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Welden & Coluccio Lawyers – In August this year we were lucky enough to move into our new offices at 179 Grange Road, Findon. What made Findo such an attractive proposition? In addition to our desire to grow Jason’s neighborhood business, our new building started out as a branch of the Commonwealth Bank and still houses their bank vault. Why is it important? Because secure storage… [Read more…]

The fight against stolen Lamborghinis has shown that the owners are not 9/10 legitimate. It all started when a widow went looking for her husband’s precious Lamborghini Espada, a gift from his will and supposed to be kept in a barn on the farm, only to discover that the car had been stolen. Shortly after the pinch, the car was bought by a collector, who had … [Read more…]

Welden & Coluccio Lawyers

Worries start from the moment our children are born. Perhaps there is no greater fear than, who will take care of my children if I die suddenly and prematurely? When a partner dies in a marriage or committed relationship, the surviving partner will often have sole parental responsibility. Although they don’t happen often today, what will happen is the biggest… [Read more…] We love being part of the vibrant community that is the City of Hope. Our participation in the ‘Torific Prospect Street Party’, this year on the 17th

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January is an important way to connect with other residents and business owners along Prospect Road and the surrounding area. Although we used this event as an opportunity to teach the public about the importance of having a will; this year we chose to use it as a way to promote the amazing work of Marie Shaw QC and Ice Factor.

As many of our clients and colleagues know, Welden & Coluccio Attorneys has committed to being a gold sponsor of the Ice Factor; A life and work skills program designed to empower “at-risk” youth in 2016. While financial donations are an important way for companies to support programs like this, we wanted our donation to be not just a financial contribution.

Welden & Coluccio Solicitors are actively working to help the charity grow so that Ice Factor can expand its impact, making a difference to even more lives.

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I think everyone who attended will agree that it was a great evening. We would like to express our gratitude to the Ice Factor volunteers who joined us to help with this event; especially Humphrey B Bear, as the Ice Factor mascot, provided entertainment for young and old. A special thank you to our friends at Iannella & Co., Future Homes and the Caledonian Hotel, who generously helped provide our raffle prizes. Jason Coluccio writes candidly about the future direction of the legal profession, why law firms are facing so many challenges. challenges today and what he has done.

Welden & Coluccio Lawyers Celebrates Its Third Tourrific Prospect

When I entered the legal profession in 2011, I was not a twenty-one-year-old rookie (with little life experience), but a reasonable businessman with verified sales report. Back then, perhaps the lens through which I viewed the legal profession was unique. That lens immediately made me question what I saw as outdated practices in the legal profession.

You see my first legal experience was in the business world. It was a world struggling to hold on to traditional ideas of ‘what the law was’ and ‘what lawyers do’ amid a wave of economic and technological change. It seemed to me that lawyers in general were struggling to maintain a sense of personal independence and working methods that were very similar to the pre-cottage industry type. Where was the cooperation? Where was the determination to improve the efficiency of the work that lawyers do? I was also very concerned about the seeming inability of lawyers to engage with clients (and potential clients) using emerging technology (and by this I mean off-site -color).

While there were some impressive lawyers (and firms) around, the vast majority were stuck in the past, refusing to move on and obviously settling for a bit. It was during this time that I came across the work of Richard Susskind, author of Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future (2013). Susskind’s book echoed my sentiments perfectly, taking this a step further while suggesting realistic solutions for lawyers and law firms who want to exist (and succeed) in a thousand years.

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By the time Greg Welden and I were ready to launch our firm in March 2014, we realized that any business we created would have to “define” what the law is, as well as “rethink” how lawyers work. The old model, which valued independence, was unproductive and ineffective. Instead, our strength as a company would be seen through the process of collaboration and cooperation. We knew we had to be social media experts, always looking for new opportunities and ways to engage with our customers. Finally, and most importantly, we understood very well that the Law is not behind a partner’s desk in a room full of leather books. Rather, that law and all that lawyers do is a relationship. Our work is people-oriented.

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Although it was easy to get distracted by office spaces, furniture and fancy stationery, we realized that at the heart of our business would be the definition of our vision and purpose. This statement would be the inspiration for everything that follows. Therefore, we spent many evenings in our “think tank” discussions (and sometimes we got into serious discussions) about the values ​​that we wanted to confirm in our business. These meetings resulted in this document that we live and breathe every day:

Welden & Coluccio Lawyers is a small business law firm that brings a unique and innovative approach to legal practice in all areas of estate planning, administration and litigation.

We work in open collaboration with our customers to provide innovative solutions, a wide range of options, and thus a product of consistent quality.

We are committed to our goal of becoming the most respected, innovative and popular estate planning firm in South Australia.

David Coluccio Oam

+ We believe that people are at the heart of our business and that genuine relationships are essential in everything we do.

+ We are eager to learn and committed to creating processes that motivate us to change dynamically to meet the changing needs of our customers.

+ We believe in refusing to work outside of our core practice area so we can shine best in the areas we love the most.

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Did it work? As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding”. Our business, although a large undertaking, has grown beyond our initial expectations at a pace that is sometimes incomprehensible. With two offices, four attorneys and support staff, our main focus is not on expansion, but on how best to manage growth while respecting our core values. Also, the proof of our success is not something measured only by profit. For us, it’s the real difference we make in our customers’ lives. The law is relative. It is about people and becomes more satisfying when we remember it. We live in a world where many of us choose to do things like grocery shopping and pay bills online using an online platform. It becomes a way of life; new law as we speak. Although it is true that the law has been working slowly, some legal measures are already underway in the internet. As of March 1, 2017, it will not be possible to divorce … [Read more…]

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I left my husband 2 months ago without one stick of luggage and one suitcase of clothes. I am glad that my ex is keeping the house and all the furniture and contents. I want to start over, with new things, without the memories of my sad marriage and old life. I have receipts for most of the furniture so it should be easy for me to pay half of what we originally paid and I … [Read more…]

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