Viro Electric Gate Locks

Viro Electric Gate Locks – Feel secure with the Viro V9083 electric lock, available at Electric Lock Systems, with a holding force of 540kg, suitable for lightweight doors such as automatic exterior doors and entrance doors. Flexible installation options provided with a 50-80mm adjustable mounting bracket.

The Viro V9083 electric lock from Electric Lock Systems includes a rotating deadbolt lock, service and security functions and a 540 kg load capacity. Please note that Euro cylinders are not supplied with this Viro lock.

Viro Electric Gate Locks

The service function with the V9083 lock unlocks the electrical sensor and only resets after the door is opened and then closed. It can be opened with an external key and a key or an internal electrical sensor

Viro Roller Shutter Lock Entrance Set

The use of an electric deadbolt lock is especially recommended for large automatic doors and entrance gates, which place significant stress on the lock during each opening and closing cycle.

The double coil distributes the electrical load more evenly and therefore extends the life of one of the most stressed parts of electrical locks.

The V9083 can be installed vertically or horizontally. If a vertical installation is required, the V9083 comes with a suitable striker plate (key 9083.117), but if you need a vertical installation, please request a floor bolt (key 9986) in place of the standard striker plate.

If you want the lock to work on DC power, see top left. You may also need a Viro Electric Lock Coil Converter to convert Viro locks from 12V AC to 12V DC or 24VDC.

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We use cookies to make sure we give you the best experience on our site. If you continue, we assume that you agree to receive all cookies from our website. Read more One of the most common uses of electric locks is to lock entry doors. The problem is that the main door can also be very heavy, especially if it is a large wooden door. But a large metal door is also very heavy. In such cases, a common electric lock can often break, as they are exposed to excessive pressure every time they open and close.

In this case, the Viro electric lock with a rotary shutter came to the rescue. It is a special type of lock, heavily protected by patents, which uses a deadbolt instead of the usual ejector and spring mechanism.

On the left side of the picture is a bolt and ejector with a standard electric lock; on the right is the dead Viro walking around.

The circular die, made of high-quality materials such as solid brass or stainless steel, can provide greater sealing and resistance than conventional ones, also thanks to the large internal mechanisms.

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The use of a lock with a rotary deadbolt is particularly recommended for large automatic doors and entrances, which subject the lock to significant stresses during each opening and closing cycle.

If the electric lock on your door or gate is often faulty, replacing it with a more robust Viro electric lock with rotating deadbolts could be the solution.

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Given the number of models available and their flexibility of use, finding the right product will certainly not be a problem.

See the technical data sheet of Viro electric locks with rotary deadbolt: V06, V9083, V9083 with knob, V90 to unlock the outside.

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