays an important role in the price. The more space available to process the material, the more applications can be lasered in one step. You can also machine large workpieces with a large working area. In order to optimally determine the working area, the size of the material to be processed or the final product is decisive.

Laser machines are rarely supplied without customized accessories – the variety of your application dictates the variety of accessories and additional equipment. Here are the most popular additional features chosen by our users:

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Digital Fabrication Studio

Processing table: If you are engraving thin material (eg paper, film, textile), we recommend using a vacuum table. It holds the material in position and provides a uniform, even surface. When cutting acrylic, an acrylic cutting grid table achieves the best results.

Exhaust System: Laser processing produces vapors and gases that must be removed from the processing area. In some cases, the odor must be neutralized using a filter. We offer a range of exhaust systems for this task.

Rotary Business Engraver Attachment: The rotary engraver attachment is ideal for laser engraving round, cylindrical or conical objects. When inserting a rotary engraving attachment, the movement of the axis in the Y direction is replaced by a rotary movement.

Lenses: Depending on the thickness of the material or the desired accuracy of engraving, different lenses are required. We’ve put together all the information for choosing the right lens in these tips and tricks.

Trotec Launches New Affordable Laser Cutter @trotecuk

If you buy cheap, you pay high. Because not only acquisition costs are relevant, but also installation, ongoing maintenance and service costs. It makes a big difference if the laser will be virtually maintenance-free for 10 years, if expensive components need to be replaced in the first two. year. Trotec laser machines are very durable for 10 years. See for yourself in our frequently asked questions, what is the lifespan of the Trotec Laser? In addition, we offer worldwide customer service and lots of local support. Our short response times mean we can minimize machine downtime. You can find our special service package in our FAQ Is there a service contract for Trotec laser machines?

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Contact us! We will be happy to make you an individual offer during the consultation. Request a quote We offer a full range of laser services in and around New York City. From etchings and engravings to full customization, we work with materials of all shapes, sizes and colors to find the right choice to make your project a reality.

Our laser cutter is a Trotec Speedy300. With 80 watts of power, this CO2 laser can be used to cut or engrave various materials such as wood, plastic, glass, leather, fabric, etc.

Finally, we can take your design and desired materials and prepare them for laser cutting. Our lasers offer precision down to 0.1mm – allowing for incredible versatility. We are trained professionals with extensive laser cutting experience and know how to make any project possible.

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Our goal is to take your project from concept, find the best materials, the most efficient layout, and the optimal laser settings to deliver a product exactly to your specifications. Let us know how our laser services can help you by clicking the red button to the right and telling us more about your project.

Cutting refers to the creation of pre-designed parts from a sheet of any material. Project cutting times may vary depending on the area or trim to be cut, the type and thickness of the material to be cut, and other variables. We strive to minimize cutting time through smart design, layout and material selection.

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