Used Toyota Tarago For Sale Nsw

Used Toyota Tarago For Sale Nsw – Please note that when you buy a car from an auction you do not get a statutory warranty or blackout period.

The condition assessment below is the opinion of our booking staff and may differ from your own:

Used Toyota Tarago For Sale Nsw

Sales are spot on. Statutory warranty/cooling off periods do not apply. Vehicle inspection is based on walk-in and start-up and reservation officer’s opinion. The sale details are only a guide as the vehicle may have unseen damage/issues. A full inspection is recommended.

Used 2008 Red Toyota Tarago Gli Wagonfor Sale In Minto, Nsw

GST Note: GST is included in the final bid price of this item. Buyers payment includes GST.

How can you reduce some of the risks of buying at auction?Knowledge is key. Do your homework on value and design before bidding on the car you want. Read the lot description carefully as every car is different and the description gives some insight into the specification/details of that car. Ask questions and test drive – our auto team can be contacted on 1300 064 978 or email <A href="mailto:[email protected]". We are selling the car in an "as is" "where is" condition with no warranty and cooling off period. Review the following questions to help you get value from buying at online auctions.

Yes!!! We strongly recommend that you inspect the vehicle on the scheduled day. Check the overview tab. Bring a valid driver’s license to collect keys. Note that vehicles can be started but not driven. If you would like to arrange a third party inspection with the RAC, State Roads or a mechanic, call 1300 064 978 to speak to a member of the motoring team.

No Unfortunately health and safety restrictions mean that bidders cannot test drive the vehicles and we are not insured.

Toyota Tarago Gli Acr50r Automatic 7 Seats People Mover Auction (0001 10070867)

Yes!! We do our best to honestly report the condition of each vehicle; However vehicle details are subject to external walk-through and engine start-up. However, there may be other damages, technical problems or physical defects that are not seen or included in our assessment. We always recommend a full inspection yourself by a third party (such as RAC or State Roads) or a qualified technician. You can also contact one of our team members directly to ask additional questions about the car before the auction. Please contact the Auto Team on 1300 064 978 or email

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Yes to both!! We are required to notify all bidders if a vehicle is listed as a legal or financial write-off. This information will be provided in the vehicle description. Outstanding funds are subject to approval by the respective sponsor and all vehicles will be sold without obligation. Feel free to do your own inspection via PPSR or Vehicle History Report by clicking here

The above will help you minimize the risks of buying at an auction, but there is a certain level of risk involved in buying from an auction if there is no guarantee or cooling off period.

Please contact our auto team today on 1300 064 978 or click here to inquire for a free assessment and quote.

Toyota Tarago Gli Auto

Inspection prior to bidding is highly recommended as these properties are used, descriptions and photos are to be used as a guide only.

No payments can be accepted on this site. Cleared funds must be received before release of vehicles.

Please note: This is an auction sale. All properties in this sale are sold “as is” with no warranty and no cooling off period.

Please note when bidding, once your bid is placed, it cannot be removed and it will not be cancelled. If you are unsure, please do not bid as refunds will not be issued.

Toyota Tarago For Sale

All cars/boats/motorcycles (cars) in this sale are ensured to be sold with clear title, however please note:

A separate buyer’s premium applies to all lots in this auction. A 30% buyer’s fee applies when bids are less than $1,001 and then a 20% buyer’s fee up to $2,500 and then a 15% buyer’s fee. A 7% buyer’s charge will apply after bids reach $4,001 or more. Buyer’s fees will be added to the final bid price.

Check individual lot details for property status. Photos are provided for all polls. These should be taken as a guide only. The property included in this sale may be used, so inspection is highly recommended prior to bidding. If it is classified as ‘used’, the item may have been subjected to moderate or heavy use by users and has not been tested to ensure that it performs according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Certain specific products may show signs of normal wear and tear for used items, and in some cases accessories may differ from normal standards (for example, software or manuals may be missing or different, or lack original packaging). (Subject to your acceptance of the auction agreement) Photos, descriptions and condition reports (if any) are to be used as a guide only. Bids on the property in this sale must be made based on your own inspection and valuation of the property.

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Invoice amounts over $10,000 must be paid by direct deposit within 2 days of auction close. For invoices over $10,000, they reserve the right to charge a deposit to the buyer’s credit card up to $10,000 or 20% of the invoice total. In bidding at this sale, the buyer agrees to do so without reservation. Contact 1300 064 978 or email for full invoice totals. Please note that cash, personal or company checks are not accepted. For invoices totaling less than $10,000, your credit card will be charged within 2 days after the auction ends. Please get paid to help with payment processing. Invoice totals over $10,000 will not be split.

Toyota Hilux Workmate For Sale At Caboolture, Qld (white)

Generally, auctions end at the posted times. There are some exceptions to this, however, if there are any successful bids within 10 minutes of the end of the online auction (the “going, going, gone” period!), it will be extended until there are no more. Successful bids within the “refresh” period. There is no limit to the number of times an online auction can be extended. It works like a live auction and bidding doesn’t stop as long as there is interest in the item. Arbitrary cut-off time. This means it’s a good idea to watch the event and check back frequently as the auction nears its end.

Please be aware that when you buy a car through auction in the state of New South Wales, you will not have a statutory warranty, cooling off period or roadworthiness certificate. Manufacturers’ warranties will still apply to the car as per their terms and conditions, and you don’t need to go directly to the manufacturer to make a claim. The remainder of the new car warranty will also apply to vehicles sold at auction. No other guarantees are made.

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As registration and ownership requirements vary from state to state, buyers should familiarize themselves with the registration requirements of the state in which the vehicle is registered. As with the standard auction system, the buyer is responsible for government transfer fees, taxes, etc. which can be used. Please note: Serial numbers will be removed if sold unregistered. If sold with registration, registration can be transferred only to the state of registration, otherwise it will be sold unregistered and number plates removed. Check the lot details of each vehicle for NSW registration Once you have paid your invoice, you will also need to visit the Vehicle Register:

Bidding for the property in this sale shall be based on your inspection and valuation of the property. Although we have tried to provide an accurate description of the item, “Descriptions, photos and data forms (if attached to the lot) should only be used as a guide to where the property is being sold. If you are unsure please do not bid as no refunds will be issued”.

Ex Corp 2010 Toyota Tarago Gli Acr50r Automatic 8 Seats People Mover Auction (0001 10321510)

The data form (if attached under the description on the ballot) is only a guide. Vehicles are not driven or tested, subject to engine start only, and may have other damage, mechanical problems or physical defects not visible or contained in the description upon arrival or booking. A full inspection is highly recommended prior to bidding.

Disposal of the product is the buyer’s responsibility. Pickup can be done only after receiving approved funds. Buyer cannot pick up until full invoice is paid. Products can only be delivered if correct information is provided including sales number, lot number/s and buyers name. Items can be collected Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Present with a copy of this at the collection address at the prescribed time to collect your purchases

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