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Where To Meet Women In Perth – Gina Rinehart, owner and CEO of Hancock Prospecting Group, has had a tremendous career. The business powerhouse may be the most successful female entrepreneur in history, and she has worked hard to get to where she is today.

The only child of steel magnate Lang Hancock, Perth-born Gina quickly followed in her father’s footsteps and, after his death in 1992, built on that legacy to become one of Australia’s most industrious and influential businessmen.

Where To Meet Women In Perth

Over the years, Gina has developed and expanded the company’s interests outside of mining, investing in media and livestock. And as a result of his efforts, he collected many awards including

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Chairman of the Year Award in 2014 and 2017, 2011 Government Media Mining Awards for Outstanding Leadership of a Mining Company and 2009 Australian Export Heroes Award.

Gina is also known for helping orphans in Cambodia and promoting development in Northern Australia. He spoke publicly and wrote articles about Northern Australia and founded the lobbying group ANDEV to promote the cause.

In his professional life, he has a traditional, no-nonsense approach to achieving success in business, putting it down to hard work and full responsibility. His advice is to “work hard, be respectful, try to be well presented and always be reasonable.”

“It’s important to work as hard as your colleagues – indeed more so if you want to get ahead,” he continues. “Be willing to work late, lunch, weekends, holidays and vacation if you really want a good job. Don’t sit around giving advice or arguing about quotas. Prove you deserve the position.

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“You have to show hard work, long hours and genuine commitment to the company. You also need to find a like-minded senior team. Finally, you have to communicate your message to others,” he says.

As for how Gina keeps herself motivated, she admits that her steely exterior has a dark side and says her drive comes from being able to help the nation.

“This helps me stay motivated, believing that my contribution is good for our company, our country and our country. The big and mega mines that our company has invested in and run

Manufacturing will bring much-needed income, opportunity and jobs to northern and debt-ridden Australia,” he says.

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“I’ve built a very successful privately held Australian company, so I believe my contribution is significant in all fairness and I want to continue to contribute.”

To understand Gina, you may have to go back to her example. In terms of inspiration, he credits his maternal grandfather James Nicholas and his business partner, the ‘cow king’ Sir Sidney Kidman, for their hard work and perseverance.

His grandfather started working at the age of 13 and became the manager of Cobb & Co, which he later joined. He also introduced the first buses to Western Australia. Gina says that “he was always thinking and was an outstanding entrepreneur and giver to our country.”

Likewise, Kidman started working at a young age with a few shillings in his pocket, clothes on his back and a one-eyed horse, Cyclops. “He would do any job and save his money and give most of it back to his mother, including his first earnings, which he bought and sent her scarves,” Gina remembers.

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“These were people who worked hard and helped a lot, even though they were lost at a young age and had to do something – nothing and little education to support themselves and their families, even from the age of 13.

“They didn’t give up; they didn’t jump on the bandwagon saying ‘I’m entitled’; they didn’t waste their lives drinking or taking drugs despite their struggles; and they didn’t spend their lives breaking contracts. They didn’t try to steal what others did, but they went out and worked hard and helped our country. People are really encouraging.”

Considering her work to date, Gina’s proudest achievement has been sailing the MV Anangel Explorer for the first shipment of iron ore for the historic Roy Hill Mining Project in December 2015.

“For me, as the general manager, the lack of vision of the project from a short-term stay to prospecting, despite great difficulties to find unseen stones, research, financing, construction and being a mine. – In fact, three large mines and a mining project… “This is not universal,” says Gina. “In general a CEO does not lead a project from a short stay to a successful deployment,” he explains.

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Gina admits that her job is one thing she does every day. There are no vacation or sick days at this Powerhouse.

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“There’s a lot going on at Hancock, from rescuing the company from major problems to successful construction. I worked every day of the year, 365 days if necessary,” reveals Gina.

Frustrated with the amount of time it took to complete a simple graphic design task, 19-year-old communications student Melanie Perkins decided to fill a gap in the market with her own easy-to-use web platform. Launched in Sydney in 2014, Canva, which aims to “democratize design”, offers web-based design tools for non-professional graphic designers as an alternative to Powerpoint or Adobe’s design suite. “Canva is reimagining design for the digital age. It’s a tool for everyone – regardless of your income, design experience, language or device,” explains Melanie.

After closing a $40 million round in January this year, Canva has emerged as Australia’s next tech unicorn – valued at $1 billion. At only 30, Melanie continues to defy the archetype of Silicon Valley success (the young, educated young man) and is now one of the youngest female CEOs. “I learned the power of determination at a very young age,” explains Melanie. “And it’s not just a given going forward; Speaking for myself, the best advice I can give is to start and learn as much as you can along the way.”

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Going forward, he plans to use this latest funding to continue expanding Canva’s 10 million user base and double its 200-person workforce. But at the end of the day, Melanie is motivated by something bigger than money. “I work with smart and kind people every day to solve big problems that benefit millions of people around the world,” he explains.

“I spend my time improving the things I can change and not worrying about the things I can’t change. Over 20,000 nonprofits around the world use Canva to publicize their causes, making all the work worthwhile.”

Rebecca Johnson can pinpoint the moment she knew she wanted to be a scientist. When she was 11, she read a children’s book called Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, in which a little girl dies of leukemia. When he finished the book, he announced to his parents that he would be cured of cancer.

After an interest in basic science over the next several decades, Rebecca recently made headlines for her work with the Koala Genome Consortium, a group of 54 scientists sequencing the koala genome. The feedback from the scientific community has been positive, but Rebecca is even more excited to see the public listening. “It’s important for people to understand how science can improve things like species conservation,” he says.

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Rebecca’s “big, hairy, bold goal” is to raise awareness of museum science. “There’s a lot of amazing work being done at the museum and the arboretum,” he says, and wants to encourage people to connect with “the knowledge about our environment and our history and culture” that’s in them. She wants to see more examples of young women considering STEM careers and emphasizes skepticism. He says, “Doubt is useless. ‘Go with it, accept it, and control yourself no matter what.’

Carla Zampatti’s best decision was to start her eponymous fashion label more than 50 years ago. “I knew then that women wanted something different,” she says. “It’s no different today: women are always looking for something different, something that flatters them, suits them and offers value for money.”

Part of Carla’s formula for success starts with an initial idea that can evolve over the years. This imprecision is essential to building a strong brand, especially in an industry that changes as quickly as fashion.

With the strong growth of e-commerce, the company is prioritizing investment in its online store, where an alternative method of photography is needed so that customers understand exactly what they are buying. And even though one seasonal cycle dictated the brand’s offering, Carla points out that the customer wants to serve seasonal collections.

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While Carla listens to her clients’ needs, she is also willing to push back and challenge them when necessary. This is also part of the brand

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