United Credit Union Perth

United Credit Union Perth – Thirteen Polish members of the Perth Amboy community founded a credit union that is still an important part of the community’s identity today.

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United Credit Union Perth

PERTH AMBOY – Although they offer many of the same services, credit unions operate in a different way than banks, based on a “people helping people” philosophy. Credit unions are often made up of friends, such as neighbors, co-workers, and people who go to church. This is the case with United Poles Federal Credit Union. Thirteen Polish members of the Perth Amboy community founded a credit union that is still an important part of the community’s identity today.

Perth Amboy’s United Poles Fcu Still Going Strong

In the 1950s, Perth Amboy’s Polish community was tight-knit and gathered at the local banquet hall for all their celebrations, from weddings to christenings to graduations.

When Polish immigrants had trouble getting loans and other banking services due to the language barrier and other issues, the community came together again for a completely different purpose than celebration. When 13 members of this community heard about the cooperative concept of credit unions, they found a solution and in 1965 founded their own credit union – United Poles Federal Credit Union. They started small, with an initial deposit of $3,200 contributed by its members. United Poles FCU is not like a typical banking startup in other ways, lacking offices and expensive furniture – the credit union’s official headquarters is a room rented above a local bar.

United Poles FCU grew to 400 community members within ten years, and in the late 1970s the credit union hired a full-time manager. By the 1980s, they had grown enough to open their first brick and mortar location, the same building as their current headquarters in Perth Amboy. Over the past few decades, the credit union has grown to include another branch in Linden, with a total of 2,200 community members and $38 million in assets.

The current CEO of the credit union, Iwona Karpeta, came to work at the credit union in 1996 as a university student. He traveled from Poland to the USA for an internship, where he worked on a diploma thesis on the activities of credit unions. He stayed, climbing the ranks to treasurer, loan officer, loan supervisor, etc., finally becoming CEO in 2005. He is only the credit union’s fourth leader in more than 50 years of service.

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The Most Beautiful In The World…

“I’ve been working here for 20 years and it’s more than just a job,” Karpeta said. “At the end of the day, it’s about helping people. And that’s exactly how the credit union started more than 50 years ago. People saw the need to help each other, and that’s what we’re trying to do now.

You can feel the community at a credit union. All five employees, including Karpeta, speak this language. Each of them has been with the credit union for at least 10 years or more. They know most of their members by their first names and even recognize their voices when they call. They now serve the great-grandchildren of some of the original members of the credit union and have watched them grow over the years.

“We know our members,” Karpeta said. “We know about every wedding, funeral, birth… you name it. It’s a small community, and even though it’s spread across the state, it’s still tight.”

At a credit union, you are more than just a customer. For more information about United Poles Federal Credit Union, including how to join, visit www.unitedpolesfcu.com or find another credit union near you at www.BankingYouCanTrust.com.

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New Jersey credit unions provide financial products and services to 1.2 million members across the state. Credit unions are nonprofit financial institutions that offer many of the same products as banks, often with better rates and lower fees. Credit unions are owned by their members or account holders and run by a volunteer board of directors, not by profit-seeking shareholders. For more information and to find the credit union that’s right for you, visit www.bankingyoucantrust.com.

Founded in 1934, the New Jersey Credit Union League is a statewide trade association representing credit unions and committed to advancing the credit union movement in New Jersey. Our mission includes a variety of services, programs, products and money-saving opportunities specifically designed to meet operational, financial, training, compliance and general growth and development needs. For more information, visit www.njcul.org. A sign adorns the building where mining company Rio Tinto has its office in Perth, Western Australia, November 19, 2015. /David Gray

Feb 2 () – Anglo-Australian miner Rio Tinto’s (RIO.AX) (RIO.L) allegations of sexual assault, racism and bullying in an internal report have sparked calls from investors for the industry as a whole to clean up its act.

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The 85-page report released in Rio on Tuesday, which points to a culture where harmful behavior is often normalized and bullying is commonplace, has cast a spotlight on a wider industry that has long been accused of condoning inappropriate behaviour.

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“We want to see the normalization of a zero-tolerance approach to sexual assault and discriminatory practices, as well as zero workplace deaths,” said Camille Simeon, chief investment officer of abrdn, the 30 largest investor. in London-listed Rio shares, according to Refinitiv data.

“We’re committed to holding the companies we invest in accountable for things like this… (and) hopefully the findings of this report will prompt other boards to take action,” Simeon said, adding that abrdn would follow up on the report with Rio .

Two other top 20 investors said they also planned to talk to the company about the report, but declined to comment further ahead of the meeting.

The Health Employees Superannuation Trust Australia also said it had written to mining companies to ask how they would respond to similar potential problems.

Ukrainian National Federal Credit Union

Miners, who are struggling to attract female workers despite facing labor shortages, have tried for years to change the “boys club” culture. Leading global miner BHP Group ( BHP.AX ) has an “ambitious, ambitious target” to achieve gender balance globally by 2025.

Investors and industry players have given Rio Tinto credit for releasing the damning findings of the external review, but said others in the industry and beyond must also act.

“It’s not going to be left to Rio Tinto. It’s an industry problem. It’s a social problem. It’s not good for them to solve the problem on their side and it’s happening elsewhere,” Greg Busson, Western Australian Union of Mines and Energy. said the Secretary of State.

Rio Tinto launched the review in March last year, shortly after CEO Jakob Stausholm took the top job following opposition to the destruction of the company’s 46,000-year-old Juukan Gorge rock shelters to expand the iron ore mine.

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Last year, 142 individuals were sanctioned and 38 were suspended, a Rio spokesman said.

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Investor activist group Market Forces said Juukan Gorge promotes a culture of arrogance and other deep-rooted problems at Rio Tinto that surfaced through the report.

“The findings of this report demonstrate the need for further and thorough investor scrutiny of Rio Tinto and its management practices,” said Will Van De Pol, asset management campaigner at Market Forces.

“It’s clear that Rio Tinto’s culture needs to be improved and this is another opportunity to further change and that’s something we want to see across Rio Tinto.”

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Tuesday’s report, which took nearly a year for an outside company to complete and incorporated feedback from nearly a quarter of Rio’s 45,000 employees, detailed toxic workplace practices.

One worker described being asked for oral sex by a male colleague. When the request was reported, the supervisor said he was sure the man was joking and Rio “you’re definitely not alone with him.”

Another worker said that calling people of color pejoratively is routine and accepted as normal banter in the workplace.

The employee said she would not recommend Rio to her friends as a place to work, a stinging indictment of a company that for years has publicly said it aims to promote gender diversity. Women make up 19% of Rio’s workforce.

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“Some companies should take this as a signal that the human element cannot be ignored,” said Katie Mehnert of Ally Energy, a networking group that connects workers at companies in the renewable energy sector.

“You can have the best property on the planet, but if your culture is garbage, who’s going to want to work for you?”

“As CEO, I own the culture,” Stausholm said. “Now I know what I know, and of course I have an obligation to deal with it.

Advocacy groups for women in mining and other extractive industries have cautiously welcomed the news, which quietly acknowledges what many in the mining industry have been whispering about for years.

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“We hope that this example

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