Water Vending Machines For Sale

Water Vending Machines For Sale – Premium and alkaline water vending machines are equipped with the best water purification process: reverse osmosis with minerals and alkali.

We are committed to reinventing the bulk water business, and our cutting-edge design and technological innovation enable retailers and investors to not only offer high-quality and alkaline water, but to create experiences and expertise that allow them to capture new markets.

Water Vending Machines For Sale

Our RO-300BZ and RO-300AZ water vending machines have NAMA CERTIFICATE. The US Food and Drug Administration’s Public Health Service Model is designed and manufactured in accordance with the public health requirements of the Food Codex. NAMA certification is widely recognized by health, agricultural and military agencies.

Amazing Vending Machines You Won’t Believe Exist In Japan

We are the only company in the US to certify the 1 Liter CA type! Our machines are certified by the California Department of Weights and Measures to dispense 1 liter, 1 gallon, 3 gallon and 5 gallon water.

Quality water vending machines have a 1-year warranty. Technical support in the US and Latin America. English and Spanish user manuals, filters and spare parts for worldwide shopping.

Increase your revenue by 30-40% with a cashless payment solution and improve the water vending experience. Increase operational efficiency with real-time alerts and daily sales reports.

Each year, approximately 18 billion pounds of plastic waste enter the world’s oceans from beaches. The Aguavida Premium Water Vending Machine is the perfect solution for investors and entrepreneurs who want to generate passive income while reducing plastic consumption, while providing excellent community service, water quality and water quality.

Shop Tea Coffee Vending Machine And Water Dispenser For Offices, Homes And Shops

High volume car wrap printed on clear UV resistant vinyl. Stand out anywhere with a unique design, increase brand awareness and increase the promotional value of your vehicle.

With 37 years of water treatment experience and seven years of water trading experience, our goal is to help our customers successfully grow their water trading business. We bring deep, hands-on experience to help investors and clients who want to dive into the freshwater world or need a vehicle for their retail space.

Our models of water vending machines are currently operating in the US and around the world. Our export models are designed around your water and energy needs and are available in most international currencies.

If you want to offer high quality water and services, you are new and innovative, earn passive income, contact us and you not only love to invest in green business, but also to serve your community. Aguavida Premium Water has successfully produced premium and alkaline water vending machines nationally and internationally, including for our customers in the following markets.

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Vending Machines In Japan

If you have any questions, ask us. Give us a call or email us and we’d love to talk to you! That’s why we explain the important information of the water trading business and learn more about your needs! The Kooler Ice IM1500 sets the standard in the ice trade by providing maximum production capacity for frames less than 6 feet or 8 feet wide!

The new IM1500 is built using years of research and development. The IM1500 offers advanced technology designed to increase ice production and ice storage efficiency while reducing electricity and water costs. The IM1500 is the perfect combination of design, price and performance, setting a new standard in the ice trade.

The IM1500 is the perfect standalone machine. The unit is designed for large-scale production with a small footprint and can easily fit into a single parking lot, requiring less than 50 square meters of space to accommodate the unit. Weighs 1,500 lbs. With an ice storage tank and the option to add 1 or 2 ice creams, the IM1500 meets most production requirements.

Congratulations to new machine owner Stephen Stonecipher for installing a new IM1500 ice and water vending machine! Steven’s Car Wash is located at Kelley Car Wash – 1320 E Riggs Rd Chandler, AZ. Thanks for your business Stephen and welcome to Kooler Iceā€¦

What Did I Just Buy? I Tried To Use New York’s First Nft Vending Machine

Congratulations to new machine owners John and Sarah Owens for installing their new IM1500 ice vending machine! Their vehicle is located at 21320 Dixie Hwy in West Point, Kentucky. Thank you John and Sarah for your business and welcome to the Kooler Ice family!

Congratulations to new machine owner Clint Stevens for installing a new IM1500 ice and water vending machine! Clint’s car is located at 917 South Houston Street in Bullard, Texas. Thank you Clint for your business and welcome to the Kooler Ice family!

Kooler Ice has arrived in Massachusetts! Congratulations to new car owner Chris Carreiro on opening a new ice business in Swansea, MA! Check out The Herald News article about his new car! http://ow.ly/Ezyl50HxWKC

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Congratulations to new car owners Jason and Paige Malin on installing their new IM1500! Their drive-thru is located at 1033 W 3rd St, Imboden, AR. Welcome to the Kooler Ice family and good luck with your new ice venture!

Water Vending Machine In Ruiru

Congratulations to machine owner William Busby on installing his new IM1500! This vehicle is located at 125 US Hwy 82 in Sasser, GA. Thank you William for your business and welcome to the Kooler Ice family!

Congratulations to new machine owner Dewey Whaley of Elizabethton, PA for installing a new IM1500 ice machine. Thank you for your business Dewey and good luck with your new ice business!

Congratulations to new car owners Tracy and Brandon Grumbein on installing their new IM1500! Their facility is located at 1300 Main St. in La Crosse, KS. Thank you Tracy and Brandon for your business and good luck with your new ice business!

Ice Vending Machine Floats!! New car owner Robert Rydesky of Silver City, NM recently purchased 2 IM1500’s. While he installed one and waited for the second site to be finished, he decided to promote his new business with a silver Kooler Ice Machine Float.

Im1500 Ice And Water Vending Machine

Congratulations to new car owner Gary Morgan from Lakin, Kansas! Earlier this week, Gary set up his new IM1500 next to Wagon Wheel Restaurant & Pizzeria in Lakin. Thanks for your business, Gary, and good luck with your new ice and water business this summer! Our company is one of the top 10 water filter manufacturers in China and has more than 1,600 employees and a 12,000 square meter GMP standard dust-free workshop until 2019. These include: Electronic SMT Workshop, Molding Workshop, Plate Processing Workshop, Installation Workshop, Dozens of Modern Water Filter Production Lines, Quality Control Lines, Professional and Systematic Injection Molding Production Lines. We can produce 600,000 household water filters, 800,000 water bottles, 15,000 engineering water filters, 60,000 water vending machines, 10,000 commercial water filters and 2,400,000 water filter machines. Our production capacity is the leader of China’s water filter line, and the annual sales volume can reach 140 million dollars in 2018.

The company pays great attention to production, management quality and product R&D, and up to now we have passed enterprise and product certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, 3C, SGS, BV, TUV, CE, ROHS, etc. We produce more than 80% of the main spare parts by ourselves, and have successfully cooperated with the first-class German design company “LKK” as a senior consultant. We have received many patents, including 13 patents for disposable filter cartridges and smart water vending machines.

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A1: Please provide the detailed description and address of the samples you need, and we will deliver the samples to you against your payment.

A3: Sample and shipping cost should be paid by customer, delivery time is 1-2 days for stock; Custom design within 3-7 days.

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Hot Products China Products China Manufacturer / Supplier China Wholesale Price Industry Sites Regional Channels Product Index Mobile Site Elegant aluminum door and 8-inch display with LED lighting and digital stainless buttons for easy product identification and simple selection.

Both the payment system and the electronic panel are independently locked with small doors. It keeps cash safe. (optional) Tilting racks for easy product loading We use a new design coil clamp that allows you to easily turn the coil in half, unlike traditional clamps where you have to remove the coil to adjust the direction. Multimax high capacity container and glass shelves (optional), each shelf can hold up to 110 cans

Softend lift (optional) Special infrared technology will sell your product correctly. If the pick doesn’t drop, the drop sensor detects an error and tries two more times. If for some reason it does not fall, users can choose another product or get a refund Anti-theft device, slow motion closing mechanism: there is an additional device that closes the dispensing compartment during the transaction. the car has not been used. However, when the product is dispensed, it is opened at a programmed time interval to collect the product (optional).

XY Vending was established in 2012 in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. Although XY Vending is young, it is professional and has a great team

Japanese Vending Machines Like You’ve Never Seen

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