Truck Mounted Attenuator For Sale

Truck Mounted Attenuator For Sale – We built a series of these trucks for a customer who needed the versatility of interchangeable body parts. Sometimes they required TMA trucks and other times reference trucks depending on their actual workload. They basically doubled the size of their fleet with half the number of trucks!

Although this truck was built to order for the customer, J-Tech stands on site to provide the right solution for your needs. Come today!

Truck Mounted Attenuator For Sale

Get to know our trucks from stock, with mufflers, patterns and highways and more …

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J-Tech Highway Safety is a nationally leader in the manufacture, sale, rental and service of trucks and road safety equipment – key tools to improve work area traffic control, benchmarking efficiency, worker protection and safety. In addition to custom-build, new sale and rental of TMA trolleys, muffler trolleys, reference trolleys and tapered trolleys, J-Tech Highway Safety is an authorized TrafFix Devices Scorpion® muffler dealer, offering full maintenance, parts, inspection and major repair services. To keep our fleet running and to protect our employees.

J-Tech Highway Safety has a long history of customer relationships. Our experienced product representatives are readily available to discuss safety equipment solutions for an unsafe working environment. Curry Supply is a leading manufacturer of road-mounted damper trucks that protect workers and passing drivers from injury. Curry Supply will work with you to make sure your impact suppressors meet all federal and state truck impact laws. We offer a variety of extras to meet the needs of your work area. Due to our commitment to safety, we are known for the outstanding engineering and manufacturing behind every crash-damper truck.

Featuring easy controls, powder coated body and stack sides, and a heavy-duty platform, our muffler carts are designed to be reliable, robust and user-friendly. Photos and videos on the right, info table on the left

Crash dampers and aero plates can be installed on all 26,000 GVWR makes and models, or larger, new or used.

Metro Urban Protection Vehicle, Scorpion® Attenuator, Sale, Rent

Integrated main baskets on both sides of curb and street to keep workers safe and away from traffic when placing bollards

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The main baskets are illuminated and covered with highly visible non-slip coatings to keep you safe no matter what time of day you work.

Curry Supply will work with you to make sure your impact suppressors meet all federal and state truck impact laws. We offer a variety of extras to meet the needs of your work area.

If you’re looking for reliable truck makers with crash dampers, look no further than Curry Supply. Our trucks are carefully designed and built to meet the safety requirements of the work area and save the lives of both workers and drivers. Equipped with features such as solar powered arrow boards, Line-X lined decks and integrated high visibility baskets to keep work areas safe, absorb violent accidents and save workers, Cree Supply trucks with crash dampers have features. Life

Traffix Devices Trailer Attenuator For Sale And Rent J Tech Highway Safety Trucks

Key Specification of Dump Truck 7 Grade Steel Structure ASTM A36 Continuously Welded Steel Structure, Fully Packed 2 x 5 Inch Side Tube Railings For Strength And Quality See more

Mechanical / Service Carts Key Specifications Steel or Aluminum Structure Standard Lengths 8, 9, 11 and 14 inch Illumination in accordance with ICC / DOT View More

Key Specifications of Propane Service Trolley Steel and Aluminum Construction 2,000 – 14,000 lb. Cranes Lighting and harness with sealed harness See more The Scorpion II TMA from TrafFix Devices is the world’s first MASH truck to be tested, passed and qualified.

Don’t think your employees are safe in the workplace, know with Scorpion II TMA from TrafFix Devices.

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After 17 years on the road, over 2,000 documented impacts and thousands of lives saved worldwide, the Scorpion TMA’s patented design is the safest and most reliable truck-mounted silencer available today!

The Scorpion II TMA consists of a strut and cartridge sections that are connected to each other on a support frame. This open cartridge design reduces wind resistance and increases fuel consumption when used in the workplace and traveling at highway speeds. Each energy-absorbing pillow has an aluminum honeycomb core encased in a powder-coated aluminum module for maximum durability and longevity. The Scorpion II is equipped with multi-voltage LED brake lights, indicators, beacons and driving lights to further enhance advanced driver alerts.

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Upon impact, Scorpion’s modular design breaks down during design, reducing impact on vehicle occupants and resulting in lower repair costs and easier part replacement. The curved side rails are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum tubing and provide full-width impact protection for the full length of the Scorpion II to safely steer the crash vehicle from the deadly “coffin horns”. Unlike the Scorpion II, most models of impact suppressors from other manufacturers have little or no protection against side impacts.

When fully deployed, the Scorpion II TMA is only 4m long, compared to other manufacturers’ units which are over 19ft (5.8m), making the Scorpion II compatible with any MASH-enabled truck mounted muffler. provides the shortest length in the store. This short length reduces the severity of crashes and repair costs while providing the excellent safety and reliability you expect from Scorpion crash dampers.

Tma Crash Trucks And Traffic Trucks

The Scorpion II MASH is tested and qualified with a minimum truck weight of only 15,000 pounds (6,804 kg) with no weight restrictions. This is the widest truck weight range of any tested and qualified MASH truck muffler on the market today.

MASH, truck mounted muffler tested at 100 km / h for TL-3; Please refer to the FHWA CC-132 qualification letter for details.

The automatic braking system, which instantly locks the brakes of your own vehicle, further protects the TMA truck driver, vehicle occupants as well as bystanders and workers in the vicinity of the accident.

The Scorpion TMA Model C folds over and over again on a flat bed, a bunk bed or a tipper bed. The Model C with its compact design and balanced weight distribution makes it ideal for high-speed commuting. Scorpion TMA Model C TL-3 provides impact protection. Side mounts are also available.

Safe Stop 180 Truck Mounted Attenuator

The Scorpion II Truck Mounted Silencer (TMA) is a mobile crash cushion that attaches to the rear of the carrier vehicle frame. The TMA can be used in shade screens, stationary lock vehicles, or advanced warning vehicles in motion or overhead motion. TMA has been tested, rated and qualified for the MASH TL-3 (62.5 mph / 100 km / h). The TMA can be used on auxiliary vehicles with a minimum GVW of 15,000 lb (6,804 kg) with an upper weight limit (unlimited weight). The lighting consists of LED brake lights, turn signals, beacons and driving lights that provide the driver with increased advance warning. Overall dimensions of the TL-3 TMA are 12.94 feet. (3.9m) × 8.0ft (2.4m) × 2.0ft (0.6m) and has a ground clearance of 12 “± 1” (305mm ± 25.4mm) when unfolded horizontally working. The Scorpion II TMA consists of three (3) major components: column, cartridge, and backup frame / diaphragm. The column and the cartridge are energy damping elements. The spacer is positioned closest to the supporting vehicle and the cartridge is positioned furthest from the supporting vehicle. The cartridge is usually the first component affected by the faulty vehicle. The spacer consists of four (4) external domed aluminum tubes (two on each side) forming the aluminum welded structure. The aluminum structural weldments are attached to the structural steel membrane / support frame. The TMA can be rotated to a double 90 ° stowed position on a shackle truck platform with a stacking height of less than 12 ‘5 “(3.8m). Optional hydraulically operated vertical with TMA to unfold the display panel. Used. When the TMA is lowered to position The vertical lift is operated by the same on-board hydraulics that pivots the TMA into the drive / storage and unfold position Messages, direction or other information.

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